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水果點擊遊戲 2.2
這是一個簡單的水果點擊遊戲,足夠短時間打發時間。This is a simple fruitclick on the game, a short enough to pass the time.
Block Puzzle for Android 2.2
Block puzzle game. Drag block was filled with different shapes tothe right place to form a single larger shape.Try to complete fillboard.100 Level for game.Time limit 60 seconds.
Spell Word Game 2.1
這是一個豐富的教育遊戲方式,藉由簡單的圖示,找出正確的英文單字,幫助英文單字學習與記憶。This is a richeducational gameplay, with a simple icon, find the right Englishwords to help the English word learning and memory.
Alien Is Coming 1.6
[Alien Is Coming] game is a classic game withspeed.Touch the screen to kill the alien until the time is end.One of the most addictive and definitely the funniest game onGoogle Play!Do you like Alien Fight game? You will love Alien Fight game.Download the FREE game now.
Color Match Game 1.3
Match game is a classic game with matching.Touch the screen to turn the colorful ball until you findtheright colorful ball.One of the most addictive and definitely the funniest game onGooglePlay!Do you like match game? You will love match game. Download theFREEgame now.
Flashlight - LED Torch 4.44
Flashlight + Compass The flashlight app uses the flash of thecamera LED to provide a very useful and simple way of lighting,whether it is at home or to the outdoors is very practical, anddirect display compass position, lighting and direction at the sametime, we provide the best flashlight The application is free.Related functions 1 flashlight lighting. 2 compass positiondisplay. 3 The most refined profile, the quickest to use. 4Constant flash, showing time and battery information. Relevantpermissions Need camera rights. Equipment Requirements Requires aflash device and a magnetic sensor device is required.
Flashlight - LED Flashlight 5.41
Super-Bright LED Flashlight - LED Torch LightOriginal design. Abrand-new easy-to-use interface. Fast, bright, colorful, beautifuland featuring instant-on startup.It has the standardlowest-permissions-needed and the standard ability to turn on yourLED flash on the back of your phone.LED flashInterface colorchangesCountdownrate flashThanks for all your feedback and support!
Unit Converter 1.08
The Unit Converter turns a smartphone into a universal unitconverter.The Unit Converter is a simple way to quickly convertbetween a variety of units.The Unit Converter have beautiful andsimple user interfaceFast and simple conversion of:•length(distance)units•area•volume•weight•temperature•power•energy•pressure•speedThisapp is provided free of charge for your android smartphone.
Compass 3.45
Feauture Smart compass for Android, show latitude and longitude,elevation, level labels, location, gps speed, compact interface,and free. A compass helps find the right direction, including gpslocation information. Compass is simple. Ordinary in looks. Itsfunctions are quite important for navigation. That is essentiallythe magnetic compass. It is a tool that denotes direction. If oneknows where north is, one can find the rest of the cardinaldirections. Such a simple tool, What if a person is in a placewhere it does not work properly? What if you are on a camping tripand get lost? How does a person find their way back? Even in theera of ever-advancing geospatial technology, some tools are stillimportant. Knowing how to use a compass, and applying that usecould be helpful in a situation such as getting lost. PermissionsThe position coordinates are required to be calculated. EquipmentThe compass accuracy depends completely on the sensors in yourdevice! If this compass points to the wrong direction, you need tocalibrate your sensors. Please keep the compass horizontally awayfrom the magnetic field interference. Your device must havemagnetic sensor inside to read earth magnetic field. If your devicedoes not have magnetic sensor, this compass app will show messageand will not work. Language support English, 日本語, 한국어, 中文(繁體),中文(简体), Deutsch, Español, Suomalainen, Français, Norsk, Português,Pусский, Svenska, Italiano
LedScroller 1.9
This is an useful application Display your input letter like a LEDsignboard. Led Scroller is a electronic display app in smart phone.Led Scroller has definite interface so that everybody can useeasily. You can decorate beautifully your font and size. Also Youcan choice to play music at the same time. We are also supportingtablet PC. Option and Effect: • Font and Color and Size • Background color, Border Color • Play music and voice Language support:English 日本語 한국어 中文(繁體) 中文(简体) Deutsch Español Suomalainen FrançaisNorsk Português Pусский Svenska Italiano
Double six forever 1.07
Double six foreverThis is a Calculator for special something.
Money Management 1.16
Manage your money by recording expenses and income. The userinterface is simple, intuitive, and quickly remembers the dailycost. You can customize the categories and colors. Historicaldetail report query. A clear chart is displayed. Fresh people wantto save money. In addition to making a good income plan, the firststep is to learn to keep accounts. Only learning to keep accountscan help you find consumption habits that can be improved and makethe best use of limited income. This is also why some people havebeen able to buy a house and buy a car in a short period of time,but some people still live a life of financial hardship. No matterwhat kind of situation you are now, from now on you can makechanges by building the habit of savings to build your ideal life.