Jacob Young Apps

Party With BJ 1.1.5
Jacob Young
Party with the man, the myth, the legend:Jacob"BJ "Mighty Jake" "youngj69" Young.Although this is a drinking game, that does not necessarilyimplythat you must drink alcohol! If you should not be drinkingalcohol,do not drink alcohol. You are responsible for your actionswhenplaying this game. No one is forcing you to drink alcohol.NOTE: This game is best enjoyed if you know Jacob Young andtheMichigan State University Running Club. This game containsmanyreferences to both of those entities, so it is best enjoyed ifyouknow them.
MSURC 2048 1.2.1
Jacob Young
Swipe the heads of the officers of the MSU Running Club around thegrid, combining like tiles to achieve the ultimate tile: Club OrDie!
Around The Ring 1.0.4
Jacob Young
Go around the circle with this fun (and brutal) drinking game! Goodluck!