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ATK Pro 19.7
ATK focuses on removing the need and reliance for printing paper;capturing checklists, inspections, HSE documents, PTO’s all on amobile smartphone and having these electronically available in PDFformat on demand via the platform. This naturally streamlines theflow of information within a business, removing the need torecapture information, as well as alerting Management of anydeviations reported by any staff automatically. 1) Remove Paper 2)Capture At Source 3) Automated Alerting & Reportingwww.atkworldwide.com Module-Based with a pay-for-what-you-usebilling structure. Contact adrian@atkit.net for more information.Key Modules 1) Tasks -Checklists (e.g. Daily Pre-Start Checklists)-Forms (e.g. Delivery Sheets, Invoices, Certificates) 2) FleetMaintenance 3) Health & Safety 4) Equipment/Plant Hire 5) SalesRep's 6) Load Testing 7) Fuel 8) Training & HR