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Simplest Checklist(check list)
This is a simple check list for organize your life. We are pursuingauthentic simplicity and comfortable control. Features: - Rearrangethe order with drag and drop - Delete with drag and drop - Voiceinput - Home screen widget No ads. No frills. No confusing details.Does not require any permission. Does not require an account. Forshopping list, todo list, task list, memo, reminder, etc... It's upto you.
Danmaku Death 19.4
DANMAKU is a really exciting game, born in Japan.It's also known as"Barrage", "Curtain Fire" or "Bullet Hell".Many bullets will attackyou. Avoid them all and destroy the enemy!*** HOW TO PLAY ***Slideyour finger to move your own ship.Hint: It is easier to see if youtouch slightly below your machine.When your gauge is full, touchthe screen with two fingers. It will release the Force Field.***FEATURES ***Your best play will be saved automatically and you cansee the replay afterwards.If you access the world rankings, you cansee the replay of the top players.Enjoy!!We recommend for the fanof the following games:dodonpachi touhou toho gradius r-type 2dshoot'em up 탄막 동방 东方 東方 彈幕 弹幕 2hu stg 슈팅게임
宝くじシミュレーター 1.0
当てろ2億円!宝くじシミュレーター 1.2
「あ~あ、宝くじ当たんないかなぁ。買ってないけど」「有り金全部はたいて宝くじ買ったら、2億円当たっちゃったりして・・・?」そんな考えを抱いたことはありませんか?宝くじシミュレーターは、そんなあなたの妄想をシミュレーションします。宝くじを100万円分でも1千万円分でも・・・1億円分だって買えます。どうぞ、シミュレーションを開始してください。そこであなたが目にするのは、夢か、絶望か、はたして・・・?※内容は2011年 年末ジャンボの完全再現です。"Ahh, I wonder if I donothit the lottery. Though I have not bought""I bought lottery to slap all his money, you would place themhit200 million yen ...?"Have you ever entertain such an idea?Lottery simulator simulates the delusion of such you.You can buy it ... even 100 million yen at ¥ 10 million inthelottery one million yen.Please, start the simulation.Or dream, or despair, for you to the eye, therefore, really...?※ The contents are complete reproduction of the 2011year-endjumbo.