Jakks Pacific Inc Apps

EZ Pro DJ 1.07
With EZ PRO DJ, anyone can loop, sample, remixand play music like a real DJ!Launch the app and mix your favorite tracks or connect your iOSdevice to the EZ PRO DJ Mixer…the EZ PRO app taps into your smartdevice's music library so you can remix and hear your favoritemusic like never before.Grab a sample of your favorite vocal hook…remix it with an allnew beat from EZ PRO's sample loops…crossfade into another greatsong and EZ PRO DJ will automatically beat match both songs foryou! Then add any of EZ PRO's real DJ effects like pitch, echo,stutter loop…even scratch with EZ PRO's two turntable platters!You don't need to have DJ skills to sound like a pro with EZ PRODJ!No intimidating buttons & knobs, no complicated features andan easy interface make it easy!Spin live at a party, or create/record/share your own mix …withall of EZ PRO's easy to use effects, you'll sound like a pro!KEY FEATURES:Software that makes it easy to:• MIX – automatically blends and beat matches for you• SAMPLE – add samples overlays to customize your mix• AUTO-SYNC – your music library• STUTTER LOOP – create loops from any song…then mix & match tomake your own tracks!• ADD NEW BEATS – remix your favorite song with an all newbeat• REAL STUDIO & DJ EFFECTS – pitch up & down, EQcompression for that 'underwater' swell effect, echo and more!Mix a party LIVE, or record your own mixWorks with ANY music in your music library on your iOS device*** IMPORTANT ***OS 4.2 (Jellybean) or higher is required.Compatible Devices:EZ Pro DJ™ is compatible with most Andriod smart devices running OS4.2 (Jellybean) or aboveTo Learn More about EZ Pro DJ™:Check out www.ezprodjmixer.com for more information on EZ ProDJ™.Or go to www.jakks.com to find out the latest on all your favoriteJakks Pacific Inc. products.For further questions about the EZ Pro DJ™ please contact ourcustomer support at:consumers@jakks.comTM & © 2014 JAKKS Pacific, Inc
miWorld Mall 2.0
miWorld™ Mall is all about virtually creating, customizing andshopping at all your favorite stores! It is based on the popularmiWorld toys, a line of realistic, miniature playsets that lookjust like all the places where girls love to shop and hang out,including Claire’s Jewelry & Accessory store, Sweet FactoryCandy Shop, OPI Nail Salon, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Dairy Queen, Mrs.Fields Cookie Shop and Skechers Shoe Store.· Create & customizeyour own miWorld avatar and take her shopping at all the miWorldvirtual shops! · Magically bring your avatar into your real miWorldplayset right on your smart device.· Play mini-games in the miGamesstore to collect virtual coins for more shopping fun!· miWorld Mallhas two ways to play! When you are on the go, visit your miRoom tocustomize your avatar with tons of options from hair color, hairstyle, and skin tone to outfits, shoes and accessories! Visit eachmiWorld boutique to virtually shop and eat. Also, play mini-gamesin the newly created miGames shop to earn virtual coins that youcan use to exchange for virtual accessories for your miRoom closet& avatar. Also use the miWorld app with your real miWorldplaylets! Select miWorld playlets become the backdrop for supercool interactive augmented reality experiences with your customizedmiWorld avatar! These virtual stores have all the same details anditems as the real stores that you love! Simply align your smartdevice camera in front of your miWorld playset to see yourcustomized avatar magically appear in your playlet! Tap on thesparkly, magical areas to see what surprises await you!
Selfie Booth-Green Screen Fun! 1.2
Step right into the Selfie Booth and enjoytons of green screen photo fun! This app works best with the SelfieBooth from Jakks Pacific – found at major mass merchandisers, toy,party and specialty retailers.The Selfie Booth green screen app gives you 4 fun free themesincluding: Travel, Explore, Celebrate!, and Imagine. Thesebackgrounds transport you into loads of different places andsituations from posing in front of the Eiffel Tower to swimming inan illustrated underwater scene!Customize and decorate your photos with lots of themed stickers,then save to your camera roll and share with friends andfamily.Use Selfie Booth at all your parties and events for instantaneousfun and laughter!Features:15+ backgrounds in each themeMore themes available for purchase100+ stickers available to customize your photosCountdown clock lets you get ready for the picture
Animal Babies Nursery 1.9
Your child’s favorite plush toy, Animal Babies Nursery from JakksPacific, comes to life in this fun, interactive activity app! Thebeloved, iconic song, “5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” takes atwist when children can choose to play with monkeys or a variety ofAnimal Babies. Little ones will giggle with delight as they swipethe animal babies on and off the bed. Other fun interactivetouchpoints will give your children lots of cause & effect playtime.Kids will enjoy playing with the animal babies in thisadorable experience! Fun animations and cute characters willentertain children as they sing along and tap and swipe throughoutthe room to see what happens.For users running Android 4.0.3 andup, there is added fun of seeing those jumping little animal babiesin an augmented reality experience! Now you can see them jumping upand down as if they are right in the room with you!Features:CAUSE& EFFECT PLAY• Swipe on the animals to see them jump on and offthe bed• Tap on other touchpoints around the room for cause &effect play• Designed for young children 2+4 WAYS TO PLAY• Chooseeither monkey Animal Babies or a variety of Animal Babies• Swipethe Animal Babies on and off the bed• Simply watch and sing-alongas the Animal Babies fall off the bed• For users running Android4.0.3 and up, watch the Animal Babies jump in your environment withan augmented reality experience
3DIT Character Creator 4.1
Launch into an awesome world filled with your crazy, cool, andcustomizable characters! This app allows you to interact with eachand every extreme creature you have built in your 3DIT CharacterCreator 3D Molding Machine. The new 3DIT Character Creator MoldingMachine toy by Jakks Pacific lets you customize and mold REAL 3Dcharacters. So while you are waiting for the Machine to warm up andcool down, come play with your characters in this exciting app! Usethe 3DIT Character Creator app to watch your guys come alive in a3D world! It’s the best place for your men to run wild whilewaiting for other kooky characters to join them. Examine your newlyconstructed characters drop down into a rowdy world whereeverything from pirates and policemen to monsters and robbers arealways ready for adventures with new pals! There’s also a cooltimer tool that helps track the progress of all your favoritecharacters. Features:- Awesome customizable characters- Millions ofways to build your crazy character- A wild world full of charactersthat adventure together- Dramatic drop down into a custom characterworld- Timer alerts you when the Character Creator has heated upand when the character has cooled and is ready to build.- Engaging,catchy music
Spy Net Secret ID Kit
Spy Net™ Secret ID KitWelcome secret agents to Spy Net Secret ID the kit. Here youwill be able to create customized ID’s to aid you on yourmissions.As a SpyNet agent you will be able to take on multiple secretidentities with the aid of the tools included here.*TAKE YOUR MISSIONS TO THE NEXT LEVEL!*Create digital ID’s-OR-*Print out your ID for use with our Spy Net™ Secret ID Kitproduct.Either way this app is sure to provide you with hours of fun andentertainment!!!*BECOME THE ULTIMATE SPY.*CREATE A SECRET ID FOR EVERY MISSION.*LOADED WITH TONS OF DISGUISES.*** IMPORTANT***SpyNet Secret ID Kit is compatible with most Android devices(Phones and Tablets) including the Nexus 7 Tablet running OS 2.3(Gingerbread) or higher.*Android device must have built in camera*
3DIT Animal Creator 3.81
Enter into a charming world filled with your favorite customizableanimal characters! This app allows you to interact with each andevery adorable animal you have designed in your 3DIT(TM) AnimalCreator. The new 3DIT Animal Creator Studio toy by Jakks Pacificlets you customize and mold REAL 3D animals. So while you arewaiting for the Studio to warm up and cool down, come play withyour characters in this exciting new app! Use the 3DIT AnimalCreator app to see your character come to life in a 3D world! It’sthe perfect place for your animals to meet while waiting for otherlovable characters to join them. Watch your newly created animalslide down into an enchanting world where happy creatures arealways ready for a new friend to play with and love. There’s also atimer feature that helps track the progress of all your favoritecharacters. While the timer is on, hold your device up to yourAnimal Creator Studio for a super cute real-life experience. You’llbe amazed by the cute animal friend that greets you on screen!Features:- Adorable customizable animal characters- Endless ways todesign your animal character- A world full of animals that interactand play together- Exciting slide entrance into your custom animalworld- Timer alerts you when the Animal Creator has heated up andwhen the animal has cooled and is ready to design.- Engaging,catchy music
Max Tow Truck–Drive,Race,Crash 1.1
Max Tow Truck: He’s the hardest working towtruck. He can push, pull & climb over just about anyobstacle!In the Max Tow Truck app, you can drive, crash, smash and bashthrough multiple levels of obstacle, racing, and towing challenges.Take Max Tow Truck to the Construction Zone to play through 20levels of fun!With its simple user interface kids can help Max clear the site,tow the heavy equipment and race to the finish line. And when thegoing gets really tough, shift to MAX POWER to help him push offthe largest and heaviest obstacles.Using the augmented reality technology you can drive a virtualMax Tow Truck around your very own room! Take a pic of him whereveryou want, customize his color and rotate him to see him from everyangle.But that’s not all: By using the back of the Max Tow Truck boxor a poster downloadable at the Max Tow Truck website (http://www.jakks.com/MaxTowTruckInfo) there’s awhole new way to play! Bring his world to life and play all yourfavorite levels in augmented reality!Max Tow Truck is also a real physical toy that includes 50+phrases and sound effects! You can get him at major toy retailers.Max Tow Truck can pull and push up to 200 pounds; Load him up andwatch him go!GAME FEATURES- Simple user interface – just point and Max drives- Multiple types of courses to solve: Pushing, Racing, Searchingand Towing.- Drive a virtual Max Tow Truck in your own room!- Take a picture of Max as if he was there and customizing hiscolor.- Play in Augmented Reality!
Spy Net Lie Detector 1.1
Spy Net™ Lie Detector*Real Tech for Real Spies**Based on the best selling line of Spy Net toys**Works with the Spy Net Lie Detector*Welcome secret agents to Spy Net Lie Detector. This App is foruse in the field to better help you determine fact from fiction onany mission.As a Spy Net agent you will be able to put each subject to thetest in two ways:• Simulation Mode – You will be able to quickly analyze truth fromlie without the Spy Net Lie Detector Hardware connected.*** To Access “Simulation Mode” press the [proceed] button afterthe hardware detection scan process has been completed. ***• Interrogation Mode/Quick Play Mode – With the Spy Net LieDetector Hardware connected you will be able to conduct a more indepth analysis of you subjects responses to determine truth fromlie.*TAKE YOUR MISSIONS TO THE NEXT LEVEL!*Put Them To The Test*Real Time App Analysis*Can They Be Trusted?* Includes fun mini game for single player interaction*Either way this app is sure to provide you with hours of fun andentertainment!!!*BECOME THE ULTIMATE SPY.*** IMPORTANT***Android OS 2.3 or newer is requiredCompatible Devices:Spy Net™ Lie Detector is compatible with most android devicesrunning OS 2.3 or higher.“App is not compatible with Nexus 7 tablet”To Learn More about Spy Net™:Check out www.spynethq.com for more information on Spy Net™.Or go to www.jakks.com to find out the latest on all your favoriteJakks Pacific Inc. products.For further questions about the Spy Net™ Secret ID Kit pleasecontact our customer support at:consumers@jakks.comTM & © 2013 JAKKS Pacific, Inc.
El Chavo: Eso, Eso, Eso 1.1
Watch El Chavo come to life! Now you can playwith el Chavo, ask him questions, “el Chavo-ize” yourself with 10different character cutouts from the show and watch him inaugmented reality with the use of an el Chavo card found in ElChavo products from JAKKS Pacific!Tap el Chavo’s barrel, shake it, yell at him and el Chavoresponds with random answers. Ask him questions by tapping themicrophone button and he will respond with a variety of randomanswers! Or in photo mode El Chavo-ize yourself with 10 popularcharacters from the show. You can ‘wear’ el Chavo’s hat or becomeDon Ramon with his signature mustache, take your photo and share itwith friends!When you buy select el Chavo products from JAKKS Pacific andreceive the el Chavo DreamPlay-enabled card, you can watch el Chavocome to life! There are a variety of vignettes to watch in 3Daugmented reality while viewing the card. Choose the vignette youwant to see, point your device at the marker card and watch elChavo come to life!
MXS Big Air 1
Timing and accuracy count when performing realistic motocrossstunts! Master each of the 20 different stunts in practice mode, ortry your skills out in competition mode. Progress through fourcompetitive levels from Novice to Professional and collect trophiesalong the way! Realistic stadium setting, stunt animations, andextreme crash sequences! Keep perfecting your moves to get 3 starson every stunt, and even watch every stunt in Instant Replay! Copythe finger-swiping gestures on time to perform each stunt easilyand accurately.From Jakks Pacific, Inc. – makers of MXS toyproducts modeled after REAL motocross bikes.Features:- Awesomegraphics and sound effects- Gesture-based and timing play-Realistic stadium experience- Extreme stunt and crash animations-20 different stunts to practice and compete- Choose differentriders as you progress through levels- Instant Replay on every move
Action Shot Football 1.7.3
Football fans won’t be able to stop playing this addictive fieldgoal challenge game! Watch the power meter, wind direction andseverity, and distance to make the field goal!Easy to learncontrols and hard to master challenges will keep you playingnon-stop. Earn points and coins to unlock bigger stadiums and gamemodes, as well as more teams! Choose your favorite city and colorsfor a personalized experience. Features: - Simple swipe meter foraiming and one-tap button to kick- Power Meter helps directstrength of the kick- Shifting wind direction and severitychallenge every player- Different balls offer a number of fun andunique features- High school, College, Pro stadiums- Differentcities, and colors- 5 game modes in allMultiple Game Modes:-ARCADE: Rack up huge points for the high score- TIME ATTACK: Scoreas many field goals as possible in the time limit- SKILL SHOT: Aimfor the target to gain points and coins- SUDDEN DEATH: 2 playercompetition – keep playing til the first miss- PRACTICE MODE:Perfect your technique to become the best kicker
BabyWatch 2.0 1.0.1
Baby Watch 2.0 is a safe and secure babymonitoring system for your home.***You must have the Baby Watch 2.0 Product and account registeredto use this app***This app will allow you to view video from your Baby WatchMonitor while on the go.• Simply launch the app• Login to your free account• Select your camera.• View videoKEY FEATURES:• Secure Connection• Streaming Video• Color Video• Audio• Remote Camera View Control*** IMPORTANT ***OS 4.2 (Jellybean) or higher is requiredWiFi is required for this applicationCompatible Devices:BabyWatch 2.0 is compatible with most Andriod smart devices runningOS 4.2 (Jellybean) or aboveTo Learn More about Baby Watch 2.0:Check out the support section at www.babywatchmonitor.comOr go to www.jakks.com to find out the latest on all your favoriteJakks Pacific Inc. products.For further questions about the Baby Watch 2.0 please contact ourcustomer support at:consumers@jakks.comTM & © 2014 JAKKS Pacific, Inc
Action Shot Soccer 1.7.1
Soccer fans won’t be able to stop playing thisaddictive/challenging game! Watch the power meter, distance, andavoid goalies to make the goal!Easy to learn controls and hard tomaster challenges will keep you playing non-stop. Earn points andcoins to unlock bigger stadiums and game modes, as well as moreteams! Choose your favorite city and colors for a personalizedexperience. Features: - Simple swipe meter for aiming and one-tapbutton to kick- Ability to curl your ball in the desire direction-Power Meter helps direct strength of the kick- Different ballsoffer a number of fun and unique features- Amateur, Professional,World Class Stadiums- Different cities, and colors- 5 game modes inallMultiple Game Modes:- ARCADE: Rack up huge points for the highscore- TIME ATTACK: Score as many goals as possible within timelimit- SKILL SHOT: Aim for the target to gain points and coins-SUDDEN DEATH: 2 player competition – first person that misses,wins- PRACTICE MODE: Perfect your technique to become the bestkicker
Gift'ems 1.0
The Gift‘ems match 3 puzzle game complements the new Jakks PacificGift‘ems toy line available at major retailers. The Gift‘ems puzzleapp features a fast-paced Match 3+ style puzzle game where youconnect 3 or more matching Gift‘ems box to eliminate them. The moreyou connect, the more points you’ll get! Gift‘ems characters eachhave unique skills that can help increase your score. Build uptheir power and then tap them to use their skills! Use your earnedcoins to collect all the Gift‘ems dolls. Daily Challenges, BonusItems and Premium Characters all help you earn more!Features: -Connect 3 or more of the same Gift‘ems boxes to eliminate them.-The more Gift‘ems you connect, the more points you’ll get!- Collectand play up to 40 different Gift‘ems doll characters with more tocome!- Each doll has several special skills to help you during yourgame- Daily Challenges, Bonus Items, & Premium Characters helpto increase your score!- Beautiful 3D dolls and custom backgroundsbased on the city you choose- Share your images and scores onFacebook, Twitter, Email or Text!- Connect with your Game Centerfriends and see who has the highest weekly score.Please note thisapp contains social media links to connect with others and in-apppurchases that cost real money.Requires iOS 8.0 or later,Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.What’s New in version5.0Gift ‘ems has a new update! Expand your collection with new andexciting dolls and locations! For a limited time, celebrate theseason by finding the surprise Halloween skills andcostumes!...Added new features: - 10 new dolls- 5 new backgroundlocations- 3 exciting new power up skills- Seasonal Halloweenskills and costumes Performance optimizations and bug fixes
Real Construction 1
The Real Construction app complements the Jakks Pacific RealConstruction toy line available at major retailers.Get step-by-stepinstructions and videos to help you build your Real Constructionprojects! Easy-to-use video player allows you to slow down steps,speed them up, or skip them. Rotate the 3D animated item to see itfrom all angles.For on-the-go fun, play the Real Constructionpuzzle game. See the projects fall into pieces and then raceagainst the clock to put them back together again! Tap and hold thepieces til they snap into place. Can’t find a piece? Shake up thepuzzle pieces to move them around. Do the puzzles over and overagain to beat your personal best time. Features:• Real Constructionstep-by-step animated instructions• Beat-the-clock puzzle game•Rich 3D graphics• Realistic workshop environment
Street Dogs 1.0
Meet Bumper, Buster, and Roxi! They have all the love of a dog andall the fun of a truck! These best friends on 4 wheels love to playand do tricks. You can play with these digital doggy friends justlike a real dog – throw them a ball, give them some food and evenwatch them chase an underground mole! Your digital doggy even hasto go potty! The treasure hunt game will entertain kids as theylook for hidden items in the Street Dogs backyard. The app willkeep track of all the items they’ve found – everything from bonesto jewels to dirty old boots. Silly surprises will surely delightall children!Fun animations and realistic dog & truck soundswill keep kids giggling! You can even get the real Street Dogs toysfrom Jakks Pacific! Features:- Realistic graphics and animation-Treasure hunt game with silly surprises- Choose from 3 differentdogs- Endless play keeps kids entertained
Cuppatinis 1.02
The Cuppatinis Tea Party game complements the new Jakks PacificCuppatinis toy line available only at Walmart!The Cuppatinis TeaParty app lets you create the perfect tea party with the Cuppatinisdolls! Invite your favorite characters, choose your table settingand location, set the table, and serve the Cuppatinis delicioustreats! This app features adorable animations of the Cuppatinisdolls as they eat their treats, “chat” with each other, and enjoytheir tea time.Other modes of play include Dress Up, Games, andCrafts. In Dress Up mode you can create your favorite Cuppatinidoll and even bejewel her dress! Games included are Matching Pairs,Spin, and the Cup Game – choose the difficulty level from Easy,Medium, or Hard. In the Spin game, tap on the teacups as fast asyou can and in the Cup game, keep your eye on the ball as the cupsmove around. In the Crafts section, play with super cute PaperDolls and also find fun Printables!Features: - Create the perfectCuppatinis tea party!- Matching Pairs, Spin, and Cup Game withvarying difficulty levels- Paper Dolls & Printables play-Adorable animations- Catchy music- Animated introduction
Mighty Runner 2.0
The Mighty Runner app is a companion to the Jakks Pacific LittleMighty Gym™ exercise mat, where the real-time fun of running andjumping is directly infused into virtual play with app-basedgaming! Kids and parents will love transforming fitness into fun bypushing the boundaries of active gameplay. As you make your wayacross the three different worlds, collect and use coins tocustomize your avatar with accessories and complete missions tounlock special items. Parents and kids can also keep track of theiractivity with the user-friendly, simplified fitness tracker! Enterthree different worlds for new adventures! • Track & Field -compete for gold in each event, including sprints, relays, weightlifting, long jumps, and more! • Amazon Adventure – The evil MonkeyLord has stolen the animal totems! Find & return them bycollecting coins, avoiding traps and making your way through eachexciting level! • Zombie Dash – Dank, sinister fog is taking overand zombifying the population. Only you can save the town, so hopon the mat and sneak your way through the thick and darkening fog!Features: • Companion app to Jakks Pacific Little Mighty Gym™exercise mat • Kids get exercise while playing fun games • 3different worlds • Fun graphics & animation