Jamie Lynch Apps

Vulcan 1.2.1
Jamie Lynch
***NOTICE - Voat is currently experiencingvery heavy traffic, so content might take a long time to load.******Login, Commenting, and numerous other features are comingvery SOON! Please be patient, it'll be worth the wait!***Vulcan is an open-source Android app for browsing Voat. The appprovides a simple UI for browsing subverses, and loads contentinline where possible. You can also share articles, or transitionto a web browser to see the submission in full.The app is in active development and features like commentsshould be added in the coming months. Head over to https://voat.co/v/vulcan for further details,and to chat with the developer!This app is a 3rd party browser, and is not officially endorsedby the owners of Voat.
Get Lost 1.0.2
Jamie Lynch
Feel like exploring? This app picks a randomlocation near you, and puts a marker on the map. The route you takeand the new places you discover are up to you.This is really useful if you're new to a town, but even ifyou're not, you might be surprised at how much you find around you!There are too many apps out there which focus on getting you fromPoint A to B. This app is all about the journey.Feel free to send me an email if you have anyquestions/problems, or want to suggest a new feature: jamie.lynch01@gmail.com
Bootstrap for Android 2.3.1
Jamie Lynch
This app demonstrates the Android libraryfoundat https://github.com/Bearded-Hen/Android-Bootstrap
Amino Acid Test 1.4.7
Jamie Lynch
Improve your knowledge of all 23 proteinogenic amino acids! Thisappprovides useful information for each chemical, providingastructural diagram, molecular properties, andinterestingbiological trivia. You can search for acids by name, orsort themby properties such as molecular mass or side-chain type.Eachmolecule is color-coded by its side-chain, to help yourrevision!When you're finished learning, take a quiz to revise aminoacidsall together, or individually if you just want that extra bitoffocus! Questions appear in a bite-sized, multiple-choiceformatwhich will help you remember structural diagrams, acidlettercodes, and functional group properties. Perfectforuniversity-level students, or the interested public! Will youpassthe Acid Test?