Jamie Rochfort Apps

ESL Advanced Opposites 3.2.6zg
A game to develop students opposite vocabulary. Starting out with350 levels this will challenge even some native speakers. Do youhave what it takes to get to the end?
ESL Guess the Word 3.15.6zg
A fun and exciting app to help ESL learners identify and correctlyspell everyday objects. A player needs to click on squares toreveal parts of an image. With the hints they need to guess whatthe object is and choose the correct letters that make up thecorrect spellings.
I SPY Beginner 3.3.7zg
If you ever played I SPY as a kid you will love this app. As farasI have found this hasn't been done before so I thought I wouldgiveit a go. The aim of the game is to look at the image and byusingthe hint try and work out the answer from the clue given. Allyouhave is the selected 18 letters to form a word of an objectfromthe image. Some images and answers have been used multipletimesthrough out this app.We have over 60 images creating more than150levels. With more to come soon!!!Please if you enjoy this apptrysome of our other apps!Regards Rochie's Game Factory