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Dr.Jangfolk Space Simulator-VR 1.1
try to become the hero of the Movielike"InterXtela" or "GraXXty" !I want to go into space, but still not he be carried out inreality,the price is also I'm very high it?There is good news for such people!Now, what some of the era?Virtual Reality Is not of age!What era of virtual realityRaise the VR video on Facebook360 camera and gear to the smartphone era to sell as bonusAbout to experience the universe does not have anything!Try to download now!We will fall into your universe phobia.All of this is that free, really not that the real angel?In fact, it hurts too much more Tara few days Bamuseto thatwantedto make the body ...Dr'Jangfolk series, please expect to continue ~!Prominent family Jangfolk Studio of Virtual Reality(virtualreality, VR).---- It is currently been developed mainly for Cardboardandsmartphone. Depending on the arrangement of the future ofthedevice, it is expected to continuously upgrade.---- Jangfolk Also operates Web VR photos of service in theStudio.http://pictovr.com is best to share the360​​photos. Many use thank you.
Dr.Jangfolk's Teleporter - VR 1.2
When the break is necessary?Let out on a journey together with Dr. Jangfolk!To enjoy the VR, Do you have need to download multiple apps?Please enjoy the multiple world isnt app.12 types are prepared worldwide to date,We are scheduled to be added in the future.All of this is free, one ad is not even VR app!Google Cardboard VR (Google card board VR, Virtual Reality)youcan enjoy the Virtual Reality By utilizing.
Galaxy Maker 2.0
Make and grow your own galaxy and win thegalactic war!Complete full 3D space simulator and battlefieldMeet the space-simulating click-based game that is the same asother static games, but with the best of graphics.