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Toothbrush timer 1.3.0
Japps Medical
This easy to use app keeps track of how long to brush your teeth.It also indicates which part of the mouth to brush using a picture,and when to switch parts using a sound. This makes it suitable forkids and adults! Time (2,3 or 4 minutes), sound signal and pictureare all configurable using a very simple interface. There's 6different pictures to choose from.Key words: tooth, teeth,toothbrush, timer, dental, dentist, dental care, hygiene, cavities,periodontal, gums
Track my weight 1.1.0
Japps Medical
With this App you can easily track your weight over time. Trackingyour weight has been proven to motivate to lose weight, reach yourtarget weight, and live a healthier life!Your weight over time willbe displayed in a graph. And your body mass index (BMI) and healthyweight range will be calculated based on your length. Additionally,you can set your personal target weight. All this will help youadjust your diet. You can also set a reminder that will notify youto track your weight every day!Key words: lose weight, diet, weightloss, BMI, track weight, track my weight, loss, pound, calorie.
Depression Test 1.24
Japps Medical
This application allows users to us the PHQ-9 self-questionnaire toquickly self-test whether they might have major depression.Additionally it provides users with a severity score of theirdepressive symptoms. This involves nine easy to answer questions.Depression is one of the most prevalent and treatable mentaldisorders. Diagnosis of depression is based on the presence ofcertain symptoms that significantly impair function for a certainduration. These symptoms are described in the DSM-IV, thediagnostic manual for mental disorders. The PHQ-9 test consists ofthe actual nine criteria on which the diagnosis of DSM-IVdepressive disorders is based. The diagnostic validity of the PHQ-9is fully evidence based [1, 2]. The test has comparable sensitivityand specificity to many other extensive depression measures. Pleasenote: This self-test is meant to give you insight in your moodstate. This test is explicitly not suitable for diagnosis. Thistest cannot replace professional help. When in doubt, please alwayscontact your general practitioner. No rights can be derived fromthe results of this test.Key words: depression, test, tracking,track, graph, psychiatry, disorder, major depression, stress,emotion, mood, happy, happiness, sad, down[1] Spitzer RL et al.,Validation and utility of a self-report version of PRIME-MD: thePHQ primary care study. Primary Care Evaluation of MentalDisorders. Patient Health Questionnaire.JAMA. 1999 Nov10;282(18):1737-44.[2] J Kroenke K et al. The PHQ-9: validity of abrief depression severity measure. Gen Intern Med. 2001Sep;16(9):606-13.