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HAYAT – Muslim & Arab Chat 5.3.7
Share Your Muslim Culture With Pride Some of the most beautifulpeople on earth hail from the Middle East. HAYAT empowers you toembrace your culture and individuality by linking up with otheramazing Muslims, Arabs and Arab Christians near you anytime.Family, togetherness, and religion are some of your most prizedpossessions and we help you find and get found by people like youwho are looking for friendships, dating, and love. Here. There.Meet Someone Anywhere. For FREE. Most friendship and dating appsfor Muslims would charge you a premium for we’ll give you for free:unlimited access 24/7. Yep, that means that using HAYAT won’t costyou anything. Join our community in seconds, browse profiles ofMuslims and Arabs who are ready to mingle, and decide whether totake that next step - all without entering any credit card details.When you’re ready to upgrade to a more exclusive experience, we letyou give our app a whirl for 7 days, for free. Made for Those WithStrong Ties to Home Who Live Abroad In the blink of an eye, HAYATcould have you happily married to a love like you’ve never knownand with a little one on the way - all without ever leaving thecountry you live in. Until then, you get to mingle as much as youwant in our app, because we understand that you’re very intentionaland selective about who you decide to get to know and date. Inother words, not just anybody under the sun is worth your time andlove. You’ve gotta do your homework on them first, we get it. YourSecrets Are Safe With Us Nothing’s more priceless than your privacyand security, which is why we ensure that you’re always in controlof what people see when they land on your thumbnail or profilepage. Who you are and where you remain anonymous until you decidewho you want to grant that access to and when. We even give you theability to toggle who are allowed to chat with you or befriend you.And if/when you’re ever ready to open up, we make it super easy toupdate your profile and publish to your network. The Social DatingApp That Actually Works Our handy one-tap sign up will have you upand running in no time, ready to bond with Muslims, Arabs and ArabChristians like you, near you right now. Over 20 million peoplethat use and trust HAYAT Muslim dating app can confirm. Don’t takeour word for it, join our community today and you will see foryourself.
Live Video Chat – CURLY 5.3.7
Make New Friends Discover live broadcasts from amazing peoplenearby and around the world. Unlike other live video streamingapps, Curly also offers more ways to find friendship or your nextflirt with ease. More presence. Better relationships. Meaningfulexperiences. These are the things you care about, and we’ll helpyou get there. Go LIVE and Connect Our nimble one-tap sign up makesit a breeze to strike up new bonds with friends, singles, andpeople near you right now. Over 30 million Curly members can attestto this fact. Join our community today so you can see for yourself.Be a Superstar Dancing, singing, chatting – your fans are waitingfor you! Show yourself and interact in real time with yourfollowers. Receive virtual gifts for doing stuff you love and joina community of like-minded people. You can be the next superstar onCurly! Chat and Meet on Your Own Terms Nothing’s worth risking yourprivacy and security, which is why we ensure that you’re always incontrol. Who you are and where you are remain anonymous until youdecide who you want to grant that access to and when. Plus, you getto decide who’s allowed to strike up a direct message with you.Your secrets are safe with us, and when you’re ready to open up, wemake it easy to update your profile.