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Creeper Hero 3
Creeper Hero is a competitive game, where youhave to stretch your stick for reaching the platforms in order togo far as you can. Improve your accuracy in each try, and you willbeat all of your friends.Another thrilling feature to the Creeper Hero that makes it evenmore awesome is the leaderboard, try to reach the top and becomethe best creeper of the world in Creeper Hero.Creeper Hero is an addictive game that you won’t stop playing. HaveFun and always give your best!! Never give up!!DOWNLOAD NOW AND BECOME A CREEPER HERO!
Chciken Bucket Challenge 1.4
Come here and dare to try the Chicken BucketChallenge!In this game you have to prove how good you are throwing our lovelyfried chicken from a slingshot (chicken thighs and chickenwings).Test your accuracy and improve your skills throwing friedchicken!Slide your finger from the piece of chicken backwards to provideenough tension in the slingshot rubber and throw it inside a redand white bucket that is moving continuously in order to get apoint.The game will become more and more difficult as your score getshigher, new objects will be spawn, so they'll interpose between youand the bucket, such as flying grilled chickens, appearances ofIlluminatis that will make your life impossible, unexpected 360ºrotations of the bucket, changes in the direction of the bucket ,little bucket jumps and so on.Download this game now and challenge your friends to become thebest fried chicken launcher! The struggle for first place inleaderboards will be legendary!#Chicken Bucket Challenge: The most insane challenge on GooglePlay!Give your best and never give up!* Warning *: Extremely fun and addictive game :)