Jawbone Apps

UP - Requires UP/UP24/UP MOVE
REQUIRES UP, UP24 or UP MOVE TRACKER. NOTCOMPATIBLE WITH UP2 OR UP3 TRACKER. USING A SINGLE UP ACCOUNT LOGINWILL ENSURE THAT ALL OF YOUR DATA IS SYNCED, EVEN IF YOU USEMULTIPLE UP TRACKERS.UP is a revolutionary system that guides you every step of the wayto a better, healthier you.Smart CoachOnly the UP® system has Smart Coach. It’s like a partner infitness—an intelligent guide that helps guide you to healthierchoices each and every day. Smart Coach goes well beyond deliveringmeasurements to show you the meaning behind the numbers.Understand Your Diet, Sleep and ActivityImprove the quality of your days and nights through a deeperunderstanding of how your diet, sleep, activity and the choices youmake affect your health and well-being.Add Family and FriendsGet better together, build a team and push each otherfurther.Connected Apps & HardwareSync the UP® App with hundreds of apps and devices to expand andpersonalize your experience and make UP work even harder foryou.English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean,Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Simplified Chinese and TraditionalChinese
JAMBOX / ERA Companion 2.5.13
The Jawbone Companion app helps you curate andplay the music you love as well as customize your JAWBONE family ofdevices. Moreover, it will also help you stay on top of yourschedule, battery life, and calls—all hands-free using your Jawboneheadset or speaker.* Add playlists from multiple services (Spotify and Local Music)and listen to your favorite music all in one app – seamlesslyswitching between services and tracks with a simple swipe.* Agenda: Jawbone whispers through your headset or speaker andreminds you about upcoming meetings and events when they'restarting; it will even dial you into conference calls at the pressof a button, passcode and all.* Prompts: Preview custom voice prompts and languages topersonalize your Jawbone device.* Battery Meter: A convenient battery indicator on your phonelets you know; at a glance, how much battery life your speaker orheadset has left.* Instant Info: Press the TALK button on your headset, JAMBOX,or BIG JAMBOX to hear upcoming events, remaining battery life, andthe current time. For MINI JAMBOX, you can customize the PLAYbutton to access voice control or dial a contact.* LiveAudio: Toggle LiveAudio on and off from the application(JAMBOX, BIG JAMBOX, and MINI JAMBOX only). Jawbone currentlysupports Jawbone ERA, ICON HD, ICON, JAMBOX, BIG JAMBOX and MINIJAMBOX.Make sure to get the latest update from jawbone.com/start andenable JawboneLink™ in Advanced Settings if it’s not enabledalready.To hear calendar announcements with meeting titles, please makesure a TTS engine is installed by going to Settings > Voiceinput & output settings.For more information about the Jawbone Companion app and Jawboneproducts, check out jawbone.com/start
UP® – Smart Coach for Health 4.29.0
Compatible with UP2™, UP3™, UP4™, phones that have motion tracking,and Android Wear watches.The UP(R) App guides you every step of theway to a healthier you. Get started today by tracking your sleep,activities, and diet. Smart Coach will guide you through betterchoices as an intelligent guide that gives you personalized tips.APERSONAL COACH IS STANDING BYSmart Coach is an intelligent guidethat learns and grows with you. It goes beyond showing you data andoffers tailored advice to help you make better choices, so you canreach your goals faster. HEART RATE THROUGHOUT THE DAYSee how yourResting and Passive Heart Rate (UP3/UP4 needed) change over timeand understand what a healthy heart rate means for yourhealth.TRACK WORKOUTSWhether you are training for a big event orjust want to get a few more steps in your routine, track youractivities and UP will push you to reach your best with streaks,milestone, idle alerts and more.TRACK SLEEPAUTOMATICALLYAutomatically track your sleep (UP2/UP3/UP4 needed) totrack sleep stages and get insights on how you can have more energythe next day to be at your best.TRACK FOOD TO MEET DIET GOALSSetgoals, log your meals and use an easy to understand food score toget the information you need to improve your diet and reach yourideal weight.NO TRACKER YET? THAT'S OK!Use your phone andcompatible hardware to get started with the revolutionary UPApp!WORKS WITH UPPersonalize your UP experience with connected appsand hardware you already use to help you reach your goalsfaster.You can also set Alerts, Smart Alarms that wake you upduring the most optimal time , and much more.There is a betterversion of you out there, get UP and find it!