Jawwy from STC Apps

Jawwy Dealer 2.9.54
Jawwy Dealer application The jawwy dealer app is used by ourdealers to fulfil the sale and activation of Jawwy SIM's.
Jawwy 4.10.252
Jawwy from stc is a digital-first mobile product that allowscustomers to build, manage & share their mobile plan in realtime. Users can upgrade or downgrade their plan anytime and add newproducts all without having to call customer services or visit astore. Users are able to easily buy apps the play store &subscriptions from premium services using paygo credit as well asGift plans and add-ons to other jawwy users. Download the App nowand take advantage of our range of transparent, simplified, greatvalue offers and enjoy a mobile service like never before. Life'sfairer with Jawwy! Twitter: @jawwy Facebook: facebook.com/jawwyInstagram: @jawwy