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Dino Jump Run Cactus 10.00
Jello Studio
Dino Jump Run Cactus is now owned by Jello Studio. What to dowhenbored? Need something to play? Then why wait, download DinoJumpRun Cactus! Dino Jump Run Cactus is created by Single Gamesandoffers authentic rich experience of retro legendary chromedinorun. We started recreating chrome dino run and ended up increatingDino Jump Run Cactus, with better features than chrome dinorun hadto offer. Main features of Dino Jump Run Cactus : ● JUMP?GOT ITRIGHT! Dino Jump Run Cactus has best gameplay physics. ● WHYONLYDINO? Dino Jump Run Cactus features Dino, Platypus and Dodo.●CONTROLS? Don’t worry. Dino Jump Run Cactus hascustomizablecontrols. ● NIGHTY-NIGHT! Night mode is the best thingabout DinoJump Run Cactus. ● DINO NEEDS MUSIC! Make dino run andjump whileyou enjoy ‘arcadifying’ music tracks. ● DINO WANTS TOPCHARTS. DinoJump Run Cactus has global leaderboard, allowing you tocompetewith world players ● DINO JUMPS FOR FREE! Dino Jump RunCactus willalways be free. If you like Dino Jump Run Cactus, pleaseshare!
Jelly 2048 2.10
Jello Studio
At Jello Studio, we aim at creating authentic experiences forourplayers. Whenever we work on an idea, we try to develop in ourway.The same goes with Jelly 2048. We aimed at creating 2048 inJellostyle and give 2048 fans something they haven’t experiencedyet.Main features of Jelly 2048: ● A REAL JELLY. For creatingjellyexperiences, we created a technology which can simulate wigglelike“Jelly effect” on 2048 tiles. ● UNIQUE, INNOVATIVE AND FLUIDICUI.Jelly 2048 introduced completely new style of gameplay whichwillmake you go all wiggly. ● JELLY UX. We care about userexperiencesand Jelly 2048 features simple, smooth and continuoususerexperiences. ● 4 CLASSIC MODES. Jelly 2048 features 3x3 to 6x6gridsizes. ● BEAUTIFUL COLOR SCHEME. Jelly 2048 has one of thebestcolor schemes among any other 2048 game. ● SMOOTH, YET FAST.Wemade sure that gameplay of Jelly 2048 remains smooth and fastatsame time. ● DON’T STOP AT 2048. Game does not end at2048.Challenge yourself and go beyond 2048. ● JELLY 2048UNDERSTANDSYOU! In Jelly 2048, game learns your swipe gestures tomove tilesin any grids. This allows you to swipe without efforts inJelly2048. ● AUTO-SAVE SCORES. All of your scores in Jelly 2048 aresafewith us. ● SEE WHERE YOU STAND. See where you stand among allJelly2048 players. ● JELLY 2048 UNDERSTANDS YOUR DEVICE! Whilesettingup Jelly 2048 for first time, Jelly 2048 recognizes yourdevicecapabilities and sets graphics quality accordingly. ● NOANNOYINGADS. We believe in sharing pure experiences. Without yourconsent,we do not show any ads in Jelly 2048. ● JELLY 2048 IS FREE!"Jelly2048" is completely free to play, always will be. Jelly 2048letsyou experience all these features without any kind of charge.Webelieve in creating amazing game experiences and Jelly 2048 isourfirst game. We rely heavily on our players, especially Jelly2048fans. As we believe that in ecosystem of developingtheseexperiences, our Jelly 2048 players play most prominent role.So,for any suggestions or queries, please reach If you like Jelly 2048, please share!