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Snake 1.0.4
There are many Snake games on Google Play, but we wanted to createone that is simple to control, has a modern design and makes themost of the latest Google Play Services available.Here is the newest version of the popular classic game.Enjoy!
Trampoline Man (Stickman Game) 1.9.8
**Download the Arcade hit game Trampoline Man FREE today on GooglePlay and get jumping!!** Meet Trampoline Man. He’s a littlestickman who just LOVES to pull off awesome flips and tricks on thetrampoline! Have a go and see for yourself, before you know ityou’ll be hooked! Happy flipping! Key Features: - Addictive, simplegameplay for all ages - Three different modes to perfect yourskills - Over 50 Achievements / Trophies to collect - Google PlayLeaderboards to track your progress against your friends and therest of the world Modes: *Classic* (previously freestyle) - climbas high as you can by performing flips but perfect those landingsor you’ll lose height, or even worse - crash! *Timed* - 60s on theclock to get the highest score possible *Arcade* - follow the flipinstructions, you have 3 lives - how long can you last? Tips forbecoming a Trampoline Man Pro: - Hold the left side of the screento do a backflip and the right side to do a front flip - land yourjumps as straight as possible (on your feet) - Get a perfect orgreat landing and you’ll get a height boost and the most points. -A good landing is still okay. You get points but won’t lose or gainany height. - A poor or a bad landing will still get you points,but you will lose height. - Don’t land too far on your side or it’sgame over. - More flips in one jump gets you more height and biggerscores!
Go Jump
Welcome to Go Jump. A fast-paced action game that will test yourreaction and timing skills. - Simply tap to jump like a ninja fromplatform to platform - Don’t touch the white boxes - Survive for aslong as you can The only way is up. So what platform can you reach?Our high score is 50, can you beat us? Let us know! Go Jump is partof the Go Series: Simple to play. Difficult to master. May causeaddiction.
Go Leap 1.3.11
Who needs a stick when you can leap like ahero?Fancy yourself as a jumping ninja action hero type? Think youcan leap from platform to platform no problem? Test your skills inGo Leap, the strikingly simple but dangerously addictive newrelease.Simply hold to power up the distance bar and release to jump.Watch out though, if you fall short, or leap too far, you’ll befast on your way down to touch the spikes, ouch!If you really are as good as you think you are, you’ll even beable to hit the red markers for bonus points! So how many jumps canyou land perfectly? Tell us your high scores!Go Leap is the first release in the Go Series: Simple to play.Difficult to master. May cause addiction.
Go Swipe 1.3.5
Go Swipe features a seriously addictive but simple 1-touchgameplay. Just collect the stars and don’t touch the white boxes.Simple enough? Try insanely impossible, infuriating, butaddicting!Four challenging modes are available: ---- Classic Mode---- The aim of the game is to swipe to move, avoiding the boxesand collecting as many stars as you can. Simple! ;)---- CountdownMode ----With this mode you’ll only have 30 seconds with which tograb as many stars as possible without touching the white boxes.You may need to take a gamble or two to get a high score!---- DashMode ---- For those who like to turn up the pressure! Those peskywhite boxes will speed up throughout the game to test your swipeskills to the limits.---- High 5 Mode ---- Think classic mode istoo easy? Turn up the heat with High 5 mode which has an extrawhite box to avoid. It’s harder than it sounds, can you keep yourcool?So how long can you survive and how many stars can youcollect? We just scored 30 on classic mode, can you beat us? What’syour favorite mode? Let us know!Go Swipe is part of the Go Series:Simple to play. Difficult to master. May cause addiction.
Froggo - The Frog Game 2.1.1
He’s cute. He’s hungry. He’s Froggo! Froggo (The Frog Game) is anaddictive simple one tap family arcade game that is impossible toput down. **New updated Froggo now live! With 4 different modes,brand new leaderboards and cute fish characters to catch!**HelpFroggo master the skills of catching tasty treats with his speedytongue. With an array of colourful bugs and fish on the menu,you’ll need to perfect Froggo’s aim to target different crittercombos and keep his energy levels up. With 4 different modes andover 40 fun achievements to help you fine-tune your talent, Froggotruly is a fun game for the whole family.Classic Mode: The originalFroggo we know and love. Keep Froggo’s energy levels up by catchingtasty bugs with your tongue. If your energy runs out it’s game over(combos are key)!Arcade Mode: You have three lives. What high scorecan you achieve? If you let any of the critters escape the screenyou will lose a life!Timed Mode: You have 60 seconds on the clock,what score can you get? It’s all about the combos!Kids Mode:Perfect for younger players this mode offers all the bug-catchingfun with no time limits or livesSo what are you waiting for? It’stime to get munching on those bugs and become a Froggo king! Enjoy!:D
Tiny Bird (Impossible Climb) 1.8.9
Help Tiny Bird fly to new heights collecting shiny jewels as heclimbs.How many jewels can you collect? Our highest score is 20!Can you beat us? Let us know :)Good luck and thanks for playing!
Monster Mash 1.2.1
We Need You! Ghosts, Zombies, Devils,Mummiesand Vampires are taking over. Urgent help required to keepthemonster numbers under control!To do your bit and join the Monster Mash team simply swipetoconnect monsters of the same color to eliminate them and maketheworld a safer place!Work your way through the increasingly difficult levels tomashthose monsters, clear up green slime or rescue the trick ortreatcandy within the time or moves limits set.Think you're up to the challenge? Show us what you got andbecomethe number one Monster Masher!Key features:- A free fun, addictive game- Simple swipe motion, match three gameplay- Colourful and quirky design- A variety of level mechanics to keep you on your toes
Fat Cat Jump 1.1.5
Meet Fat Cat. He's cheeky but adorable and just loves to chasebirds. Jump as high as you can, collecting the birds as you go.Make sure you avoid the nasties but grab other goodies to get thehighest score. We hope you enjoy the game!How to play: 1. Tilt yourdevice to control. 2. Jump as high as you can. 3. Catch birds,avoid snakes and jump on the mean bees. 4. Collect special items onthe way up to improve your game. 5. Add special items with thebirds you collect via the shop.Game Features: - A simple, fun,addictive and free game for all ages - Google Play leaderboard totrack your progress - Compete with the best of today, week and alltime players.
Don't Miss! (Stickman Archery) 1.0.11
Using the bow and arrow you must hit the target. You control a tinyarcher that needs your help. Don't get frustrated as the littlestickman dreams to become an archery master. He has made thecontrols simple and intuitive. Just drag your finger and release.Watch the bow and arrow for direction.We hope you will like thisarchery game. Enjoy the game!
Archery Man (Stickman Game) 1.0.5
**Download the Arcade game Archery Man FREE today on GooglePlay!!**Meet Archery Man. He’s a little stickman who just LOVES tohit the bullseye!Just drag your finger and release. Watch the bowand arrow for direction.Have a go and see for yourself, before youknow it you’ll be hooked!Enjoy today!
*** DOWNLOAD CASTLES FREE TODAY! *** A simple and stunningreal-timestrategy game for everyone. The goal is simple! Grow yourcastlesand defeat the other enemy castles. How many levels canyoucomplete? *** TIPS *** - Simply drag your finger to start anattack- After you start your attack you can tap anywhere to stoptheattack - Drag over more than one of your castles to attackwithmultiple castles - Each castle you capture increases yourtotalpopulation limit by 10 units - Each castle produces 1 uniteverysecond