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NFC TimeVault 1.0
Jens Frost
NFC TimeVaultThis is an application designed to keep track of time.If you like me are tired of typing or selecting times to keep trackof what you have done, then this is the application for you. Simplyput a message on your NFC tag(done from within the application) andhold the NFC tag close to the phone and the phone will record thetime it happened. The phone will also display this informationsummarized in a daily, weekly or monthly list. The lists can beshown with time or decimal format and per message if you like. Allselectable from the settings menu.DISCLAIMERYou need your own programmable NFC tags to use thisapplication.
Soundoff pro 4.5
Jens Frost
The Soundoff pro application allows the userto change the sound profile setting. Click the button “Add time forsound profile change” to add Time, Weekday and Profile to have theSoundoff pro application change the profile fore you at the giventime and day(s) or use the top three buttons (Sound on, Sound off,Vibrate) to get an immediate profile change. The normal soundprofile notification icon will be displayed in the phonesnotification bar when a change has occurred. The option to edit ordelete existing profile changes in the list is activated byclicking the profile in the list.Filter incoming call list. Add numbers to the list if you want yourphone to ignore the current sound profile for certain numbers andinstead always use the one you have selected for that number.Clicking the number in the list will bring up options for Delete,Edit, Status and Call filter. Delete deletes the number from thelist. Edit makes it possible to change the actual number. Statuschanges wether the number is active or not. Numbers in green areactive. Numbers in grey are inactive.
SpeedService 1.0
Jens Frost
A speed service application.The goal with the application is to be able to get the speedfromthe phones gps and to display it on the phones screen. Thespeedcan be displayed within the application or on top of allotherapplications. When the application displays the speed on topofother applications, drag and drop to change the location ofthespeed window. The speed can be displayed in mph, kmh, knots orm/s.The idea behind the application.To be able to compare the speed given from the phones gps withaspeedometer to see if there is a difference.To be able to display the speed on top of other applications,inparticular google navigate since the speed is not displayed inthatapplication.Please make sure that you use the application according tothelaws regarding vehicles and phone usage in your country. If youusethe application in a vehicle, please make sure that you startandstop the application when it is safe for you to do so. Do notallowthe application to distract you from operating yourvehiclesafely.
Orienteering 1.1
Jens Frost
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Hulk sounds 1.3
Jens Frost
This is a tribute application to theGamesworkshop board game Space hulk. The application is in no way,shapeor form associated with Games workshop. The application issimplysupposed to make it possible to have some cool sound effectswhenexploring a hulk.
Soundoff 1.2
Jens Frost
The Soundoff application allows the user to change the soundsettings. The Soundoff application makes it possible to select atime period where the phone will be set to silent. The main purposeof the Soundoff application is to make it possible to have a periodof time (during the night, when in a meeting) where the phone issilent. The application will repeat the sound profile change everyday of the week. Select both times and click on On to set the timechanges. Clicking Off will cancel the set timeperiod. If you likethe Soundoff application, please buy the Soundoff pro version. Inthe Soundoff pro version it is possible to set the phone to vibrateas well. It is also possible to set several changes of the soundprofile and not just one time period. The profile change can alsobe set to repeat on certain week days(sleep longer on weekends).There is also the possibility to filter incoming calls to use acertain sound profile. The Soundoff pplication is tested withandroid 2.2 but might work on versions prior to that to.