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Game of BALL 1.3.7
Jesse Heffels
Game of BALL is designed to bring fun to all people who loveplayingaround with a football, no matter if you’re a soccer playeror not!In Game of BALL you will find a Multiplayer Mode and aPracticeMode. In Multiplayer Mode you compete against yourfriends, up to 4players. In Multiplayer Mode you have Battle Modeand Trick Mode. InBattle Mode the app randomizes minigames/battles that are playedwith a football. The battles will beexplained to you in a smalldescription under every battle. Youplay these battles against youropponents. Trick Mode is availablein Multiplayer and Practice Mode.Trick Mode is made to practiceyour freestyle soccer skills. Thismode is divided into 3difficulties: Easy, Medium and Hard. EasyMode is the easiest mode.In this difficulty you will find thebeginning tricks of freestylesoccer which every person with lovefor a ball can practice on.Medium Mode has the first challengingcombos for people thatalready master the basics of freestylesoccer. Hard Mode is for thepeople that really have been passionateabout freestyle soccer andwant to go all out to become an expert inthe freestyle world.-------------Battle Mode------------- BattleMode is where youchallenge your friends in mini games including afootball! You playBattle Mode with a minimum of 2 players and amaximum of 4 players.Fill in the player names and let the battlesbegin! Every round thegame chooses a randomized battle which willbe a small competitionbetween you and your opponents. Every battlewill be explained in ashort description and a small image. Afterthe game is finished youclick on the player’s name who lost thatround's battle. Clickingon the lost player’s name willautomatically add a letter of theword ‘BALL’ to that player’s name.After you have clicked on thelost player’s name, the game willcontinue to the next round. Oncethe full word ‘BALL’ is reached forone player, the battle is over.The game tells you what’s next forthe lost player! Good luck andplay safe! -------------TrickMode------------- Trick Mode is thefreestyle soccer version of Gameof BALL. This Trick Mode is madespecially for you, so you canchallenge yourself and your friendsin a Game of BALL even when yourfriends aren’t around! You canchoose your own difficulty that fitsyour skills. The app will giveyou randomized tricks that fit thedifficulty you choose, withunlimited rounds! In every round it isyour challenge to succeed atthe trick that the app randomizes foryou! If a trick issuccessful, you click on the ‘Success’ buttonwhich will bring youto the next round. If a trick is failed, youclick on the ‘Fail’button which will automatically add a letter ofthe word ‘BALL’ toyour name. Once the full word ‘BALL’ is reached,the game will end.In Practice Mode, the game will show you how manyrounds you havesuccessfully passed. Be honest with yourself and tryto beat yourown high scores! In Multiplayer Mode the app willrandomize aplayer to choose a challenge for the lost player(s).Good luck andplay safe!
Game of FLIP 2.2.1
Jesse Heffels
The game ‘Game of FLIP’ has to be the most popular game intheflipping community. It connects you to your friends andotherflippers, it’s fun to play, and it motivates you to learn andtrynew tricks! It’s not always easy to win a Game of FLIP,definitelynot if you are battling against an opponent who onlythinks oftricks that aren’t in your skill levels. That’s why Gameof FLIPwas created. In Game of FLIP you will find different levelsofdifficulties which fit your skills. Game of FLIP choosesrandomizedtricks for you AND your opponent(s) which are alwaystricks thataren’t predictable. This way everybody has an equalchance ofwinning the game. Game of FLIP gives you the opportunityto beatplayers that might even be a bit better than you!