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Where's My Kitty Cat? 0.0.3
My cat is up to being her fun selfagain,playing hide and seek with me and like always it’s my turn toseek.Kitty is anything but a couch purrtato, the cat makes me runaroundtown, fall off my feet and what not, she’s hard to get a holdofwhen she’s in the mood, I might just need a purramedic.And today she’s in the mood! She could be anywhere, hidingundercars, over the dining table, in the bath tub, on myneighbour’sporch, in the fish market, the world is herplayground!Come play with us and help me find her to get the purrfectscore!Kitty is very smart so guessing will only take you so far,we’llhave to use as much logic as we can in finding her.We promise you, this fun cat game of hide and seek is unlikeanyyou’ve played with a purrson!Features:• Play 150+ levels• Explore unique locations• Immerse yourself in a whole new art style• Collect toys for her to play with• Find Kitty with a simple tap• Enjoy unpredictable moments• Use hints to help solve the purrzles!3000 years ago, cats were worshiped as gods! We might haveforgottenit but they haven’t!
Sachin Saga Cricket Champions 1.2.34
Play Sachin Tendulkar’s Mobile Cricket Game. Play RealtimeMultiplayer with 10 Million Players across the world. Get ready toplay as the legendary Master Blaster himself, in the fastestgrowing mobile cricket game! World’s Premier 3D Mobile Cricket Gamewith high-end graphics & realistic motion captured animationswhere you play as the Sachin Tendulkar himself & relive some ofthe most famous moments in real cricket history in console qualityplay. (One-days, Tests, T20, domestic, Premier League, World Cup –all included). Compete against other World cricket teams, completemilestones, & play real world cricket championships. Build yourdream cricket team by collecting real player cards from over 350real cricketers. Highlights: * Nominated ‘The Best Mobile &Tablet Game: Sports (India & International) 2017 Award at FICCI* Sachin Signed Merchandise & Rewards up for grabs in Liveevents! * Super Fans get to meet Sachin Tendulkar * Manual CatchesAuthentic Gameplay: *Batting - Defence, charge & loft shots.Over 28 batting shots. *Bowling - Yorkers, In-swingers, bouncers& more *Custom fielding *Manual Catches Exclusive Features:Legendary Mode * Play as Sachin Tendulkar in his most iconiccricket matches in the same settings & stadiums as he did.Start your journey as a young 16-year-old Sachin & live throughhis glorious cricketing career of 24 years. * Hit a wide range ofcricket shots the way he did, like his famous Straight drive, Coverdrive etc. PvP Real-time Multiplayer * Compete with Real Playersonline * Top the League & Engrave your Name in the Hall of Fame* Play 2 modes Super Streak PvP & Champions PvP * Use Boostersto score more runs and choose when to opt for Powerplay. SeriesMode *Participate in the epic WORLD Series. Play classic domestic& high-octane international tournaments like the Asia Cup,Trans-Tasman Challenge & more. *Experience 20, 50 overscomplete matches – Batting & Bowling. *WIN Fan points & geta chance to meet Sachin Tendulkar. *Participate in special LIVEevents synchronous with real-world tournaments. Friendly PvPReal-time Multiplayer *Invite & play with your friends. *Pickyour favourite team & challenge your friends to a real timemultiplayer match. Events Mode * Fight in the Events Mode &compete in cricket matches to top the Time-Limited event Leaderboards hosted every month. Superior Gameplay * Revolutionarybatting systems that emulates real-world playing conditions in realstadiums resulting in authentic batting experiences * Motioncaptured batting shots of Sachin himself that allow you to play allhis cricket shots the way he does * Dynamic camera angles &replay camera that allow you to relive your cricket shotsSUBSCRIPTIONS: Subscribe to VIP Pass & get an opportunity toprogress faster & access premium content! By subscribing to theVIP Subscription Pass, you get: - Access to Premium Teams &Series Mode - Unlimited revives in Legend mode - Ad free experienceYour subscription will auto-renew every month unless you turn itoff. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time from your accountsettings. Permissions Required: *GET_ACCOUNTS- GET_ACCOUNT - Thisis to verify if our user is synced with the Google account onmobile, and generate the key value for each user*READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE-Ad Network Permission*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE-Ad Network Permission *RECORD_AUDIO - Thisis required for Zapr SDK which is integrated with this app for thepurposes of profiling the device on media consumption and otherdevice data and utilizing the same to target relevant content andads to the device ("Services") pursuant to the terms and conditionsof RBL Services ("Terms of Use")*ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION/ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION/READ_PHONE_STATE -These permissions are needed to show suitable ad content fortargeted user for better ad experience
Sachin Saga Go 1.0.0
Play Cricket as Sachin Tendulkar in the World’s Premier 3D MobileCricket Game, by the Legend himself! This is as Real as it Gets!Hitover 28 cricket shots the way he did, including his famous Straightdrive, Square cut, Uppercut, Paddle sweep and Cover drive. Step outof the crease to hit big sixes out of the park and unleash powershots in T20 matches to become the ultimate cricket champion. Weput you in Sachin’s shoes to live and experience the cricketingadventure of god himself.Exclusive Features:Legendary Mode* Play asthe master blaster himself in his most iconic matches from his pastin the same conditions and stadiums as he did. Start the journey ofa young 16-year-old Sachin that made him a legend and play hisglorious career of 24 years.Gameplay* All new revolutionaryreal-world batting system that emulates real-world playingconditions which result in authentic batting experiences.* Play thegame in its truest form (zone based bat connections) i.e.well-timed connection of the bat with the ball defines the outcomeof the shot and a miss timed connection could result in a catch.*Motion captured batting shots of Sachin himself that allows you toplay all his legendary shots the way he does.* Dynamic cameraangles that allow you to relive your shots from the best angles.*Watch fielders pull out the ball from thin air to take stunningcatches.* Fielders slide and dive to reach the ball just like inactual games.Authentic stadiums* Play in world famous stadiums fromaround the globe.* Gameplay emulates pitch conditions of thatstadium.Permissions Required:*GET_ACCOUNTS- GET_ACCOUNT - This isto verify if our user is synced with the Google account on mobile,and generate the key value for each user.*READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE -Ad Network Permission*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Ad NetworkPermission
Sachin Saga VR 1.0.2
Welcome to the World's first Multiplayer Cricket Experience instunning Virtual Reality. Step into the crease as Sachin andexperience the game like the Master. This is as real as it gets.**Sachin Saga VR requires the use of the Sachin Saga VR headset andthe Sachin Saga Pro Gaming controller for proper functionality.Refer to the Sachin Saga VR website for further details. 360 DEGREEVIEW Immerse yourself as Sachin into an authentic cricketingexperience and experience the action through the eyes of the Masterfrom the middle of the pitch in some of the most legendary stadiumsaround the world over a 24 Year career. Experience thousands offans cheering as you hit a hundred hundreds. PLAY HEAD 2 HEADMULTIPLAYER WITH FRIENDS Challenge your friends or family in theWorld's first multiplayer Virtual Reality Cricket Game. Pick yourteams and go Head to Head and prove who’s best! FACE UP TO THEFASTEST BOWLERS Get your cricket kit on for a 3,5 or 10 overexperience in Quick Play and take on the best opponents. Face thefastest bowlers at over 90MPH and experience the real-time physicsof international cricket action from the center of the pitch. EASYCONTROLS & SHOT SELECTION With the Sachin Saga Pro GamingController, you can play your shots just like the Master did.Square cut the ball away from fielders, sweep a shot all the way tothe boundary, or step down the track to hit the ball out of thepark for a 6. MULTIPLE CAMERAS Experience the action through theeyes of the Master blaster in first person or third person camerato experience the unprecedented action of 22 yards right in thecomfort of your living room. Get ready for the most immersivecricket experience ever built in virtual reality. See you on thepitch!
Ludo Game : Super Ludo 1.0.233
Super Ludo LIVE is a fun and innovative board game, that is filledwith lots of surprises and elements on your board. Play live socialchallenges with friends, family and players around the world.Discover top players, chat live, taunt and beat your opponents withyour own pro custom dice! It’s time to discover the fun! Chat &Interact LIVE Enjoy live chat with opponents using and engage infun conversations while playing Super Ludo. Use funny emojis,taunts and laugh your way to victory in this fun-filled game. Hosta Ludo Party!! Double down on fun with private and offline mode.Gather your friends and play the Ludo Live whichever way you likeit. Party Live with Super Ludo Live. Introducing LIVE Gameplay withSpecial Blocks! Discover new special blocks that change the way youenjoy Classic Ludo. Teleport, move forward or backwards, get bonusrolls and out-smart players with your strategy as you unlockexciting boards along your journey in Super Ludo Live. A 3D WorldPlay Ludo Live in beautiful landscapes from around the world.Show-off awesome 3D dice and tease your friends with chats andemojis. Collect all the super cool 3D dices including superherodices. Gotta collect them all!! Unique and Faster Boards Play onthe fastest Ludo board in the world! Discover all the unique boardsthat are fast, engaging and fun. Challenge yourself and get yourfriends to an epic match. Super LIVE Challenges Play Super LudoLive like a pro, participate in LIVE social challenges to becomethe Super Ludo Live Champion and win exceptional bonuses. Ludo gameexists with different name variations like Pachisi (Original name),Parchís (Spanish), Parxís (Catalan), Parqués (Colombia), six miLudo (Ghana), Cờ cá ngựa (Vietnam). In France it is called "PetitsChevaux" (Little Horses) or "Le Jeu de Dada" (The Game of Dada).Other language variations include लूडो, برسي, Begin the saga ofSuper Ludo Live like a king and clash with your opponents to go upthe ladder of victory. Permissions Required: *READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE- Ad Network Permission *WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Ad NetworkPermission *READ_PHONE_STATE - This permission is needed to showsuitable ad content for the targeted user for better ad experience
Cat’s Day Out : Runaway Kitty 1.0.3
Help! Will you please help me find Kitty, my runaway purrcious?Sheis being her naughty self again, playing hide and seek withme.Kitty is anything but a couch purrtato, she makes me runaroundtown, fall off my feet and exhaust my energy. She’s hard toget ahold of when she’s in the mood, and today she’s in the mood!Shecan be anywhere, hiding under cars, over the dining table, inthebath tub, on my neighbour’s porch, in the fish market, the worldisher playground and my puzzle! Build her toy house with cuddlytoys,look for her across hundreds of hand-drawn levels from ChinaTownto City Parks and relive those cat adventures from yourchildhood,in this must-have, super addictive puzzle game. Kitty isvery smartso guessing will not take you far, sometimes you’ll haveto uselogic to find her. Remember, she is just a few taps away.Features:• Play 150+ hand-drawn levels • Explore unique locationsaround theworld • Immerse yourself in a whole new art style •Collect toysfor her to play with and build her toy house • FindKitty with asimple tap • Enjoy unpredictable moments • Use hints tohelp solvethe puzzles! Find Kitty and groove your way to thepurrfect score!We promise you, this fun cat game is unlike anyyou’ve playedbefore.