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I Am SuperHero 1.0
Jia studio
The protagonist of the story is a vigorousninja.He is a SuperHero. Don't disdain him for his matchman look.So-called, the greater the capacity the greater the responsibility.In order to protect his homeland, he must lead a team to jump overcountless obstacles. During the challenge,he must guarantee everyninja in the team alive. Can you help him lead the team?Ok, let's be the SuperHero together, are you ready?You can make ninja jump by tapping screen.
Rope Master 1.0.0
Jia studio
The protagonist of the story is avigorousninja who has unique skills. Now, he is going to to meet anewchallenge. In the challenge, he must to run flexibly on a verylongrope with many obstacles.Ok, it's time to exhibit your operating skills to help him runonthe rope.Remember, the longer the distance, the higher theachievement.
Lost Fane 1.0.3
Jia studio
Stuck in a temple (lost fane), you mustescapethere as soon as possible. However, a wide door block theway, youshould search for hidden tricks for opening it.Do you want to prove that you are a escape artist? Now, it's timetoshow your talents.Features:1, 40 well-designed levels (More levels come soon.)2, High-resolution pictures improve the reality of game.3, Sound is impressive.