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Jigsaw Puzzle Crown - Classic Jigsaw Puzzles
Relax, enjoy and train your brain with Puzzle Crown, a classicjigsaw puzzle game with 1000's of high quality picture puzzles invariety of different collections suitable for every taste andpreference. Puzzle Crown offers lots and lots of premium and freejigsaw puzzle packs, daily free gift puzzles and you can even buildyour own puzzles from family photos and images. Every piece of theour jigsaw puzzle is unique and is individually crafted anddesigned to ensure a authentic and pleasant experience for allthose who love playing classic jigsaw puzzles. Top features: •1000's of high definition jigsaw puzzles in different collections.• Lots of free puzzles to play and enjoy, with more puzzle packsand gifts added regularly. • Play Classic Jigsaw Puzzles everydayfor free in our daily free gifts section. • Puzzles suitable forevery taste and preference. • 10 different puzzle styles, up to 522jigsaw pieces and combine with the rotating option it is suitablefor all jigsaw lovers. • Create your own jigsaw puzzles from yourpersonal photos and images. • Adjust the style and difficulty ofthe puzzles and get big rewards. • Unique jigsaw puzzle styles andcuts, Classic, Figural and Spiral. • Individually crafted anddesigned puzzle pieces, no computer generated cuts. • Easycontrols, pinch zoom and pan to filter remaining jigsaw pieces. •Save completed jigsaw puzzles on your device or share them withyour friends and family. Happy playing jigsaw puzzles with PuzzleCrown!