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Jimdo Booking (Unreleased)
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Do you offer courses or events forwhichvisitors can sign up on your website? Then the free JimdoBookingapp is the right online booking tool for your website.Simplyschedule your event via the mobile app and add the relevantdates.You can then choose which subpage of your website displaysthecalendar view with the current events for your visitors.The app automatically creates a subpage for your bookingcalendar.This gives your visitors an overview of your event orcourse withdetails such as price, number of participants,description,location, availability and the possibility to reserveaplace.Send an email to keep your participants updated of the latestnews.For example, an automatic confirmation email of registration,anotification if an event is cancelled or share extrainformationabout your event. An event reminder with pushnotifications keepsyou immediately informed about every new bookingand gives you anup-to-date overview.The app is especially suitable for yoga, coaching orteachingcourses, personal trainers, city guides or bus tours.How it works:Do you already have a Jimdo website? Great! Then simply downloadthefree booking app and sign in to the app with yourJimdowebsite.If you don’t have a website yet, no problem! Just create onewiththe Jimdo apphere:(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jimdo&hl=en).Since this is a preview release, we want to adapt the app toyourwishes and needs in the future. So we’re happy to hearyourfeedback.Do you have any ideas or suggestions for improvement? Write usanemail to mobile-feedback@jimdo.com. Thanks for yoursupport!Terms of Use: https://www.jimdo.com/info/terms-booking-appPrivacy Policy:https://www.jimdo.com/info/privacy-booking-app