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Jimdo Creator 2018.10.09-da567ff3
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Build your own website with the Jimdo website builder for Android!With the Jimdo Creator app you can create a free website, blog, orstore—no coding or technical skills required. Just use the app toedit your website anywhere and from any device: mobile, tablet, ordesktop. More than 20 million websites have already been createdwith Jimdo’s do-it-yourself website builder. Just sign up andcreate a new website directly from the app. This is the fastest andeasiest way to get your new site online: select a template, enter aweb address, add texts and images—done! All Jimdo websites areoptimized for mobile devices and look great on a desktop as well.Jimdo Creator app features include: editing store orders, searchengine optimization, adding a contact form and more. With JimdoCreator for Android, you can: Edit your site structure: Edit yoursite’s navigation and create new pages. You can also hide, rename,rearrange, and delete pages within the app. Add content for yourwebsite: Create a gallery, add text, call-to-action buttons, orvideos. Take a photo with your smartphone or tablet and upload itdirectly on your website. Insert individual photos or create agallery with multiple images. Then edit and crop images directly inthe Jimdo Creator app. Check the statistics of your website: As aJimdoPro or JimdoBusiness customer, you can see the most importantstatistics for your website directly from your Android device—likevisitors, page views, and more. Experience a responsive design onevery device: The design of your Jimdo website is responsive andautomatically optimized for smartphones, tablets, and desktops.Create, edit, and publish blog posts: Write and publish blog postsby creating text, photos, or galleries on your mobile device ortablet. Add categories to your posts, choose which posts to displayon different parts of your website, then share them. Manage yourstore: View the list of orders and order archives. Mark orders aspaid / delivered, add notes, and keep up-to-date with new ordersvia push notifications. We are constantly updating our JimdoCreator app and will regularly add new features. We look forward toyour website! Feedback: Do you have any ideas or suggestions toimprove our app? Feel free to write us an email atmobile-feedback@jimdo.com. Thank you for your support! Stayinformed: The Jimdo blog gives you all the news and tips on yourwebsite: http://jimdo.com/blog General Terms of Business:http://jimdo.com/info/agb/ Privacy Policy:http://jimdo.com/info/data-releases/
Jimdo Live Chat 2018.08.03-b5dc44d
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Customer service, live and on the go. With Jimdo’s Live Chat appfor Android, you can start a free live chat with your websitevisitors in real time on your Jimdo website. Answer questions,offer help, and give seamless customer support for your website andonline shop—all from your smartphone. Push notifications willinstantly alert you when your website has a new visitor, so you canstart a live conversation. And if a visitor needs help, they’ll bethrilled to see that they can use the messenger to contact you andstart a mobile chat in real time. Here’s how Jimdo’s Live Chatworks: Already have a Jimdo website? Excellent! Then just downloadthe free messenger app and sign in with your Jimdo login. Nowebsite yet? No problem! Create a website with the Jimdo mobile apphere:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jimdo&hl=enOur chat widget is then automatically integrated into your Jimdowebsite so you can offer live support to your customers. Andbecause we know you need to sleep at least sometimes, you’re incontrol of when you receive notifications. Use the app to promoteshop sales, stop cart abandonment, and boost customer satisfaction,all while you’re on the go. Think of live chat as an instant helpcenter so that you can build relationships with loyal, happywebsite visitors. By the way: This is a beta version of the livechat app. Let us know what you think, and we’ll work to make theapp even better. Please send an email to chat-android@jimdo.com.Thanks for your support! Terms of Use:https://www.jimdo.com/info/terms-livechat-app/ Privacy Policy:https://www.jimdo.com/info/privacy-livechat-app/
Jimdo Booking (Unreleased)
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Do you offer courses or events forwhichvisitors can sign up on your website? Then the free JimdoBookingapp is the right online booking tool for your website.Simplyschedule your event via the mobile app and add the relevantdates.You can then choose which subpage of your website displaysthecalendar view with the current events for your visitors.The app automatically creates a subpage for your bookingcalendar.This gives your visitors an overview of your event orcourse withdetails such as price, number of participants,description,location, availability and the possibility to reserveaplace.Send an email to keep your participants updated of the latestnews.For example, an automatic confirmation email of registration,anotification if an event is cancelled or share extrainformationabout your event. An event reminder with pushnotifications keepsyou immediately informed about every new bookingand gives you anup-to-date overview.The app is especially suitable for yoga, coaching orteachingcourses, personal trainers, city guides or bus tours.How it works:Do you already have a Jimdo website? Great! Then simply downloadthefree booking app and sign in to the app with yourJimdowebsite.If you don’t have a website yet, no problem! Just create onewiththe Jimdo apphere:(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jimdo&hl=en).Since this is a preview release, we want to adapt the app toyourwishes and needs in the future. So we’re happy to hearyourfeedback.Do you have any ideas or suggestions for improvement? Write usanemail to mobile-feedback@jimdo.com. Thanks for yoursupport!Terms of Use: https://www.jimdo.com/info/terms-booking-appPrivacy Policy:https://www.jimdo.com/info/privacy-booking-app
Jimdo Boost 2019.09.02-dd285b5
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Jimdo Boost makes it easy to optimize your website and grow yourbusiness. You’ve created your Jimdo website and the first step isdone. Great! Now you want to outshine your competitors. How exactlydo you do that? With Jimdo Boost, improving your website is easy.No time to learn Google Analytics, find SEO tools or track websitevisitors? Boost takes you from IT-zero to online-hero atlightspeed. The app analyzes your website data for you, monitorsyour progress, and gives you expert tips to improve performance.Zing! Get more website traffic, rank high on Google, and turnvisitors into loyal customers. What’s your conversion rate? How canit boost sales? And how do interpret website data in GoogleAnalytics? Boost answers all your questions and sends expert tipsright to your phone. So you’ll always know what the next step is.You’ll learn: How to organize your content, texts, and images sothey appeal to visitors What awesome features Jimdo offers and howto use them How to use social media to grow your business Whatother Jimdo users are doing to succeed online and how you can too!And get: Weekly performance reports including how many visitors youget, how interesting they find your site, how many times theyclick, and how to improve Tips and tools to take the mystery out ofsearch engines, keywords, and SEO More free time to spend doingwhat you love Best of all? There’s no experience needed! Justdownload the app and register for free. No website? No problem!With Jimdo Dolphin you can create a professional page in minutes.Choose the Start, Grow or E-commerce plan to get started with theBoost app. 3,2,1... Lift-off! See you in space, Number One! Termsof Use: https://www.jimdo.com/info/terms-boost-app/ Privacy Policy:https://www.jimdo.com/info/privacy-boost-app/