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Memory Game Various Phases 2.2.0
The Diverse Phases Memory Game has been produced to provide fun andlearning for all ages. The Game has several types of memory gamesthat are called Worlds. Some of the Worlds are Animals, World Cup,People, Sales, Christmas, Holiday, Space, Ocean, Decoration, Women,Countries, Emotions, Nobility, Playing Cards, Sports,Miscellaneous, Insects, Fruits, Numbers, Letters, Cards and MusicalNotes . The main features of the Various Phase Memory Game are: -Three game modes "Individual, Player vs. Computer and AgainstTime"; - Scores for each World. Classification is shown whenselecting one of the worlds; - Achievements on Google Play Service;- Three languages: "Portuguese, Spanish and English"; -Notifications; - Pause video and full screen advertisements duringthe session, this option is inside the configuration panel. Bannerads are maintained. Memory Game Details Various Stages: - At thebeginning of each game you have a time to memorize the positions ofthe cards; - When clicking on a letter, you see its content thatcan be an image, letter, number, cipher or sound; - The firstlevels of each world are easier because they have few cards andwill increase the difficulty as soon as you progress; - Uponcompleting all levels of a World, your total time is processed andreleased in the Overall Classification of the Complete World; - Thepurpose of the "One Player" game mode is to find all pairs of cardsin the shortest possible time; - In the "Player vs. Computer" modeyou need to find more pairs of cards than the computer, in the caseof a draw anyone wins the computer; - Against Time mode is to findall pairs of cards before time runs out. All the time left overwhen completing a level is added in the total time of the nextlevel; The first Memory Game with the "Player vs. Computer" mode.Play against the computer and see who will be the best! About the"Against Time" - Every day you get extra bonus times when watchinga video, but it's up to you; - If your time is up, you can choosebetween 4 options to continue. - If you can not complete all phasesof the World, you will need to go back to the first phase to tryagain. Memory Game Categories Various Phases: Puzzle CorrespondingMemory Children Educational Adults The keywords for related games;Children Memory Puzzle Education Game Fruits Sport Children's playMemory Memory Games world Cup If you do not want to see theadvertisements in the game, we've released the option to buy toremove them. Be sure to download and enjoy. Thank you for visitingand interest in the Various Phase Memory Game. Regards, Multi-PhaseMemory Game Team
Collision Balls - Be the Best 2.0.2
Collision Balls: Try to go as far as possible by removing all thewhite balls from the screen. Recalling that the acada collisionbetween a new white balls is created. The goal is to eliminate allthe white balls that are on the screen by clicking on them. You canalso use the two action functions described below to help you: -The red ball eliminates all white balls she collide. This ball isactive for 5 seconds. - The other function to the collision betweenwhite balls, it is not generated new white balls in a maximum timeof 5 seconds. Features Collision Balls: beautiful graphicsrealistic physics Overall score Simple Play Easy Key WordsCollision Balls: Fun Agility Marbles collisions Children Adults Besure to download the balls collision. Thanks for the visit, TeamCollision Balls
Bible Reading Circuit. Bible and more. 2.2.1
Welcome to the Bible Circuit application page. The Bible Circuitapplication is designed to help everyone who likes and desires toread the entire Bible. It is also a great tool to use in Biblestudies and worship. Bible Reading Plans (All with chronologicalreading option): - Circuit 4x4; - Reading the entire Bible in 1year; - Customized reading circuits; Features of the BiblicalCircuit: 01 - Marker of verses. 02 - Create notes. 03 - View allthe marked verses and their notes. 04 - Share verses, hymns andnotes. 05 - Copy verses, hymns and notes. 06 - Listening to theBible reading. 07 - Search for biblical texts as well as hymnletters from the Christian Cantor and Hymnbook for ChristianWorship. 08 - Biblical Dictionary. 09 - Table of medals andclassification. 10- Alternate the reading of the day, so you canselect what you want to read the day without following a specificorder. Our goal is to assist in reading the Bible through dailyalerts and using one of the four available circuits. Theapplication has four tabs at the bottom, being "Information","Reading of the Day", "Bible" and "Options". Aba - Information:Always accessible at the opening of the Biblical circuit, where theinformation of the current circuit is found, such as: progress,reading of the day, number of days advanced or delayed, amongothers. You can also view the marked notes and verses, as well asthe medal table and the Classification. Tab - Reading of the Day:Where is the biblical text for daily reading. Whether reading orlistening, confirmation of the proposed reading will trigger thenext day's text. Aba - Bible: Where all the books of the bible areavailable, from Genesis to Revelation. Also available on this tabis the biblical dictionary and the "before and after" options asyou begin to navigate the biblical texts. Tab - Options: Allsettings that can be made in the Bible Circuit are available:language, Bible reading circuit selection, notifications, textsize, voice settings, screen brightness, and marked categories ofverses. About the marked verse categories: You can create severalcategories with letters and colors that make it easy to mark theverses. After registering the category, it will be shown when youselect a verse in the Reading of the Day and Bible tabs. In theInformation tab, you can view all marked verses and select whichcategories you want to view. About the medals and classification:Development was a system of details in the application with thefollowing achievements: 01 - Reading of the Verse of the day; 02 -Reading the books of the Bible; In the medal table you can see allthe medals available and your score. When you receive a medal, youreceive a score that is accumulating. Your total score is sent tothe leaderboard, but only when you have a minimum score of 500points, you will be listed in the Leaderboard. It is worthremembering that the important thing here is not itsclassification, but its dedication in following with its plan ofreading. And may God bless you on this journey. Bible VersionsAvailable: English: Almeida. English: King James. Other versionsare available for download within the Application. Thank you foryour visit. Download and share your Bible application. For of him,through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever!Amen. Romans 11:36. Holy Bible! Regards, Team of the Bible Circuitapplication. Read the Bible!
The Rabbit Road (T2R) 2.0.2
The game “The Rabbit Road” is fun and lively. It has several modesof play and you need to be well aware to advance at each level.Game modes available: - Traditional Traditional game mode you needto help the rabbit to find his carrots. Remember that there is onlyone correct way and if you miss will have to return to the firstlevel. The best in this game mode is anyone who can take the rabbitto find the largest number of carrots. - Survival I This is thesimplest game mode, just go by clicking on the new surfaces quicklybecause the surface that the rabbit is will disappear in aninstant. The best in this game mode is who get more clicks on thesurfaces. - Survival II This is the most fun game mode, as thesurfaces move and you need to identify which one rabbit will jump.The best in this game mode is anyone who can capture the largestnumber of carrots, noting that some surfaces have holes that arethe rabbit fall and you go back to the first level. Words of TheRabbit Road Keys: Fun Agility Carrot Bunny Way Children Adults Besure to download the The Rabbit Road and enjoy this lively littlegame. Thanks for the visit, Team of The Rabbit Road
Memory Game N Phases 1.1.1
The Memory Game N Phases has been produced to provide fun andlearning for all ages. The game has all the phases listed below: 1.Animals I 2. Animals II 3. Animals III 4. Animals IV 5. BrazilPhase Cup 6. Russia Phase Cup 7. Decoration I 8. Decoration II 9.Decoration III 10. Miscellaneous I 11. Miscellaneous II 12.Miscellaneous III 13. Emotive I 14. Space I 15. Space II 16. SpaceIII 17. Sport I 18. Sport II 19. Holiday I 20. Holiday II 21.Holiday III 22. Fruit I 23. Fruit II 24. Insects 25. Letters 26.Christmas I 27. Nobility 28. Musical notes I 29. Musical Notes II30. Numbers I 31. Numbers II 32. Roman Numbers 33. Ocean I 34.Ocean II 35. Ocean III 36. Countries I 37. Countries II 38.Countries III 39. People I 40. People II 41. People III 42. PeopleIV 43. Plates I 44. Plates II 45. Social The main features of theMemory Game N Phases are: - Three game modes "Individual, Playervs. Computer and Against Time"; - Placards for each Phase. Theoverall ranking is shown by clicking on the medals; - Achievementson Google Play Service; - Three languages: "Portuguese, Spanish andEnglish"; - Notifications; - Pause the advertisements in fullscreen during the session, this option is inside the configurationpanel. Memory Game Details N Phases: - At the beginning of eachgame you have a time to memorize the positions of the cards; - Whenclicking on a letter, you see its content that can be an image,letter, number, cipher or sound; - The first levels of each Phaseare easier because they have few cards, and it increases thedifficulty according to your progress; - Upon completion of alllevels of a Phase, your total time is processed and released in thePhase Classification completed; - The purpose of the "One Player"game mode is to find all pairs of cards in the shortest possibletime; - In the "Player vs. Computer" mode you need to find morepairs of cards than the computer, in the case of a draw anyone winsthe computer; - "Against Time" mode aims to find all pairs of cardsbefore time runs out. All the time left over when completing alevel is added in the total time of the next level; About the"Against Time" - If your time is up, you can choose between 4options to continue playing at the level you stopped. - If you cannot complete the phase, it will return to the beginning. MemoryGame Categories N Phases: Puzzle Corresponding Memory ChildrenEducational Adults Adult Memory Game The keywords for relatedgames; Children Memory Puzzle Education Game Fruits SportChildren's play Game for adults Memory Memory Games Be sure todownload and enjoy. Thank you for visiting and interest in theMemory Game N Phases. Regards, Team Memory Game N Phases