Joacim Andersson, Brixoft Software Apps

Othello 1.0.1
Now you can play the classic game ofOthello,AKA as Reversi, on your Android device. Take turns againstthecomputer and try to turn as many as possible of the chips toyourcolor.
Bouncing Cat 1.0.1
Meet Fritz. the happy cat that loves to bounce around. Make himbounce as high as possible and collect bonus items, like coins andstars on the way. Also pick up letters to spell the word "KITTY" toget a safety net. Grab on to balloons and rockets to get evenhigher up.How high can you make your cat bounce?
Fling Basketball 2.0
The game is simple. Flip the ball and try to make as many basketsyou can in a row. Share your highscore on our server.
Bouncy Colors Infinity 1.0
A fun and a bit addictive game. The goal is to bounce or jump ashigh as possible. You must pass through different blocks and wheelsbut you can only pass through them when they have the same color asyou. You will also pass through color changing balls that changeyour own color.Collect gems on your way up which gives you a higherscore and also allows you to unlock new types of balls.The game iscompletely free from advertisements.
Runesson Racing
En app som håller er uppdaterade på vadsomhänder i Team Runesson Racing och som rör deras kartingsatsning.Följ den flerfaldiga MKR- och Distriktsmästaren MaxRunesson ochMKR-Bästa Tjej Moa Runesson ut på racing banorna.An app that keepsyouupdated on what happens in the Team Runesson Racing and relatedtotheir karting venture. Follow the multiple MKR- and DistrictMasterMax Runesson and MKR-Best Girl Moa Runesson on racingtracks.
Jagged Road 1.0
This must be easy right? Just tap on the screen to make the marblechange direction. That's easy! It's also moving so slowly... Yes,until you pick up one of those blue gems... Wow that changed thespeed... Oh there's another blue gem ahead! Well, I guess this gameisn't as easy as it looked like it was going to be.
Circle Pong 1.0
Pong was the first commercially produced video game in the world.In this version there is only one paddle and it goes around in acircle. Make sure the ball doesn't go outside of this circle. Avery fun and addictive game offered here for free and without anycommercials.
Connect 4 1.0
This is the classic board game Connect 4(or4-in-a-row). Take turns against the computer and try toconnectfour of your chips in a row, horizontally, vertically,ordiagonally. Three difficult levels.
Connect the Dots 1.3.1
This game is all about connecting the dots because that makes dotshappy. The dots can be connected either horizontally or verticallywith its closest neighbor. Dots cannot be connected to squaresbecause squares are just annoying.You must connect all the dots tosolve each level and there are an infinite amount of procedurallycreated levels in this addictive puzzle game.
RoboSnake 1.0.0
This is a modern touch friendly version oftheclassic game Snake. Move the RoboSnake around the screen and eatasmany eggs as you can. Beware though that the snake keepsgrowingand it can't touch it's own body.
Gravity Ninja 1.0
You play the ninja that needs to run and jump over all incoming sawblade hazards. The thing is that each time you jump the gravitywill switch. This is a very fun and fast-paced endless runner game.
Lumberjack 1.0
You are the toughest and strongest lumberjack in all of ...wherever, and you have decided that you and only you can bring downthe world's largest tree with your bare hands, well and your axe ofcourse.It's just one problem, the tree doesn't want to fall in thesame manner as other trees, it still stands upright, it just got alittle bit smaller. Oh, and watch out for the tree branches sinceeven though you are the toughest and the strongest they will crackyour head like an egg. To top it off, you also have a time limitand when the times up you also die... for some reason.To help youthere sometimes comes a clock that just hangs there at the side ofthe tree, if you take that your time limit will increase slightly.There's also some coins that also follows the tree down since in agame like this physics has its own set of rules that not even SirIsaac Newton could have explained. Get the coins for extrapoints.Oh, and did I mention that you need to look out for thebranches. Yes, I did, didn't I? Well then make sure you do so!
Swinging Cat 1.0.0
A fun game where you need to help our hero the cat rope swing fromplatform to platform. Don't let him fall! Collect gems for extrascore.Nice graphics with different backgrounds.Immersive musicscore.
Crazy Tower 1.0
Crazy Tower is a fun physics game in which you will try to build atower out of irregular shaped objects. How high can you go?
Stop the Wheel 1.0
You need to try to stop the spinning wheel by tapping on the screenwhen the arrow points to a section on the wheel with the samecolor. However instead of stopping the wheel just turns and go inthe other direction so you need to repeat the task. The number oftimes you need to do this before the wheel stops depends on whichlevel you're on.
Break it Down 1.0
This is a game that isn't allowed to be explained...