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My IVF Tracker 2.0
Joanne Simpson
My IVF Tracker is a calendar based fertility App that logs all yourinformation for when you are about to commence a cycle of IVF.XResults, appointments and medication can be entered in and the Appwill then send reminder alerts to your phone. My IVF Tracker wascreated from a personal experience of an IVF journey.When initiallyentering into IVF I sat with the staff at my fertility clinic andwas given a largewad of paperwork which step by step gave meinstructions of what I was to do and when. It is an emotional andoverwhelming journey alone without having to read through thepaperwork over and over to see when exactly you were supposed to betaking nasal spray, phoning the Clinic, going for scans, going forblood tests, administering injections, when to do the trigger shot,when to go for egg retrieval, when to go for insemination, when mypartner was to go to produce his sample, when insemination wasbooked for, when to take tablets and when to phone for results. Iwas constantly pulling out the paperwork to re-read and ensure Iwas doing everything at the right time. I felt I wanted to helpother couples to make an already overwhelming journey a little morehelpful. So here it is, MY IVF TRACKER! A place to log all yourinformation from the paperwork you receive at your initialappointment and then the alerts can be sent to your phone to remindyou!I hope in some small way I have helped your IVF journey. GoodLuck x