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Octropolis - Arcade Maze Game 1.4.0
UPDATE 1.3.0: It's been awhile! The game'sbeen brought up to date with the Windows version of the game (at so there's quite a few newfeatures! If you have a very VERY good tablet, you might want totry "HI GRAFX" mode, but it's really best for PCs, I've yet to seea tablet that can handle its effects without slowdown. (I'm workingon optimizing it, I've got an idea or two....)A fast-action maze game inspired by the games of arcades past!Guide an intrepid octopus through the huge Octropolis, cleaning itof the shark eggs littered everywhere, while avoiding the frenziedattacks of their guardians. Consume the "mega eggs" to fight backand attack the sharks! Survive as long as you can and get a highscore. Or maybe try to clear the whole maze -- dare to dream! Fivekinds of touch screen controls are supplied, or connect a Bluetoothkeyboard and use the arrow keys. Bluetooth controllers SHOULD work,but are untested at this time.Octropolis is inspired both by the form and content of classicarcade games from the early 80s -- it tracks high scores, it has anattract mode with a play demonstration, and you even have access tothe "operator settings." It's like going back in a time machine toa bright day in 1983, when everyone young and old still thought itwas okay to go into an arcade. Tomorrow might be the Great GameCrash -- but, today, you have a pocket full of tokens and a fullevening ahead of you. Octropolis contains no ads, and has no IAPs.Have fun!Octropolis is the first in a series of games by John Harrisunder the name COIN DOOR INTERLOCK, that seek to return gaming tothe ideals of the classic arcades: colorful, quick-playing,action-packed games that nevertheless have real depth andchallenge, all for low prices.Target scores (All very difficult, but possible! You won't wantto use touch controls for these....):BEGINNER: 1,200,000ADVANCED: 1,500,000EXPERT: 1,800,000MASTER: 2,000,000 (yes, scores of over two million arepossible....)