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JoikuSpot WiFi HotSpot 2.0.1
Secure WiFi HotSpot★ Turn your phone into secure mobile WiFiHotSpot. ★ Share phone internet with other devices over WiFi.★Create multiple WiFi HotSpot profiles and wifi passwords forprivate, guest and open phone hotspot use.★ Create smart WiFi QRcodes and WiFi Access Links for instant guest access to your phonehotspot.★ Add one-click WiFi HotSpot icon on your phone screen.★Track connected devices in your phone WiFi hotspot.WiFi Manager★See public and private wifis in range and connect.★ Auto-connect toWiFis you use frequently (My WiFis).★ Manage sharing of your wifiswith friends and other WiFi devices.★ Use WiFi QR Reader to connectWiFis with QR access.Secure WiFi Sharing★ Share access to yourwifis securely without sharing or revealing wifi passwords.★ Shareyour phone mobile hotspot wifi, home wifi, office wifi or publicguest wifi.★ Share wifi access privately with friends or in publicwith everyone.★ Create Smart WiFi QR codes for guest access to yourwifis.WiFi QR Codes★ Create WiFi QR codes for your own wifis andphone hotspot.★ Print QR codes to attach on your wifi modem or wifidevice.★ Use QR for instant WiFi Connect.★ Two types of WiFi QRcodes: Smart QR and Standard QR.★ Smart WiFi QR: WiFi password isencrypted and hidden inside Smart QR, and will not be shown orstored outside your device. JoikuSpot app contains Smart WiFi QRcode reader.★ Standard WiFi QR: Use standard QR with any wifidevice. WiFi password is not encrypted or hidden inside standardQR. Notes★ When you use JoikuSpot for wifi tethering, please notethat JoikuSpot is not aimed to bypass any operator wifi tetheringblocks. Make sure to have a proper mobile data subscription inplace with your mobile operator that allows wifi tethering and useof portable phone hotspot, otherwise JoikuSpot hotspot creationwill not be successful.Visit Joiku★ Website:★ Facebook: