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WiFi File Share PRO 1.2.3
Share with WiFi. Transfer Android phone or tablet files and mediato laptops and other WiFi devices wirelessly.Turn your Android into WiFi Media Server!★ WiFi Transfer: Wirelessly transfer Android files, music,photos, videos.★ WiFi Share: Share Android files and media with laptops,tablets, phones and Smart TVs.★ WiFi Download: Download Android files and media wirelesslywith laptop or other WiFi device web browser.★ WiFi Upload: Upload files wirelessly from laptop toAndroid.★ WiFi Play: Play music, videos and photos of your Android overair with other WiFi devices.★ WiFi Friend Share: WiFi Share selected Android files and mediasecurely also with Friend devices.★ WiFi Media Server: Turn Android into WiFi Server and manageAndroid files wirelessly with laptop web browser.★ Built-in wireless HTML5 Music and Video Player and PhotoViewer for web browsers.★ Smart TV WiFi Share: Install Joiku WiFi File Share app alsointo your Android compatible Smart TV and WiFi Share TV mediawirelessly over air with WiFi devices in your local home WiFinetwork.★ With WiFi Transfer, up to 20x file transfer speed compared tobluetooth file transfer. Optimal for large file transfer betweendevices over air.★ WiFi Transfer single or multiple files of any type (eg mp3,jpg, zip, doc, ppt, apk). No restriction on file size.★ No software installations or cables needed in your laptop forWiFi file transfer between Android and laptop.★ Easy to use with 1-click WiFi Share Start and WiFi ShareStop.★ Localized in English, Finnish, Arabic, Chinese, Filipino,French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Persian, Polish,Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.★ Optimized for Android phones and tablets.----------------------Using Joiku WiFi File Share Pro (JoikuShare Pro) for WiFi filetransfer is easy:1. Make sure your Android device is connected to WiFi or useyour Android device WiFi hotspot for WiFi connection. Other devicesneed to connect to the same WiFi network as your Android.2. Open Joiku WiFi File Share app and tap "Start WiFi Share" toWiFi transfer files from Android to other devices. Under "Sharedfiles" -view you can select your device media and files to WiFiShare with friend or own devices (Friends have their ownpassword).3. Type the web link shown by Joiku WiFi File Share to otherdevice's web browser. Login as a Friend or Administrator towirelessly download, upload, stream and play your Android music,videos, photos and files.4. Tap "Stop WiFi Share" to end WiFi transfer and sharing.Under Settings you can manage passwords and see tutorial of howWiFi file transfer works.---------------------------TIPS for WiFi use:★ No WiFi around? Why not use Android's own portable WiFihotspot?Turn on portable WiFi hotspot under Android Wireless andnetworks settings (more settings - tethering and portable hotspot)and enjoy WiFi hotspot connection everywhere!---------------------------Joiku WiFi File Share Pro is created by Joiku, creator ofpopular JoikuSpot WiFi hotspot (JoikuSpot Light and JoikuSpotPremium). Joiku WiFi File Share turns Android device into WiFiMedia Server and allows wireless transfer of all phone files andmedia between WiFi devices, similar to airdroid and kies air apps.Joiku WiFi File Share makes also a good companion with kies air andairdroid as it comes with some unique new features and localtouch.Learn more:★ Joiku WiFi File Share home page and support:★ Facebook: out also other useful Android apps in Google play:★ JoikuSpeed Operator Speeds: http://www.joikuspeed.comJoikuSpeed app Competition is now open for entries.Win Fastest Smartphone in the market by using JoikuSpeed app!Wanna know how? See competition details at★ ClickSMS - SMS with Location :
WiFi File Share FREE 2.0.4
Share Android files with WiFi. TransferAndroid files and media to laptops and other WiFi deviceswirelessly.★ WiFi File Share: Transfer Android media and files wirelesslyto other devices.★ WiFi Connect: Share between laptops, tablets, phones and SmartTVs. Connect all devices to same WiFi network. You can also useJoikuSpot WiFi hotspot app to create a mobile WiFi hotspot, whereall devices can connect for WiFi file sharing.★ WiFi Download: Login to Android device with web browser anddownload Android files and media into your laptop or otherdevice.★ WiFi Play: Play Android music and photos over air with otherWiFi devices★ WiFi Friend Share: Temporary friend password for sharingAndroid files with friend devices.★ Built-in wireless HTML5 Music Player and Photo Viewer.★ Smart TV WiFi Share: Installs also in Android compatible SmartTV. Share Smart TV media over air with WiFi devices in your localhome WiFi network or via JoikuSpot mobile wifi hotspot.★ No software installations or cables needed in your laptop forWiFi file transfer between Android and laptop.★ Easy to use with 1-click WiFi Share Start.--------------PRO UPGRADE:★ WiFi File Share: Wirelessly transfer all Android files.★ WiFi File Upload: Wirelessly upload files from laptop toAndroid.★ WiFi Video Play: Stream and Play Android videos over air withother WiFi devices.-----------Easy to use:1. Connect all devices to same WiFi network. You can also usefree JoikuSpot wifi hotspot app to create a wifi network for filesharing.2. Click "Start WiFi Share". WiFi sharing is now active in yourWiFi network. You will see the web address that other devices canuse in their web browsers to login into your Android.3. Use web browsers to login into your Android. Enter admin orfriend password when asked. Friend password is temporary and youcan get it in the app by clicking a little icon next to the webaddress.4. Download, upload, view and play your Android files and mediawith other devices web browsers.Under App Settings you can manage passwords and personalize yoursharing experience.----------TIPS for WiFi use:★ No WiFi around? Why not use JoikuSpot app to create a securemobile WiFi hotspot for file sharing?Download free JoikuSpot WiFi hotspot app from and create a mobile WiFi hotspot.Connect all devices to WiFi HotSpot. Share Android files betweendevices over mobile WiFi hotspot network.----------Joiku WiFi File Share is created by Joiku, creator of popularJoikuSpot WiFi hotspot. Joiku WiFi File Share turns Android deviceinto WiFi Media Server and allows wireless transfer of phone filesand media between WiFi devices.★ JoikuShare home:★ Facebook:
JoikuSpot Premium WiFi HotSpot 1.0
This JoikuSpot Premium key removes adsfromfree JoikuSpot Light app version.Mobile HotSpot★ Turn your phone into secure mobile WiFi HotSpot.★ Share phone internet to other devices with WiFi.★ Create WiFi HotSpot profiles and wifi passwords for private,guestand open use.★ Create WiFi QR codes for guest access to your phonehotspot.★ Add one-click WiFi HotSpot icon on your phone screen.WiFi Manager★ See public and private wifis in range and connect.★ Auto-connect to My WiFis.★ Manage sharing of your wifis with friends and devices.Secure WiFi Sharing★ Share access to your wifis securely without sharing keys.★ Share your phone mobile hotspot wifi, home wifi, office wifiorpublic guest wifi.★ Share wifi access privately with friends or in publicforeveryone.★ Create WiFi QR codes for guest access to your wifis.WiFi QR Codes★ Create WiFi QR codes for your own wifis and phone hotspot.★ Print QR codes to attach on your wifi modem or wifi device.★ Use QR for instant WiFi Connect.★ Two types of WiFi QR codes: Smart QR and Standard QR.★ Smart WiFi QR: WiFi password is encrypted and hidden insideSmartQR, and will not be shown or stored outside your device.Appcontains Smart WiFi QR code reader.★ Standard WiFi QR: Use standard QR with any device. WiFipasswordis not encrypted or hidden inside standard QR.Notes★ When you use JoikuSpot for wifi tethering, please notethatJoikuSpot is not aimed to bypass any operator wifitetheringblocks. Make sure to have a proper mobile datasubscription inplace with your mobile operator that allows wifitethering and useof portable wifi hotspot, otherwise the wifihotspot creation willnot be successful.Visit Joiku★ Website:★ Facebook:
Phone Usage PRO 1.3
This Pro key removes ads from the freePhoneUsage app version.TRACK PHONE USAGE★ Track phone calls, SMS and mobile data usage.GRAPHICAL STATS OF PHONE USAGE★ How much you use data, SMS and voice calls.★ Which phone apps use most data.★ Who you call and text most.SET USAGE LIMITS AND ALERTS★ Set daily, weekly and monthly phone usage limits for calls,SMSand data.★ Set smart alerts, when usage limits are exceeded.ADD PHONE USAGE WIDGET★ Add widget to home screen monitoring calls, SMS anddatausage.★ Widgets for daily, weekly and monthly usage monitoring.ABOUT JOIKUPhone Usage is created by Joiku, creator of popular JoikuSpotmobileWiFi hotspot app.You can get the free JoikuSpot mobile WiFi hotspot Android appfrom JoikuSpot you can create secure mobile WiFi hotspot profilesinyour Android phone for different user groups.Joiku home: