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Guide for Metal Gear V 1.0
Guide for Metal Gear VDiscover all the secrets of the best game of the year.If you want to discover all the secrets of the best game oftheyear, you just have to download this application. Use thiscompleteguide and enjoy completely the last adventure of Big Boss.Thefinal enemies of this game are as difficult as ever, it´s noteasyto getting the victory in the battles against them.Furthermore,the new open world concept has many new features, youwill need alittle bit of help to dominate the new routines.Discover all thesecrets of the Big Boss´ history and be anauthentic warmaster.
S. W. B. Guide 1.0
Star Wars: Battlefront GuideThis Guide will help you hone your chops right out thegatethrough key tips and tricks, this guide will help you on yourwayto Star Wars: Battlefront. We’ve put together the mostimportantthings you need to know before you get started. So clickon, soakup the knowledge, feel it flow through you. Get an edge onthebattlefront with pro tips. If you are a big fan of the S.W andyouwant to enjoy his last adventure completely, downloadthisapplication and discover all the secrets.Tips and trick:-Weapon strategies-Information of Blasters-Vehicle use-Mode tactics-Piloting starfighters-and more.
Pro Guide Fallout4 1.0
One of the most awaited games of the year ishere, Fallout 4, a thrilling game, but hard too... If you want tosurvive in a hostile environment with a lot of enemies waiting you,you must be ready for the action. Know the secrets of the stagesand the objects of the game is one of the keys to survive. Beatyour enemies, find the best partners, survive in the middle of thebest apocalypse of the gaming history.