Jonathan Rigley Apps

Simple Vehicle Reminder 4
Jonathan Rigley
Simple Vehicle Reminder lets you keep controlover when your MOT, Insurance, TAX, Car service and Break DownCover are due.Simple Vehicle Reminder will show you at a glance when they aredue and how many days are left. 7 days before, you calendar willremind you and a special reminder on the day at the time youspecify.
Battery Discharger
Jonathan Rigley
It's always a good idea to discharge yourbattery fully now and again before charging to make sure you getthe maximum life out your battery.Battery Discharger activates the vibration on your phone alongwith the camera led. It also shows a white screen and thepercentage left in your battery. It will also attempt to turn onyour Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi and Data to consume as much battery lifeas possible.
Silent Phone Locator 4.0.1
Jonathan Rigley
Have you ever had your phone on vibrateorsilent and then miss-placed or lost your phone? If so theLostPhone Locator is for you.Open the application, enter a pass code and that's ityourprotected. If you then lose you phone, grab the nearest mobiletoyou be it your kids husband or wife's and simply text the passcodeto your phone.Upon receiving the pass code your phone will emit a loudsiren,vibrate and show a warning. In addition your phone willrespondwith a text to confirm its activated.Once you have located your phone simply enter your pass codeonthe warning screen to silence it.This could also be used if your out and about or at the pubandsomeone steals your phone. The sirens is loud enough that youwillhear who has it.