José Antonio Quiles Follana Apps

Cálculo mental 26
Sumas y restas, llevando y sin llevar. Ideal para los niños queestán aprendiendo a sumar, pero también para más mayores quequieren desarrollar la habilidad del cálculo mental.Addition andsubtraction without carrying out. Ideal for children who arelearning to add, but also for older who want to develop skills inmental calculation.
Letter search puzzle 1.5
Build a word as quick as you can and don't do mistakes.There areseveral game levels.
Retro Kong Jungle 2.07
80's retro game.King Kong and the girl having a bath underwaterfall.
Music Tapper BPM 2.0.0
Guess the BPM for any song.Ideal for music conductors and players.
Patri's Labyrinth 6.0
Different 3D labyrinths/mazes.Find the exit in every level. Itseems easy, but it isn't. Look closely at how the distance ischanging as you move, compass will help you, and escape fromdifferent mazes.Demonstrate your ability to steer and enjoy a veryentertaining game. Just do not be in a hurry, you orientation indifferent environments can be very complicated.
Letters and more... 10
Build english or spanish words up to 9 letters.Children learn a lotbuilding words.