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Notify me 1.4
Notify me it's an application designed to read notifications forAndroid phones. You can select from the list of installedapplications those you want to be read.Avoid distractions behindthe wheel, while you running or stroll. You know who sent theWathsapp written and told you without looking at the phone. Checkwho tagged you on Facebook or who sends you an e-mail.Features:-Select allowed applications to read your notifications.- Itindicates the level of information you want to read.- Compatiblewith messaging applications such as Facebook, WasthApp, Gmail, etc..Try me, it's free
E-Liquid Calculator 2.0
E-Liquid Calculator helps you calculate the number of millilitersof E-Liquid that should be introduced in claromizadores /cartomizers to achieve an equivalence to the amount of nicotinethat is used with their usual brand of cigarette classic.From thefollowing data:- Concentration of nicotine from your usual packageof cigarettes. Usually on the side of the package.- Number ofcigarettes you smoke each day.- Concentration of nicotineE-Liquid.We obtain the number of E-Liquid daily equivalent to theirbrand.From version v1.3 new functionality, which is the calculationof equivalence ml E-Liquid is added to cigarettes.From thefollowing data:- Concentration of nicotine liquid.- Amount of fluidconsumed in ml per day.We get a few normal, light and ultra softtantamount cigarettes.
El Panda Mape 1.1.1
El panda Mape ha enfadado a las abejas al quitarles su colmena y nose van a quedar de brazos cruzados. Hordas y hordas de abejas seabalanzan sobre Mape para picarle. ¿Podrás ayudarle tú? El pandaMape es un juego basado en las antiguas maquinitas lcd de finalesde los 80's. Funcionamiento: El panda está sentado en la rama de suárbol favorito, y con el panal tiene que coger todas las abejasposibles.Para mover el brazo del panda solo tienes que pulsar en laparte superior de la pantalla para hacer subir el brazo y en laparte inferior para bajarlo.Cada abeja que atrapes en el panalsumarán 10 puntos a tu marcador. Cada vez que superes 200 puntos seincrementará el nivel del juego, aumentando la velocidad y cantidadde abejas.Compite contra tus amigos y demuéstrales quien es elmejor cazador de abejas.The Mape panda has angered bees to taketheir hive and will not stand idly by. Hordes and hordes of beespounce on Mape to prickle. Can you help you?The Mape panda is basedon the old slot machines lcd late 80's game.Operation:The panda issitting on the branch of his favorite tree, and the honeycomb hasto take all possible bees.To move the arm panda you only need toclick on the top of the screen to bring up the arm and at thebottom to lower it.Each bee you catch on Honeycomb add 10 points toyour score. Every time you get over 200 points the game level willincrease, increasing the speed and amount of bees.Compete againstyour friends and show them who is the best hunter of bees.
Illusion maker 2.0.1
Have you ever filled out a lottery ticket with important dates,ages, etc ...?What has touched you?Well, me neither. And that's whyI thought of a generator of illusions. A completely randomgenerator.But ... and how often a random combination is repeated?Is there any more likely to leave ?. That is why repetition of thecombinations is entered, your marks in order to stop.* Thisapplication does not guarantee that you win the lottery** Somecombinations can be extremely costly to your device, whichtemporarily stores all combinations generated. Therefore thisapplication can overheat your device. Do not use if you have enoughbattery power.If you can get your turn, please, remember developer:D