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Thunderstone Shuffle 1.33
A card selection app for AEG's Thunderstonecard game. This app lets you choose which cards can be selected andeasily randomizes which cards will appear in your game. Itunderstands the rules of the game and generates a legal layout, hasa solo option and marks cards which were in the previous shuffle,making multiple games easier.If anybody has suggestions for variants you play with or thingsyou wish things were different, email me! I try and respond toeverything and I've added a bunch of features in the past based onuser suggestions.IMPORTANT: if you find problems with the French or German text,please email me - I rely on my users to help with translations.THUNDERSTONE and all related marks are © and ™ AlderacEntertainment Group. All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission.
Task Grapher 1.1
Joshua Buergel
Task Grapher is a simple way to keep track ofall the things you need to do in your life. Easily track daily andweekly tasks, with targets for each. You can also easily trackthings like a fitness routine and other activities you perform manytimes a day. Task Grapher uses a home-screen widget for at-a-glanceinformation about which of your tasks needs to be performed and howoften you've performed them or when you last performed them. Asingle tap can record a task, and when you hit your target, theyturn green. Task Grapher also tracks your historical information,and can present a graph or email the details to yourself. It's theeasiest way to remind yourself of your routine jobs.
Baby Tracker 1.9
Baby Tracker is a simple home screen widgetthat allows you to record feedings and diaper changes with a singletap. Designed for a new mother of twins to make her life easier,Baby Tracker was created with simplicity in mind. Just type in thenames of your babies and install the widget and you're all set.Just tap once on the widget to record a feeding or diaper changeand the widget will remember the day and time. You can then viewfull reports and email them anywhere, or just use the widget forat-a-glance information. It's the simplest way around of trackingthese times. And it's completely free: no ads, no payments, nonothing. Just something I hope makes people's lives a littleeasier.Now includes a category to track an additional metric to use asyou'd like.TIP: As of 1.5, you can just tap on the names of your babies toget to the Settings screen.IMPORTANT: this app works through the app widget. Without itinstalled, it won't do anything. I've tested it on the Nexus S,Nexus One, Droid and Droid X and I know it has been tested on theDroid Charge, but if there are issues with it for your handset,just let me know.If you have any suggestions or problems, please email me andI'll do my best to fix them.If you're a developer, I've open-sourced the code for thiswidget at:
Puzzle Strike Shuffle 1.6
A chip selection app for Puzzle Strike,bySirlin Games. This app lets you decide which chips can beselectedand easily randomizes which chips will appear in your game.It alsotells you which chips were in the last shuffle, to makeplayingmultiple games in a row as easy as possible.Hit menu for options, including Third Edition compatibilityandsorting options.PUZZLE STRIKE and all related marks are © and ™ Sirlin Games.AllRights Reserved. Used with Permission.
Heartburn 1.3
Heartburn is a new twist on the game ofHeartsthat brings unique challenges to fans of the game. Using aspecialdeck of cards called a Foresight deck, Heartburn has newchanges inthe way cards are passed and scored. At once familiar andbrandnew, Heartburn will appeal to anyone who enjoys Hearts andothertraditional card games.With a Foresight deck, the backs of the cards tell you alittleabout the suit the card might be. The better the card, theless youknow about the suit. Add in the fact that part of your handisconcealed not just from your opponents but you, and aForesightdeck gives card players challenges that they haven't seenbefore.With Heartburn, not only do you get to pass cards to youropponent,but you get to hide the details of one of those cards foran extralayer of intrigue.As with Hearts, you're trying to avoid taking cards. However,inHeartburn, you have to balance that against taking at least onebadcard - if you take no bad cards at all, you score nothing! Ontopof that, there is one good card in the game that you can tryandcapture, but be careful that your opponent doesn't drop theQueenon the same trick!