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Challenge Your Friends 2Player 3.2.3
Have fun with your friends by playing multiplayer games and doingfun challenges. Challenge Your Friends requires two players and onedevice. This is not online multiplayer game, but both players playon the same device. Play games for two. HOW IT WORKS: Step 1: Finda friend. Step 2: Choose one of the multiplayer games. Step 3: Thegame gives you random challenge. Step 4: If you both accept thechallenge - press ACCEPT. Step 5: PLAY. Step 6: When the game isover, do the challenge. Follow Challenge Your Friends on Facebookfor news and updates: Challenge YourFriends is multiplayer (two player actually) game and it is playedon one device/phone/tablet. There aren't many multiplayer (twoplayer) games like this on the Play Store. Enjoy while playingChallenge Your Friends!
Bubble Trouble (with Survival) 3.01
New version of Bubble Trouble / Bubble Struggle / Bubble Pop / Pang1989, one of the most exciting games ever made.HD graphics and finesounds.Bubble Trouble contains two modes of playing: - Levels Mode- Survival modeBubble Trouble offers you many power ups: - Shield(protects you from balls) - Freeze (freezes your shot for fewseconds) - Extra time (+5 seconds in Level mode) - Extra points(+100 points in Survival mode) - Double points (get double pointsin Survival mode)If you have any idea, suggestion or bug reportplease write a review.The point of the game is to pop all bubblesand clear the level.Thanks for playing Bubble Trouble / Struggle /Pop.Good luck & have fun.PANG PANG POP POP
Распоред на часови - Raspored 2.1
Распоред на часови за сите основци и средношколци.*Свесен сум запостоењето на мал проблем кој привремено и тотално случајно јаисклучува апликацијата. Се надевам дека ќе успеам да го лоцирам ипоправам во брзо време. Благодарам на разбирањето. :)Апликацијатануди: - Распоред на часови за секој ден од понеделник до сабота. -Време на почеток и крај на секој час. - Додавање на белешки(потсетници) за одреден предмет на одредена дата. - Внесување наоценки за секој предмет. - Пресметување просек од предметите за коиќе внесете оценка. - Обележување на часот кој трае во моментот. -Избор на 2 смени: прва и втора. - Додавање, бришење и изменување налистата со предмети. - Додавање, бришење и изменување на одморите.- Подесување на времетраењето на часовите и одморите. - Подесувањена почетокот на првата или вторатасмена.--------------------------Raspored na chasovi zaAndroid.Raspored na casovi za Android.Raspored na casovi.
Galaxy Wars 1.1.0
Galaxy Wars is a space shooter game, in which you can move in any(all four) direction.The adventure is consisted of 60+ levels and15+ different enemies, such as: Shuriken, Boomer, Ray, Kamikaze,Gremlin...Upgrade your spaceship with the following upgrades: -Weapon - Attack Damage - Attack Speed - Health - Energy - Shield -UltimateFollow Galaxy Wars FB page for news andupdates:'t let the enemyspaceship conquer the space!Enjoy while playing Galaxy Wars!
Light Up The Bulbs 1.43
Are you smart enough to solve this game ?"Light Up The Bulbs" ishighly addictive logic/brain/puzzle game which guarantees you willspend few days in playing!The point of the game is to connect(light up) all bulbs. You can connect only horizontal, vertical anddiagonal.There are 50 levels for now, but more will be added soon.Each level has different combination of bulbs, so it's hard tolight up all of them."Light Up The Bulbs" is absolutelyfree.FEATURES:★ FREE TO PLAY!★ HD Graphics!★ Awesome random pianosounds!★ 50 EASY AND HARD LEVELS!★ Earn stars for solving levelsquickly!★ Hint button.★ Undo button.★ DOUBLE BULBS!If you enjoylogic / brain / puzzle games, "Light Up The Bulbs" is the rightgame for you!Follow us onFacebook: