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Piano Music Go 2020: EDM Piano Games 2.05
Piano Music Go! is an amazing piano game that more than 20,000,000players have downloaded and played! It is an easy music game thateveryone can play. Come to challenge yourself while enjoying music.Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional pianist? Have youever dreamed of playing piano songs like Faded, Little Star, FurElise, Canon or Jingle Bells? Now your dream can come true. Withthis game, even a child can play piano songs like a real pianoexpert. Play this music game with friends and family for even morefun. ✔How to play: 🎶Tap the black tiles following the rhythm of themusic to create the melody 🎶Don't miss any black tiles, avoid thewhite ones 🎶The game will stop if you miss a black tile or tap on awhite tile 🎶Collect as many gold and diamonds as you can to unlocknew songs 🎶For a complete music experience, headphones arerecommended ✔Game Features: 🎶Simple design and graphics. Easy toplay and everybody can be the piano master 🎶High-quality musicsoundtracks and sound effects. Just like being at a concert 🎶Battlemode creates the opportunity for players to compete with othersaround the world. The winner takes it all! 🎶200+ classical songs.Choose your favorite songs to play! 🎶10+ different colored tiles toselect create a different experience each time you play 🎶Hit greatachievements to win extra diamonds and gold coins 🎶Single-playermode can also be played without internet Do any other songs want toplay? Tell us! We will add to the game as soon as possible.
Piano Games Mini: Music Instrument & Rhythm 1.75
Piano Games Mini has many addictive mini-games. Challenge yourselffollowing the music rhythm. In this game, you can enjoy differentmini-games with wonderful piano songs. All games are matched withthe rhythm of the music. Besides the piano, you can choosedifferent musical instruments as you level up, also there are a lotof themes. Those mini-games are easy to play but hard to master.The only thing you need to do is just tap to start, tap to havefun! ✔Highlights: - More than 25 mini-games and we are working hardto add more - More than 60 piano melody songs, and we are addingmore classical songs - More than 10 color tiles to select - Selectyour favorite Musical instruments - Level up system to unlock moreitems - Play with friends all over the world If you have anysuggestions, please let us know. Come to download this fun pianogame!
Beat Go! - Feel the Rhythm! Feel the Music! 1.6
Feel the Music! Feel the Rhyme! Get on up, it's music time!Let'sBeat Go! Beat Go! is an addictive rhythm music game and anewdesign beat tapping game that will redefine the way you enjoymusicby offering an immersive music experience by allowing youtoliterally touch the beats. Feel the music with your fingers,tapthe notes and try to get a high score! Tap, Tap, Beat, Let'sBeatGo! Become the rhythm master.🎵 Beat Go is easy to pick up buthardto put down. Improve your rhythm sense of the music withimmediatefeedback of timing accuracy. [How to Play] - Choose yourfavoritesong - Choose the song's speed and difficulty levels - Tapthe noteas it is passing the score area - Short notes and longnotesdifferentiated by light taps and prolonged touches - Unlockall thesongs by getting more stars - Get combos as more as youcan[Features] - Best Song Selection System - Music sound bestsuitedfor rhythm - Level selection of Easy, Normal, Hard, speed :x1, x2,x3, x4, x5 - Touch & Drag features supported for shortand longnotes - Result Rank Levels: SSS, SS, S, A, B ,C, D -Available inmultiple languages - More combos you get, the higherscore you get- Offline Mode Where You Can Play Anywhere, AnytimeBeat Go isalways for free.Enjoy the new classic rhythm game foreveryone! Ifyou want to practice your finger and mind, download itand havefun.