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Dream Farm : Harvest Moon 1.6
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Let’s build the best town, create the fantastic harvest story!!!You need to learn how to plant crops, raise cows, and producevarious kinds of agricultural products. And there are someunexplored areas outside the town; you can expand your land,discovery the new resource and invent new productions. There aresome animals could get into your town, you can capture them and getspecial rewards. The social communication system can let you shareyour town to your friends and do some trade with them. This is thegame will become popular very soon among you and your friends.Features: Create your own farm life on mobile Great diversity ofdecoration Various kinds of crops, trees and livestock Can do theadventure outside the town Continuous unlock new buildings and newproductions Can let your friends visit your town and do some tradewith you.
Hopeless Raider-FPS Shooting Games 2.0
JoyMeng GAME
The infection mutation has spread to the whole world. In order tocurb this disaster, Female Agents of Country X was ordered toinvestigate the source of the crisis. At the same time, thewhirlpool of the mutated incident, a veteran mercenary is fightingzombies that have already mutated. The disaster has broken hishappy family and stable life. He needs revenge and find the sourceof the disaster then destroy it! The premise of all this is toensure that they can survive. For the common goal, the twocooperate and open up an extraordinary adventure. The residents ofthis town have all evolved into zombies. Don’t be pity, otherwiseyou will inevitably be infected by them. Equipped with the mostsophisticated weapons, armed yourself, there is no establishedsurvival rule here. Survival is the premise, and power is the law.Bullet up, aim at the target, pull the trigger, and show your angerto the behind-the-scenes leader of this mutating event with yoursniper-like shooting feel! In addition to the zombies, there areother special variants in this disaster. They are much morepowerful than the average zombies. Self-destructive monsters—theywill blew themselves when they are close to the hero, causing tonsof damage to the hero. Be sure to aim, fire, and shoot before theyapproach, otherwise your safety will not be well protected. Theclown—a monster that attacks in the distance with great damage.When there are many zombies around, remember to give priority tosolving the threat of the clown. The Ghost of the Prayer—theincarnation of the dead prayers, they can avoid bullets, the damageis high, but they move very slowly. Keep the sniper's instinct,shoot fast, accurate, and resolute is the most important premise todeal with them. Old Zombie Monster—high armor and high damage, makesure your guns and equipment are well-equipped and fully armed. Ifyou encounter them, it will be a fierce battle. Pay attention toyour position, and ensure that you survive to the end! Be braveenough to face these invaders. Build your own shooter community,challenge zombie monsters, and survive to the end in this epichorror game. For the family and fight for your own beliefs. Win,you will become the hero of this world. If you fail, there will bemore people who regard you as an idol and devote themselves to it.This disaster will eventually be solved and become a thing of thepast! Are you ready? Be the best shooter, survived to the end inthis zombie shooting game, let these invaders feel desperate! Gamefeatures: Open story mode, farewell to boring High-definitionscenes, attracting attention Rich story dialogue, enter the gamePerfect shooting feel, enhance the experience