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Crush Runner : Run Game 1.4
Crush Runner is 100% Free game which you can enjoy a thrillingexperience with cute character.The Story is based on the ancientkingdom where the Princess begin the adventure for her homeland[100% Free Game] is 100% free game, you can get all of requireditems for game by playing the game. [Avartar System]Can customizethe character by changing the hair style, hair color, costume andso on. When the character wear the special costume having specialabilities, can play the game more easily. [Running Game]ThePrincess is running to hunt all monsters appearing in herhomeland.Tab and swipe with your fingers to dodge the obstacles andhunt the mosters.To reach the more high score, need to reinforcethe character state.Language : Korean, English, Chinese
Break brick : Neon Block 1.1.1
Hyper Toxicity!!!Throw dozen balls and break Neon bricks.[How toplay]-Throw ball and break Neonbricks. -When ball hit Neonbricks,brick's durability is getting reduce. Brick's duraility will be 0,the brick will be broke.- Blink Neonbrick will be light off on thenext turn and your ball can't hit Neonbrick which light off. - Whenyour ball passthrough + shape item, you get one more ball to use.-You can use various type of balls via purchasing ball at store.-You can share your score through facebook with board.- You can sendyour score to your friends.- You get a gold according to bricksthat you broke.- You can light on Neonbricks via spending gold thatyou gathered.- The bonus abillity will be applied per each type ofball.- The Neonbricks will come down to the end of bottom line, thegame is over.- Try it to get the highest score!*Our app supportsLeader board.