Juegos de Vestir y Chicas Apps

Clean house and kitchen 1.2
Game housecleaning and cooking, be prepared ifyou're a girl who likes order and cleanliness, have been yourfriends over to have a party to celebrate next Christmas and havebeen in the kitchen making food and cakes, have left check thekitchen a mess and should clean up as much care and put everythingin place so that when your parents get home this all ordered and inplace so you do not punish.To play house and kitchen clean only have a minute to fulfillyour mission and place all clean, be very intense touches thescreen to dislodge everything and start cleaning all the dirt onsqueezing passes the sponge to clean the kitchen and therefrigerator and the broom to clean the floor, to know what goeswhere press the HINT button to display the site where everythingleaves the house ready to pass the level in the game.
Cooking Burgers 1.0
Cooking burgers is very entertaining andcolorful.If you enjoy cooking, this is your game, play cooking burgers, themost fun games for girls.You will have to prepare your burgers rare like with traditionalingredients.Cooking burgers is very entertaining and colorful.
Penguin Restaurant Waitress 1.2
Excellent game where you manage a restaurantin Penguins, your customers are special and the servers will haveto serve the food very quickly.Waiters penguins MUST work fast to avoid being fired from therestaurant.Serving food and drink to frost tables.Penguins are animals in a hurry look carefully with ice.Cooking in the kitchen of the restaurant is very funnypenguins.
Harvest Farm 1.2
Big Game Harvest Farm, will be fun to play atbeing a farmer or peasant in which you have to plant all kinds ofvegetables and fruits in order to then be able to harvest and sellto the villagers where your farm, planting as fast you can toproduce all the vegetables you can as there is much competition inthe agricultural world.This game is fun because it will make your quest to Harvest Farmis May have to get a lot of money, you have to be a great farmerand especially trying to get rich by harvesting all fruits in thework farm alone and that will have to try more and more, thehardest thing is to sow and then reap, download the livestock andbig game and have fun a lot.
Clothes Shop game 1.2
What we were hoping all the girls and can goto the clothing store game, the weekend is reached and you have aspecial party to show off your new purchases, so look to the storeand buy all the clothes and accessories necessary for be the mostbeautiful of the site, you can buy skirts, dresses, pants and allaccessories needed to be beautiful.Clothes Shop game, you can also buy all the accessories andclothing for your family party, so you know in this shop there areclothes for girls and boys, if you buy everything you need andgladly you can be the partner of the festival more handsome, andperhaps thus be chosen as kings of the dance, if you're a goodcustomer in the fashion store will make discount.
Cooking Ice Cream 1.2
Cooking the very real ice cream sweeter playand ice cream time, with real ingredients so you can cook yourplaying quietly with pleasure the tastiest ice cream ever becomerealized. Your first mission in the game is to go to thesupermarket to buy all the necessary ingredients in order to cookall the ice cream van to ask your customers and your going to wantto eat that are delicious and cold.In the game of cooking ice cream after going to the supermarket tobuy all the ingredients for preparation must go into your kitchenput in a bowl all the ingredients that you bought and mix to makethe dough ice cream once done this have to cook the machine tofinish the cones and decorate all of the candy and ice creamornaments elses like you to give you a good taste and presentationto be eaten customers.
Wash Clothes 1.3
If you are a neat and curious laundry girlisyour game for you to play to be like mom and maintainwell-orderedhome, a fun and entertaining game for girls to makethis game hispassion for clothes in between room to have a littlemessy with alot to be washed.To play this game valar clothes have to collect all theclothesin the room the you must separate the colored and whiteclothes totake to wash once gathered to take her to the machine onwhich youwill have to do the laundry separated by colors, firstcolor andthe white, then you will have to wash the whole tendercolor, whiteon a colored thread and in another thread, once thisdries passesto the next levels of the game.
Fishing Game 1.3
Entertaining games of sea fishing fromyourboat, fishing should all the fish you can only have 60 secondstopass the level fishing all the fish you can. Drag a fingertowardthe bait fish you want to fish or treasures found in thebottom ofthe sea that give you extra points and extra time to beatthelevel, watch out for rocks that do not give points but annoyingandsometimes have to eliminate pointing to fish and destroy them.Now enters only in sets of fish you can develop your skillinfishing, fun for who like fishing boat playing in the sea therearemany fish waiting to be caught by a great fisherman as areyou,surpasses all levels you can to be the most skilledfishermanacross the globe. do not forget that time passesquickly.Be sure to play all of our fun games we have for you.
Shaving beard 1.3
Fun and entertaining game Shaving beardgamemade for kids to learn the steps you need to do to when youhave abeard, there is no excuse for not knowing shaving with whatyouwill spend great playing and thus passing the foam andrazorshaving hygiene is crucial for men to do everything as itshoulddo.The steps in the shaving game beard should follow the steps,thefirst will be potty trained and prepared, foam for the face,razorcutting machine hair, plasters and aftershave necessarythings, youhave very long beard and you have to use the machinehair cut thelongest beard hair, then put the foam on the face andspend therazor until there is no hair once please terminated facetheaftershave so it is skin smoother.
Care Game Horse 1.3
Wonderful to play girls, horses CaringGamewhere girls can play with what they like most, it's just thosefewwho like horses, animals know they are very special and onlyyoucan do that are perfectly why your the mission will take careofthese beautiful animals, they are very clean and comfortable inthestables of the ranch.Game Your mission in Caring for horses, will bathe the horsetomake it very clean, removing all bugs having to roamthecountryside, clean the stables to rest in good clean, you havetocall the vet to care who is in perfect health and once youdofinish cleaning all have to dress and prepare for the horse togofor a walk in the countryside.
Cleaning Games 1.2
Girls here is the best cleaning kits youcanfind, it's time to be a clean girl and orders so you helpedyourmother in the housework and for them you will show that youreallylike cleaning, cooking is very dirty and have to clean andorganizeeverything for your mother this happy and tell how much youwant tohelp her in the housework.The kitchen is large with many things in and cleaning kitswillhave the mission to clean up and pick up things that are outofplace in household cleaning should be a very capable person,sweepand mop the floor that is very dirty, the cleaning cloth tothedirty kitchen, all appliances and places that are out ofcleaningsites and check them all.
Car Wash 1.3
We have all this new game, car wash whereyoucan show everyone how much you like things clean, cleaning carsisvery important so you have to wash as well as they can so theyarevery shining so we can assume that your car is the cleanest intheneighborhood, if you want you can ask for help from family.Is here for the weekend and you have to wash the car to go forawalk with your family, you will show that in helping homeandwashing are a perfectionist for that person you'll have to makeitshiny and all well-ordered, while washing the car things youhavethe option to choose where in the car you sat down to givetheride, the best ordering and cleaning.
Dentist for Kids 1.1
Since this our new game for those who wanttobe dentists for children, if you like games and medical doctorthiswill be your favorite game to play in the dentists clinicmostfamous dentistry. The Doctor, will take care of the mouth ofallthese children, you must be the doctor and treat all patientswhohave ailments in the mouth, and all children have a wonderfulandexcellent oral hygiene.Here your skill and observation Dentists for Kids foryourpatients do not suffer pain and thus be a doctor renowneddentistin order to have more patients in a medical consultation andwinbig money. To be one of the dentists with more fame you have todoyour job marvelously, you see following the steps in thegame,removing decay and placing fillings, cleanings do remove alltheseeds from the mouths of your patients. Only the best gameforfuture dentists.
handball games 1.1
Handball game to play yourfavoritesport.You'll have to check all the possible goals in the gameofhandball.You have 60 seconds to do all possible points.Near real game of handball.Of the best games of handball.
Fast Food Games 1.2
Are you feeling more and want to earn moneysoin Games fast food have the opportunity to have your ownbusinessthat will make money preparing fast food for all yourhungrycustomers who come into your restaurant to eat, is quick towhenserving all the food that you ask your customers or go toanotherrestaurant eating competition.This is the best fast food games in which you can play,yourskill and speed in restaurant management will not be or thebestfast food in town, all your customers come into your homeveryhungry in looking for that rich food that only you know topreparein the kitchen, people will want a fast delivery of food toeatbefore going to work.
Wash truck game 1.1
We have our washing truck game you aretheowner of a small trucking company and have to take care thatallthe trucks that you are thoroughly clean for that will have theminthe car wash to remove all the dirt they have heavy vehiclesyouhave to transport goods across the country, your customersreallylike cleaning.Wash truck game, you'll have to be the best business trucksandcleaner city to have a good reputation for responsible andclean,the cleaning of the entire fleet of trucks will be what youmake ityou can win more customers, Heavy scouring for all to shinemuch.The vehicles are very nice and do a very important job.
Penalty Kicks Game 1.0
Do you like Football?You have good aim by throwing the ball?Well play this fantastic game to throw shootout, thegoalkeepertries not stop you shooting.Have some time to make the maximum possible points, specialtargetsthat give you more points and extra time.Aim, shoot and goal.
Bathing Dogs Caring Game 1.2
You going to have a great time in BathingGameCaring dogs, I'll have a great time perfect for girls who liketotake care of the dogs in the game is when bathing your petverydirty after playing in the park with his friends put him muchsoapto remove all dirt, rub well and strong with the sponge so thatitis properly cleaned and then pass it to the water.Only with this application Bathing Game Caring dogs you candolike in real life for dog lovers, only you can take care ofthispet and only you can bathe your pet, lots of soap, rub andwater,but especially do not forget you'll have to dry well, onemorespecial game for girls, animal care is for girlsresponsible.
Clean Room 1.2
Great game to learn to be an organizedgirl,housekeeping will teach you to be more responsible at home andyourmom is happy to see how you order and clean the room,cleanlinessis very important to be a very responsible person inlife , collectall your things in the right place so you can findeverything whenyou look.How to Play the housekeeping, the first thing you should doisclean up the room with the cleaning cloth and broom to thedirtthat is on the ground, once you have the gleaming room mustorderall things you have to the middle of the room lying on thefloor,cleaning is very essential for the home and education forchildren,so this gra cleaning kits that will be a very organizedgirl.
Pregnant Dress Up Games 1.2
The first game in the world to play dressuppregnant women, one of the only games that you can find dressmomswho are pregnant. Play and learn to dress. Games forgirls.
Pet Bathing Salon 1.0
The girls who have pets can now go through this salon animals,cats, dogs no matter what it is, but in the'll have to bathe theanimal, and dry well for this beautiful well and can walk along thewell cheerful park.
Games livestock farming 1.2
Sign on with your life on the farm, this isoneof the best games livestock farming, you have to keep yourfamilytaking care of the animals and the earth by planting allkinds offruits and vegetables, prepared very well land for harveston thefarm is important, the world of the farmer is very hardworld andhave to work hard to achieve your goals.Games livestock farming is the best game of sowing andreaping,plant, fruits, vegetables to business and get a lot ofmoney,maintain your farm also be an important work in thefield,agriculture is more trades demanding and your farm is agoodbusiness center to achieve your financial goals, will an expertforagriculture.
Park ambulance parking 1.0
In game park parking ambulance has ahighvisual quality in 3D, you can play to drive an ambulancespeedingthrough the streets of the city looking for injured orsick, but inthe city there is a lot of traffic and police even oneambulanceforces you to park well to pick up the sick, driving fast,buttendrás3 to park in well-marked areas.Steps to play in park parking ambulance, have 3 control knobstodrive the ambulance and park in the parking, maneuveringthesteering wheel to make the throttle to walk forward and thebrakesfor slowing or reversing in parking your ambulance parkedmissionmay seem easy, but it is not at all because the ambulanceisgreat.
Birth of a Baby 1.0
You can live the adventure of this mom onherway to the birth of your child, you must pass a pre-medicalteststo see the birth of the child.Help the doctor to attend this mother who wants to be mom anddadgive joy to the creature, feeding and caring for thenewborn.
Decorate game cakes 1.3
This is for the more daring girls andmorecomfortable in the kitchen decorating cakes game, I'll have agreattime at home preparing the most delicious cakes in the ovenforyour mom, home cooking is fun if you do not mess up the kitchen,you'll become an expert in decorating the most wonderfulsweetsthat only your imagination can do.All I can do in game Decorate cakes, cooking will turn yourhomeinto the world center of pastry, can choose the taste, sizeandcolor all the cakes you have to do, you'll have fun whendecoratingthem, you will have all the furnishing that you can thinkof forthe cakes are wonderful, hard to play and to be the queenofcakes.
Washing Games - Train 1.1
Fun and fair play in washing games - trainYoucan clean and wash the train station in your city, a traintravelsmany miles a day and is very dirty to go through so manydifferentplaces in the city and towns, washing train is veryimportant forthe image of the company servicing may be needed soperfectly sothat passengers are comfortable.Games washing - train just have to put lots of soap and rubwellwith sponge to remove any dirt that has the train whenwellwashed'll need to remove soap residue with water to leaveverybright, is one of the washing best games to play, discover funinthis game which will be cleaning your new passion.
Game pharmacy 1.1
Is here at last the game de pharmacy moregood,you have a bought new business and look forward going tomanage apharmacy where you will be able to sell medicines topatients can becured, well managed the business of pharmacy ableto get back allthe money you've invested in your business sales inthe pharmacy.You can play your game pharmacy to receive your sick customersinyour establishment, with a mission to serve them best so theycantake their medicine purchased at a pharmacy in yourneighborhood, ifyou can make lots of money You can open morebusiness so you canearn more money, serves and sells all themedicines you can in thisfun game you buy.
Game cleaning toilets 1.2
Game cleaning toilets is an excellent waywhereyou can start learning to sort all that is in the bathroom,you havemany options to accommodate all the places you should go,let theobjects that are drawn and leave them in the positions mustgo.What you have to do is look good the screen is just beginningthegame to clean bathrooms and have a few seconds to rememberwhere youmust place each one of the things that are messy, someare givenback but no matter, can do the same, clean bathrooms isnot fun butwith this game if you will chance to stop cleaningtoilets really todo with these games we have created for you.
Cooking cakes games 1.3
For the girls we have a good timeplayingcooking games cakes, perfect for girls who like to cook inthekitchen at home, there's a party this weekend at home withyourcousin and you have to cook one of the best cakes for all toenjoyeating after the birthday party, remember only the best cooks.If you're ready to cook cakes games and comes into thekitchenand get to work hard in the kitchen of your mom, take thebowl tomake the dough, put flour and all the ingredients to makethe doughmix properly all ingredients and put the cake in the ovenonceready and can decorate all the cakes you want to do to go totheparty, once you finish cooking all the cakes your family willknowwhat a good cook you are.
Shaving - Men's Hairdresser 1.0
New game to play at being a great barber must be surpassingmissions to unlock all levels, here are several games in one, thecharacters are different and fun, using all knives and blades thusleaving the faces of your customers well smooth .
Carwash and cars 1.2
New game carwash and cars to mount agoodbusiness in your city car washes in your city rains a lot andallcars are always dirty, so this is a good deal, wash your newcarwill have to be very responsible and clean all the cars untiltheywere bright as if they were new factory.Cars entering laundering have to bring them a lot of effortandsoap in order to do your work on cars well, rub too hard toremoveall dirt from vehicles, clean car is not an easy job, onlythosewho are really good may be able to sort the dirty things andbadthrow, and the best game play clean cars.
Cleaning House Game 1.1
We'll leave you with a cool game where youhaveto clean house to go find accommodating everything is wrong,youhave limited access so you can achieve clean everything thatisdirty and very well ordered to leave all other objects while.Achieve the best score and the shortest possible time tocleanour home game and compete with your friends to see who isorderingand organize faster. Clean is not always fun but it's goodtoalways have the need to tidy up as best you can. We also havemoregames to clean so you can keep having fun in a big way.
Dress up Dolls 1.1
Like to play? as it comes and enjoy thedressup doll game we designed for all the girls to play with dolls,allthe girls love fashion and especially enjoy playing withher​​dolls, and what better way to play it can do with playingdressyour favorite princesses, yours may only be fashionable foryourgood taste in choosing clothes in the closet so full you haveanddo not forget the accessories.In this game of dressing up dolls you can change thehairstyleand hair color, choose shirts and more modern and fun tohighlightthe beauty of your wrist shirts, a great collection todress thebest pants and skirts that are in the market fashion,luxuryaccessories like bags and glasses and sunglasses for astroll,boots and more stylish shoes and matching your outfits,promdresses your wrist to keep all parties that invite, andwhenfinished dress your doll choose the wallpaper for the best waytoset it according to the clothes you put him.
Car Cleaning Game 1.1
You've never tasted a game of clean cars? Thistime you can do it in a very simple way, here you will leave agreat application where you can clean your car with sponge andensure that it is nice and clean, until shiny paint.We leave the instructions are very simple so you can use thisgame to clean cars and leave as new, the story is easy, that guywas very fast by a dirt road and has messed everything, then whatyou have to do is to take the sponge and clean cars so you canremove all dirt that has stuck. This is not the only game we havebut we have many more, you can check our list of clean cars we haveso you can keep having fun.
Shaving - Game Hairdressing 1.1
Entertaining game for all girls wholovefashion and aesthetics of the guys in the salon have thetrouble ofhaving to shave all the guys that come into yourestablishment toget ready.In this new application that we present Shaving -GameHairdressing you have to meet this guy correctly, first passestheelectrical machine to remove long hair, then the razor andfinallyhave to heal their wounds so that it may go well fresh.
Dress Up Brides Game 1.1
Fun game for all girls brides dress, which you can find in thisfantastic game will be multiple options to dress up this girl whois getting married will be the most varied to be very pretty on herwedding day, brides shall be great and beautiful for your specialday, just your be able to dress up the bride.In this game ofdressing brides what you can do is this, dress as you like brides,change the type of hair so they are beautiful, have various modelsof dresses to wear, and various bouquets to make them beautiful theshoes will be an important touches that are stylish yet comfortableto spend that long day, only you do that brides are beautiful withthis game.
Arm Surgery Game 1.1
One of the games most good doctors in whichyouwill operate arms and knees.From the collection of arms operate games this remarkably easytohave fun in the hospital.Like all games doctor you should be patience to performtheoperation.Operate knees and arms is the most addictive free games.Free Games and Doctors Hospital.
Girls Dress Halloween 1.1
Halloween Girl Dressup game a diner ontheholiday of Halloween night, can dress in the most terrifying orfunway to these models that come into your salon to attend thepartywhich will be played in the city, dancing will the mosthandsomeguys and you have to be the most beautiful of it, the girlswillcompete to be the cutest Halloween party.Only girls with great taste in fashion can enjoy this gamegirlsdress based on the famous party on the eve of All Saints alsoknownas the Witch Halloween night, you will have the mostmodernaccessories blouses, dresses, witch brooms, the mosthorriblehairstyles, hats, boots and shoes and most terrifyingscenes toplay unlimited clothing and design. The Halloween party isfun whenpeople will not stop banter and give scares your neighborsto askfor candy.Dress Up Girls have to have a magnificent taste to makethembeautiful to become a world famous designer in fashion.
Christmas Dress Up Game 1.1
Already close the happiest holiday of theyearand so we bring you this Christmas dress up game for girls wholiketo dress in the most appropriate clothing for the season theyarein, and you have to get well christmas cheerful andcolorfulclothing so dress the occasion and be the most elegantfamily inthese special days.In this dress up game Christmas will have several optionstoplay, you can dress with the most decorative and colorfuljerseychristmas, changing your hairstyle and hair color, well funnyhatschristmas, dresses to wear to the family, the more Christmasshoesand many more accessories, enjoy these special holidays inthecompany of your loved ones dressing up this model with alltheclothes and accessories you will find in your bedroomcloset.
Decorating bedroom 1.2
Decorating bedroom is a game where you havetoplace and change all the accessories you find a bedroom. Whatyouhave to do is to make it all very nice to be able toaccomplishleaving very cute decoration for all your friends oryourself.Makes everybody want to have a room decorated like yours andhavewanted to Give you to your room whatever you feel like toachieve agreat decoration of all the objects, such as beds,closets,cabinets, lamps, windows, and can change the decor to thewalls todecorate is always fun for you. Share with your friendsand invitethem to your results that made his.
Cooking Games Pizza 1.1
Since this new game to have a great time,makethe dough game will make you feel like a game managerpastarestaurant in'll have to manage from the kitchen to the frontofcustomers, make sure everyone has a table for to eat all kindsofpasta and are served by waiters at your local, you see it's agamethat will require a lot of responsibility, speed, skillmanagementand serve very fast.How to play in the oven, it is a game of many levels, thefirststep you have to serve customers who come and assign a tabletosit, then you have to bring the letter of the menu ofyourrestaurant, take their note of your order and bring it to cooksoyou can cook all the food they ordered, once they havepizza,you'll have to serve customers and when finished charging forwhatthey have eaten and drunk.See the oven carefully with nothing food does not burnbecauseyou may not otherwise serve customers in the mall.
Dress up Horses 1.1
Fun dress up game horses in which youwouldhave a very entertaining time with these wonderful animalssuch ashorses, it's time to go to the club with your friends and inwhichevery day all the girls try to dress your horse to be themosthandsome horse stables, do not hesitate and inspire you to bethebest designer of all the amazon equine world.Now that you arrive at the club in dressing horses and knowwhatyou have in the cupboard for horses, types of horns to makeyouranimal is a unicorn, jackets and shirts to cover the front ofthehorse, special hats to avoid being of the sun in the head,shoesand boots for the more skillful or clumsy animal, you canalsochange the post-legged horses, do not forget to have a greattimewith this fun riding.
Nacimiento Juegos de Bebés 1.0
Esta mujer que va a ser mamá por primera vezvaa necesitar de tu ayuda para el parto, así que tu serás sucomadronapara ayudar al doctor en el hospital y después ayudar ala nuevamadre en su nueva función de mamá primeriza, deberás darde comer ala mujer, así como cuidar del recién nacido en todas lastareas decuidado, comer y cambiar de ropa, mira que todos sean muyfelices eneste juego.En el juego de nacimiento lo primero de todo que deberás haceresla de alimentar a la mujer después del parto con una ricafrutaprimordial para después de dar a luz a bebes, una vez estabienalimentada deberás hacer un chequeo médico para comprobar suestadode salud, y dar medicina para que se encuentre mucho mejor,una veztermines con ella visita al recién nacido para poder cambiarlospañales, alimentar, limpiarlo y poner el chupete para queseduerma.Ser madre es una de las mejores cosas que te pueden pasarcomomujer, juega disfruta con este uno de los juegos más fabulososdelmundo de niños y niña.This woman is going tobea mom for the first time will need your help to childbirth, sobeher midwife to help the doctor in the hospital and then helpthenew mother in her new role as a new mom, you must give eatingwomenand newborn care in all care tasks, eat and change clothes,lookeveryone to be happy in this game.In the game of birth first of all you should do is to feedapostpartum woman with a rich primordial fruit for aftergivingbirth to babies, once this well fed should do a checkup tochecktheir status health, and giving medicine you are in muchbetteronce you're done with her newborn visit to diapering,feeding,cleaning and put the pacifier to fall asleep.Being a mother is one of the best things that can happen toyouas a woman, enjoys playing with this one of the most excitinggamesin the world of children and child.
Face Wash - Game Girls 1.0
Fun game for those girls who like muchhygiene,after a hard day's work and come home with dirty face welland thiswill have to be sanitized well, to avoid infections andwell is theneed to wash .In Wash face game girls, you have to play to wash face thisgirland remove the grains may have on your beautiful face, is morecannot go to bed to sleep until we finish the job. Good Night.
Planting fruit and vegetables 1.2
If you like farm games this Planting fruitsand vegetables will now your favorite game in which you must takecare of a garden, your mission will not be another more thanplanting all kinds of fruit and all seasonal vegetables to harvestand earn money to buy other things as more farms, with just theright things you miss you'll get much money.The shops expect daily fresh fruits and vegetables to sell toyour customers why when you can grow fruits and vegetables in orderto reap quickly to serve all orders, only if you know plantar welland collect fruit in time got here to your goals , vegetables aresomewhat more delicate in their care, and enters and plays the bestgame farms can play and free.
Cut Fruit 1.2
You are skilled? it plays the new game ofcutfruit, fruit will emerge in addition to down your device andthefinger will have to do clipping the fruit but look carefullyforthe bombs if you touch some you lose a life, you must makefewpoints to go through the levels without losing the lives youhaveto start each game level.When you play the game cut really fruits that are real andthatthe effects are awesome, very addictive and stressful gamethatwill make you can not stop playing and cut into the screen ofyourdevice all fruits appear, you can compete with your friends toknowwho is the champion when it comes to cutting, flies by.
Hockey Games 1.1
Dispute this great game of Hockey Games,yourgame more fun to score goals in the opposing goal Hockey team,youhave to sharpen your aim much to write correctly, look atthetargets hit points and extra time to add as much as possiblefromthe penalty spot. Hockey is a sport for people with a lotofstrength, skill and above all aim to score goals with the tablet.Get ready to play one of the games more real hockey you'veseen,only scoring many many skillfully Hockey will be the king ofthisgame to play on the ice stadium, prepare your skates to scoremorepoints than all rivals you find on the court, competingwithfriends to see who is the best player on one of the best gamesinthe world. Aim and shoot to make many strong points
Operating Games 1.2
Like medicine because you now have one ofthebest games operate to play at being doctor surgeon in yourcity,your specialty is orthopedic surgery and you to handle to fixallthe broken bones, Games physicians can develop yourinterestmedicine, when to operate should follow all steps so thatthepatient does not suffer any pain.In games operate your specialty is orthopedic surgery and areanexpert in operating arms, upper extremities will be anentireeminence of these games, take the knife and carefully cutjustenough to fix the arm to your patient, doctor and freegamesoperate only for those who really want to be doctors. Tellyourfriends the game more fun clinics and doctors already here.
Games kissing and kisses 1.2
Funny game for lovers and romanticsgameskissing and kisses, you are at a party and she's yourolderbrother, you should kiss your partner without getting caughtorelse lose the game, ideal to practice for the kissing bannedinlove there are no boundaries such as kissing the person you aresoin love, and excitement is when these kisses come in secret.In the celebration that these kissing games kissing andfastacting with the person you like the most, love sometimes youhaveto be banned, so will have to be kissing without being seenbyanyone, this game is dedicated to all girls in love and musthidetheir love, enjoy and pass a good time playing, remember if yougetcaught finish the game, you will get few kisses?
Cooking Game and Restaurant 1.2
Is here the fashion game, a restaurantservingthe most exclusive ice cream.You will be the owner of this world famous restaurant with themostdemanding customers. A game very entertaining and refreshingforits ice cream.Beat each level of the game.In a restaurant, you'll set your icy responsible.Game waitresses penguins restaurants and ice cream.