Julien Bertozzi Apps

Blocus Background
Blocus is a frantic Arkanoid-like. It can also looks like afireworks simulation !There is a lot of visual effect and the gamefeel very much alive.You can also make make your paddle shoot bycatching the ball on the same side several times. And this shot canbe upgraded with the experience you gain each time you play !So,what is worth noting in this game and that you can't get from thescreenshots / vid : - You can either play an endless game with aconstantly increasing difficulty or procedurally generated levels-The paddle is divided in three part (left, that send the ball tothe left, middle and right). When a ball hits the paddle, itbecomes warmer. If you can get it warm enough, the paddle willshoot very powerful projectiles.- You can upgrade your paddle (Itimproves the projectiles)- When you clear a column, the ballbecomes more powerful and quicker- The particles actually havephysics and will collided with the paddle or the walls