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Flappydactylus 1.6.0
Julien Keith
Flappydactylus is a Flappy Bird-like with a prehistoric background.It was done in two days, during a "Flappy Bird challenge".ButFlappydactylus is really different from its eldest and has greatimprovements, such as :- Deepest and more complex gameplay,including gravity.- Probabilities and speed are set in order tohave an increasing difficulty during the game, without making thegame impossible.- Several environments (currently two), having eachtheir own features. And more are on the way !- Achievements!!Completely free and without any ad, Flappydactylus is humble andunpretentious, so have fun :)
My Library
Julien Keith
Free and ad-free, My Library allows you to store your personallibrary and to perform a quick search within it. My Library allowsyou to : - Add a book to your library by scanning its barcode(title, author, cover, summary, published date, publisher, ...) -Add a book to your library via its ISBN number or by keyword - Adda book to your library manually - Look for a book in your library -Sort your library by titles, names, categories, read / unread, ...- Export your library within an Excel file - Import a library froma previously exported library - Manage your wishlist - Display somestatistics For intellectual property reasons, real book covers arenot allowed on Google Play screenshots. But in the app, you will ofcourse be free to add official covers for your books. My Library iscurrently in v1.7 and many features are on the way. My Library is,and will forever remain free and ad-free. Please note that MyLibrary uses Google, Amazon, Open Library, Worldcat, IsbnPlus,Moly, data.bn, Libris, ISFDB and Biblio services in order to matchISBN numbers and the books you are looking for, therefore if anISBN number is not found, it is because it is not referenced withinthose services. Thanks a lot to my awesome users and translators :- Thomas Brasser (German) - Luca Gaudino (Italian) - Yanina Pruntand Maxim Makarov (Russian) - Matheus Philippe de Faria Santos(Portuguese / Brazilian) - Laura Cruz (Spanish) - Kenneth Chung(Chinese) - Sreekanth Chakravarthy (Kannada) - KatarzynaJędrzejewska (Polish) - Merve Aydoğdu (Turkish) - Zhraa Khaled(Arabic) - Luc Weyn (Dutch) - Andrei Ghebaură (Romanian) - GudveigRian (Norwegian Bokmål & Norwegian Nynorsk) Icon by Rafi fromGraphicsFuel.
Platform Master! 1.1
Julien Keith
Easy to understand but hard to master: will you succeed inbeatingall the platforms?! And if you succeed then check out theInfinitymode. This one, I'm sure you can't beat it. App icon byJulienStrong.