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Junglee Rummy Mobile 1.0.33
Junglee Games
*************The Hottest Online Rummy App has arrived onAndroid*******************Junglee Rummy Mobile by Junglee Games is a FREE 3D card game toplay Indian Rummy online. Enjoy the #1 online rummy experience onyour mobile – anytime and anywhere you wish! Go head to head withLIVE players worldwide and engage yourself in mind-blowing mobilerummy action!You may love Teen Patti, Bridge, Blackjack, Andar Bahar andMatka but the thrill of playing Indian Rummy game is just tooexhilarating! This is a game of skills where you need to use smartrummy tips and tricks to outwit your opponents and win the pot.The objective of the game is to arrange all the 13 cards intoSequences and Sets. The gameplay of Rummy for Android can besummarised as:1) Pick a Card from Open or Closed Deck2) Discard a Card on the Open Deck3) Form at least two Sequences like Ace2Three4) Arrange the remaining cards in Sequences or SetsOnce you complete the objective, discard a card on the FinishSlot to win the game.Play 13 Cards Points Rummy and Pool Rummy 201/101 with REALplayers on the go! Meet new people, invite your circle of friendsand socialise with your rummy circle over a game of classicrummy.The seamless gaming interface allows you to easily pick andarrange cards. You can either use the advanced game buttons or dragthe cards to make sequence and sets on the touch screen. Thegameplay is so smooth that you will feel like playing real cards onyour Android!The plethora of awesome features at Junglee Rummy Mobile willmake other Android Rummy games look like deadwood cards. Check outthe inimitable features that you can only experience at JungleeRummy Mobile tables:♥ First Person Game View♥ Daily Bonus Credit♥ Live In-game Chat♥ Easy Gaming Interface♥ Invite Facebook Friends♥ Leaderboard ContestDownload the hottest multiplayer card game and get into onlinerummy action Today!Grab thousands of FREE chips and have unlimited fun at thetables – GET it NOW!
Teen Patti Stars 2.1.3
Junglee Games
*********** Welcome to Teen Patti Stars – #1 Teenpatti Game in theWorld! ***********Congrats! You have hit the hottest Teen Patti Game in Google PlayStore! Download and Get 70,000 FREE Chips as a Reward – No PurchaseRequired!Step on the red carpet and play like a Superstar at Teen PattiStars! Enjoy ceaseless royalty and explore real awesomeness inultra-realistic teenpatti games! Download for free and unlockstunning features that define it as the BEST teen patti game in theworld!♥ Daily Promotions & Leaderboards♠ Private Rooms♣ Game Avatars♥ Facebook & Whatsapp Connect♣ Works in Slow InternetRubbing your eyes in disbelief? We can understand! Let’s elaborateon few of them. Here We Go!Teen Patti Stars is not just an app – It’s a virtual casino thatgives you the vicarious pleasure of playing in a real one! Selectthe theme of your dream and play in Las Vegas, Palaces, Stadiums orDesi Bollywood Sets! It is simply:♣ Too Real to Handle ♦ The gameplay is so real that it will comealive on your mobile! Take a seat and you will know why players gocrazy over this 3D Teenpatti app!♥ So Many Avatars ♠ Step inside to get surprised - A whole cast ofwacky avatars is waiting for you! Pick any avatar and be what youwant to be – A Rock star, Superstar, Neta, Diva or anyone youwish!♣ Play, Enjoy, WIN ♦ There’s more to 3 Patti! If you got theskills, we got a Real Prize! What can you win? How aboutgold-plated cards, smartphones, LCD TVs, holiday vouchers &millions of chips!♥ Go All-in ♠ Push the limits and chill like a high roller! Goall-in and feel the rush of playing with no betting limits! Butknow when to strike and always bet responsibly.♣ Win N Gift ♦ Indulge yourself by purchasing cool items with yourchips. But be generous too - gift fancy items to your friends,impress your crush & have loads of fun with TeenpattiStars!♥ Ah! Everyday Bonus ♠ Each day is rewarding at Teen Patti Stars!Get thousands of chips for just playing teenpatti online every dayand unlock hourly bonuses too!Hey! Don’t enjoy all the features alone! Invite your Facebook &Whatsapp Friends and see if they can catch your bluff! Trap themwith sets and tell the whole world how you beat them all!Play Teen Patti Stars for fun - Bet with Play Chips that have noreal cash value. If your chips get over, you can buy millions ofchips that are guaranteed to last forever!Can’t wait to download? We feel you! Download and play the best3Patti Game in the World. Stackup Millions of Chips and have Non-stop Fun on the Go – Anytime,Anywhere!
EatMe.io 2.2.0
Junglee Games
*** EatMe.io - It's Fishy but It's Tasty!Download the NEW Multiplayer Game for Free Now! ***What the Fish! That might be your first reaction when you startplaying 'EatMe.io' - An action packed underwater live multiplayergame. Pick a fish from a menu of 15 fishes that matches your taste(Slurpp!) and eat others to grow bigger in this free addictivegame. But watch out! In this fish game, the bigger you are, theslower you will be. So, use your best strategy and protect yourselfby "Pooping" or "Splitting" to escape the carnage of other biggerfishes!In this multiplayer fish game, control your fish either by tappingon the target location or just use the on-screen joystick to makeyour fish swim wherever you want. Instead of eating shapeless cellsin agar or modified cells with skins in agarabi, eat sea weeds andother smaller fishes while you take your journey between enormouslyspread area of coral reefs and sunken pirate ships.Also, pick coins while you are munching on your opponents to unlocknew fish tanks and bowls – Who knows, you might win the deadliestfish in the ocean! If you are too small a fish, you can hide behindstun bombs just like how you do it in agario, osmosis, mitosis etc.to defend yourself and to stun the big fishes chasing you.Join the three-minute aquatic action and eat maximum fishes to topthe leaderboard. Unlock Google Play Games achievements by showingoff your munching strength in underwater battles and compete withyour friends. Also, share your best scores via any of the socialmedia apps installed in your Android smartphone or tablet.So, jump in and start eating whoever you can in this fun-filledonline multiplayer game! Download the fantastic fish game for freefrom Play Store and start playing on the Go!Features► Beautifully Crafted Ocean Theme & Graphics► Multiplayer Games - Up to 100 Players per Game► Multiple Touch Controls - Tap or use Virtual Joystick► Poop on your Opponents that are chasing you!► Score more & Take a Lead on Leaderboard► Share your Score via Social SharingWhat’s New► Eat and Get Rich – Collect Coins while you Eat!► New Fishes - Use your Coins and Unlock 15 New Fish!► Respawn yourself with 80% Health upto 3 Times► In-app Purchases for Coins – Why wait when you can Buy themall!► 20+ Achievements on Facebook and Google Play Games► Unlock New Fish Bowls and Fish Tanks with CoinsDownload the game for free today and have unlimited fun playingthis real time multiplayer game on the go. Also, invite yourfriends to get extra rewards as coins!Let’s Eat ‘em All!
Eatme.io: Hungry fish fun game 3.8.5
Junglee Games
Download EatMe.io for free now! The fishiest but tastiest freeonline multiplayer game on the market! The rules are simple - Eator be Eaten! Attack and eat other fishes to grow bigger - Munch orbecome someone else’s lunch! But look out! There are bigger sharksout there! Escape their attack by splitting or hiding behind stunbombs. In this addictive and fun multiplayer game, the realadventure begins once you become a bigger fish! Unlike snake gamesor cell games, you can choose between different types of fishes inEatme.io that have super powers and special skills – Unlockevolution and take them out for a kill to enjoy your feeding frenzyin this monster fish game. Key Features: - Live-multiplayer ActionGame - Beautifully Crafted Ocean Theme & Animated Fishes - Eatand Get Rich - Take part in daily games and unlock epic &legendary rewards! - Earn XPs, Badges and Special Skins in dailygames - Multiple Touch Controls - Tap or use Virtual Joystick - Topthe Leaderboard to smash your opponents and win Rare Fish Bowls -Invite and battle with Friends for shells and other gifts - Playfree games with Friends through Facebook Connect/Game Center -Daily Shops and Promotions for rare tanks, unlimited gold &more - Unlock New Fish Bowls and Fish Tanks with shells But don’tbe shellfish, I mean selfish, by playing this free strategy gamealone! Invite your Facebook friends and challenge them to this funplay game! Top the leaderboard, earn badges and do share yourscores to let everyone know who the real beast is! Download thefree online game now! You can earn free shells by completing thedeals offered by third party plugins from Tapjoy. This requirespermission to access your device storage. If you have any feedbackfor the game, please mail us your valuable suggestions atsupport@eatme.io.
Kanche Game: Play Goli, Kanche, Marbles Games 2.6
Junglee Games
Kanche, also known as marbles or goli game, is an absolute delightfor every kid. We bring to you the kanche game that's been in ourhearts since forever! Play kanche, marbles or goli game at KancheyTime and relive your beautiful childhood memories. Kanchey Time isIndia's favourite marbles game, in a brand-new avatar withbreathtaking graphics and immersive gameplay. The nostalgia-evokingkanche game will surely bring back your sweet childhood memories.Kanchey Time offers you an exciting world of unlimitedpossibilities including a nifty Multiplayer mode where you can gohead to head with players from all over the country. ⭐ Some greatfeatures of Kanchey Time that you will love ⭐ 🟢 Use of advancedphysics to provide a thrilling and memorable gaming experience:This marble game, also known as goli game, uses real-world physicsto simulate the experience of playing marbles game in real life,thereby helping you to execute your moves with great precision. 🟠Intuitive controls and highly appealing graphics: The gamemechanics and graphics of Kanchey Time are constantly enhanced toensure that this kanche game not only lives up to your expectationsbut also exceeds them. Its extraordinary graphics will tempt you toplay goli games and get transported to the world of your childhood!🟡 Perfect player pairing based on the levels of players’ skills:Kanchey Time allows you to choose how you want to play marblesgames as it has many different challenges for the players withdifferent skill levels. You’re paired with a player whose skilllevel matches yours. 🔵 Extensive game lobby with a wide variety ofgames: Kanchey Time has an extensive game lobby with a greatvariety of unique levels, multiple environments and a lot more. Youcan choose to play goli game that suits your skill level. 🔴Foolproof security system to ensure the security of players'accounts and data: Kanchey Time incorporates the highest safetystandards to help keep your data safe and secure, and it offersabsolutely fair, unbiased gameplay of goli. Kanchey Time has beendesigned and developed by the world's leading and most trustworthygame developer Junglee Games, which specializes in creatingmultiplayer web and mobile games that provide players with anunparalleled gaming experience. This Kanche multiplayer game hasbeen completely reimagined to make it the most enjoyable goli ormarbles game for everyone. Kanchey Time is a world full ofmesmerizing experiences and challenges that will have you hooked onplaying the marbles game for hours at a stretch. This kanche gameoffers you a world of infinite possibilities, including curatedtournaments where you can play goli game and win free chips andmuch more. It has a user-friendly interface with enhanced graphicsand super-smooth game controls that will help you play goli likenever before. The game lobby is unique and easy to navigate.Download this online kanche app right now and start playing themarbles game right away! You can play goli after registering forfree, or simply use your Facebook account or mobile number to enjoyIndia's most indulging and thrilling online marble game ever!Relive your childhood playing the kanche game on your mobile phone.This kanche game will simply blow your mind.