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Becareful Ballon 1.0.2
Be careful Balloon Is a simple fun creatinggame you should Tilt your phone in such a way that the wheel youescape from all the balloons failing to do so ends the game youhave few missions to receive the winning cup in the game all themissions should be accomplished by avoiding collision with Balloonthose who loves fun games and Balloon games will have so much offun in playing this Game.Mission To be completed.1.Collected 3 Keys to Get Gifts2.Collect 5 Gifts To get Lollipops3.Collect 10 Lollipops to get Fruit Baskets4.Collect 3 Fruit Baskets to Receive winning cup.Its fun for sure you will love it and play it and finally thosewho love balloon games will go crazy for this game.
Heli War 1.0.0
yet an another cool game brought toentertainyou ,Heli war is a challenging cool game which challengesto travelmore and more miles as you can go.Collect the moneywhiletravelling in your opponent land,just tap to control thehelicopterto moveforward and to avoid from falling into the water.you fail ifyoufall into water or you move too above to the sky and destroyasmany opponent helicopters to score more remember to collectbulletboxes to shoot opponents and aware of the dangerous opponentwhichreleases continuous bullets shoot at least three bullets todestroyit.Features :1)Two varieties of bullets.2)Special bullet which searches the target automatically,sotakeadvantage of special bullet.3)Collect as many as money bags to get high score4)Challenge your friends in leader board.
Selfie Cam Simple 1.0
selfie cam simple is a camera app totakesimple selfie and share the pictures on the go.have you ever felt that taking your camera app and takingselfiesand sharing the pictures using gallery was a bighazzle.Selfie cam simple is just for you to have hazzle free selfieandshare the pictures in two clicks.Selfie cam simple lets you share your selfies tomultipleplatforms such as whats app , Facebook etc.A straight forward app to just do what it says.Selfie cam simple also offers a builtin view to see yourpreviousselfie images or pictures.Can see all the selfies you took up to date in a gallerytypepictures view.What's the wait when Selfie cam simple is absolutely freetodownload.