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Speed Booster 1.4
The Android smartphones today are everywhere,and there are from very sophisticated to the most simple. But theyall have in common that over time start to become slow. So it'svery important to keep your smartphone running best.If your Android is doing very slow and lacks memory, this app isfor you! Our guides and tips will help you so you can enjoy a newone as fast as smartphone. Android offers users many ways tocustomize it. However, this freedom also requires you to be verycareful if you want to keep your system operating at its best.Download this application and learn how to speed up the phone rightnow!
Vegetarianism 2.1
Want Finding Out How The People Vegetarian Living Healthy And MoreWith A Healthier Lifestyle?Do you think your weight is unhealthy?Do you wake up without energy almost every day?¿Afirmarías you have good health?Have your cholesterol and blood sugar normal?Most people do not yet realize the impact it has on the wellbeingand what we eat in our lives ... In fact, the vast majority ofpeople today have overweight and obesity. This happens because weeat too much meat and incorporate fat in our diet.Problems such as type II diabetes, blood sugar, high cholesteroland some others are directly related to the terrible eating habits,which are caused by poor diet. Currently, obesity is one of themost dreaded diseases of the millennium.All these are problems that can prevent becoming a vegetarian andthis application will show you how you can do it!Among the many benefits there are to follow a vegetarian diet, arethe following:► It will help you lose weight fast and keep fit if you follow avegetarian diet.► Help in the fight against cancer and heart disease.► Financially speaking, it is much cheaper to buy vegetarian foodthat fish and meat.► In addition to being healthy, it also benefits the environment!Since livestock all the time is exhausting the land and waterresources.This application will show you how to start highly nutritiousvegetarian diet and the enormous change that vegetarianism will doin your short term health. Since it is a comprehensive guidehow to become a vegetarian, make a healthy change to a newvegetarian diets and maximize the benefits of your new life.With this application you will learn:► A vegetarian cooking these recipes: simple pancakes, omeletvegetables, smoothies, banana and yogurt smoothie Smoothie MangoMilkshake pear, tomato Bruschetta special, Pita Pizza, ChineseNoodles with mixed vegetables.► From where to get all the necessary nutrients, while eatingvegetarian food.► How to enjoy a vegetarian diet!► That the saying "you are what you eat" could not be moreright!► As shopping for a vegetarian diet.► All you need to know about the different types of vegetariandiets, and how to choose which one is right for you.► With our ancestors ate and how this may continue to affect yourdigestive system and your health today.► Our tips to make the transition from a normal diet to avegetarian diet will be easy.► Why is animal agribusiness one of the cruelest things that onecould imagine. And as it does a plant based diet is humanlycorrect.► The seven physical conditions that directly affect the vegetariandiet. I found that makes so many people say they had never feltbetter in his life only after a few weeks to change their diet to avegetarian diet!► What you need to know before making the big transition to avegetarian diet, and that does not cost even a little bit ofeffort. Just follow our tips and you'll switch to a vegetarian dietquickly and painlessly!How much longer do you think postpone your health? Do not keepwaiting! Download this app now!IMPORTANT: The information on this application in no way replacethe advice of a physician and / or health care professional. Forany problems do not hesitate to consult a doctor. We are notresponsible for the use of the information contained in thisapplication.
Salad Recipes FREE 1
Making salad recipes without a cookbook is now simpleandeasy with salad recipes free from mobile and androidphoneapps.In searching your favorite salad, there are categories, of whichonecould choose.Here are its categories:► Quick & Easy Recipes► Pasta Salad► Chicken Salad► Seafood Salad► Egg Salad► Greek Salad► Potato Salad► Bean Salad► Fruit SaladWith this app, anyone, even those who lack any deep knowledgeandexperience, the preparation of healthy salad of any sort fromanydifferent kind of ingredients is easy and exciting. Taketheadvantage of planning your meal via your android phone,it’seasier and hassle free.You can enjoy cooking and having a healthy meal every daywithouthaving to spend time reading cookbook andmagazines.This android phone app has a lot to offer for those whoareinterested to prepare their own healthy or evenorganicvegetable salads.The app has the following great features,asfollows:✓ The apps can save any of your favorite salad recipes✓ It is compatible with most mobile devices✓ Quinoa Salad Recipes✓ Salad Dressing✓ Green Salad Recipes✓ Summer Salad Recipes✓ Easy Salad Recipes✓ Tuna Salad Recipes✓ Best Salad Recipes✓ Egg Salad Recipes✓ Potato Salad Recipes✓ Fruit Salad Recipes✓ Spinach Salad Recipes✓ Simple Salad Recipes✓ Vegetable Salad RecipesWhat people like the most on this app is it has a video on howtoprepare your favorite salad that is very simple and easy tofollow.Perhaps you may not know or familiar with a lot ofingredients usedis salad preparation, this app will excite you asit has a videoand image of the kinds of ingredients for you to knowand guide youin purchasing the right kind.Anytime you want to have easy salad recipes to prepare foryourmeal, you don’t have to spend extra effort and timeinplanning. As you go shopping, you can open this app andchooseamong several salad recipes you wish to have with your meal.As yougo along from and to the vegetable shelves of the grocerystore,you can pick the best quality salad ingredientsavailable.One of the most frustrating part in planning your best saladrecipesis that when you arrive at the grocery store, you may findout thatthe ingredients are not available. By then, you have to gotoanother grocery store to look for the lacking ingredient.However,with this app, you don’t need to make a list ofingredients, thelist is on your mobile phone and when theingredients are notavailable, and you can have an immediate optionto change your saladrecipes.What is great about this app is, it is free for a timebeing.Sooner, you may buy it from your online software store todownload.Hurry while it is still free and enjoy preparingand eatingyour favorite salad within your fingertips.Wishing you a happy cooking in a very simple and easy way. Haveagreat meal!
Soup Recipes FREE 1
There is nothing better than a bowl of steaming hot soup onacold, winter day. Or even just on a rainy day, or any day forthatmatter.Soup is filling, easy to prepare, and gives a feeling ofrelaxationas well. If you think that soup is a plain and boringdish, thisapp will give you a number of easy soup recipesthat willhelp you change your mind.► Potato Soup Recipes.► Easy Soup Recipes.► Healthy Soup Recipes.► Chicken Soup Recipes.► Pumpkin Soup Recipes.► Best Soup Recipes.► Mushroom Soup Recipes.► Butternut Squash Soup Recipes.► Campbells Soup Recipes.► Campbell Soup Recipes.► Vegetable Soup Recipes.► Slow Cooker Soup Recipes.► Vegetarian Soup Recipes.► Cauliflower Soup Recipes.► Soup Maker Recipes.► Crock Pot Soup Recipes.► Soup Recipes.QUICK AND EASYOne of the many reasons why people love to prepare soup is thefactthat they are quick and simple to make. The basic procedure istosimply boil a number of ingredients, season with a bit of salt,letsimmer for a while and balance the flavours, and then you aredone.This is true for most soups that you will find in thissouprecipes free app, but there are also several recipesthatfeature thick and savoury soups. Don’t be intimidated bytheseemingly perfect tomato soup or French onion soup that you ateinthe fancy Italian restaurant. These are just soups as well,butwith the help of a blender to help puree the ingredients sothatyou end up with a hearty and soul-warming soup that will makeyoufeel good no matter what. This free app will lead you throughtheins and outs of soup-making, and you will never have wonderagainhow the best soup recipes are made.SIMPLE INGREDIENTSSoup is probably the least stressful food to cook. Not only istheprocedure easy to follow, but the ingredients are easy to findaswell. You can have a soup as simple as corn chowder, or aclassicchicken soup, or vegetable soup using only the ingredientsyoualready have. The Soup Recipes FREE app will give you access toanumber of recipes that require only a handful of ingredients,withsome of these recipes telling you that you can omit some ofthethings you don’t have, or you can simply substitute with whatyoudo have. In fact, many of the easy soup recipes will teach youhowyou can use leftovers or any vegetables you may have to keepthemfrom spoiling.GOURMET CHEFJust because soup can be easy to make with even the most commonofingredients does not mean that you cannot have a fancy mealwithsoups alone. Some of the best soup recipes you will findinthis app will help you feel like a gourmet chef as you dishoutsoups to complete an impressive meal. Serve soups inhard-crustedbreads or in stylish vegetable cups and you will haveeveryonepraising your culinary skills. Learn how a pinch ofcinnamon or adollop of sour cream can transform an ordinary bowlinto somethingInstagram-worthy. You and your family will never lookat soup inthe same old boring way again.THE HEALTHY OPTIONIf ease, convenience, and a new reputation as a gourmet chef arenotenough to get you cracking at these soup recipes, then maybethepromise of a slimmer waistline will. Soups are some of themostrecommended foods for weight loss. They are filling andsatisfying,with fewer calories and fat than your average dish. Youcan alsoeasily add healthy ingredients such as vegetables andhealthygrains to make sure that your body gets the vitamins andmineralsthat it needs.Whether you want a hearty chicken soup for someone who’sfeelingdown, a fancy tomato soup seasoned with herbs and spices,orhealthy soup recipes that will help you with your diet,thisSoup Recipes Free app will help you know what to do.
Healthy Recipes FREE 2
► Healthy Recipes.► Healthy Dinner Recipes.► Healthy Chicken Recipes.► Healthy Smoothie Recipes.► Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes.► Healthy Breakfast Recipes.► Healthy Dessert Recipes.► Healthy Soup Recipes.► Heart Healthy Recipes.► Healthy Lunch Recipes.► Healthy Salad Recipes.► Healthy Vegetarian Recipes.► Healthy Recipes For Dinner.► Healthy Muffin Recipes.► Healthy Snack Recipes.► Healthy Recipes For Two.► Healthy Easy Recipes.► Healthy Cookie Recipes.► Healthy Eating Recipes.► Healthy Recipes For Kids.► Healthy Fish Recipes.► Simple Healthy Recipes.► Healthy Cake Recipes.► Healthy Vegetable Recipes.► Quick Healthy Dinner Recipes.► Healthy Meal Recipes.► Delicious Healthy Recipes.► Cheap Healthy Recipes.► Quick Healthy Recipes.► Healthy Delicious Recipes.► Healthy Baking Recipes.► Healthy Kids Recipes.► Best Healthy Recipes.► Healthy Cooking Recipes.► Healthy Snacks Recipes.The app is very easy to use and a delight as well. Enjoytheconvenience of tapping away and browsing through picturesandrecipes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. The bestpartis that everything is free and can be yours with just a tap ofabutton. You can share, read reviews, and even make lists sothatyou know which healthy recipe you will be trying next.
Paint 1.0
Do you remember MS Paint? This is the same, but of course, it isbetter and handy!With it, you can create a painting that you can save and shareto your friends, loved ones, and colleagues — and even paintonline!► FEATURES:★ Hard / Opaque PenWith the block pen, you can create solid lines — just like with MSPaint’s regular pencil tool. It is excellent in doing line artworkor regular lettering tasks.★ Medium Soft / Semi-Transparent PenThis is what separates the Paint app from the regular MSPaint program. It is capable of transparency. And with themedium soft pen, you can add more drama to your masterpiece.You can create soft edges with the medium soft pen. Aside fromthat, you can do some minor color blending.Aside from the transparency, the pen is also speed sensitive. Thefaster you swipe with your fingers, the more transparent the “ink”will be. Holding your pen or finger on the screen on the same placewill result to a “thicker” or more solid color.On a technical aspect, every time you coat the canvas with thispen, the additional coat will add to the opaqueness or thickness ofthe previous coat — just like using a soft lead pencil or asemi-transparent brush tool in Photoshop.Due to those features, it is excellent to create shadings in thePaint app. With a little bit of practice, you will be ableto create fine drawings and doodles using your Android smartphoneor tablet.★ Soft / Transparent PenThis pen is similar to the previous one, but it is much softer andmore transparent. It is excellent for adding finishing touches andcreating subtle shades and color to your work.★ Four Brush / Pen Sizes and Paint ColoursThe app has four main brush sizes: small, medium, large, andextra-large. The application has 29 paint colors and 1“transparent” color that you can use to erase parts of yourpainting.★ Unlimited Undo and ClearIn case that you want to change something or undo a line, you canjust press the handy “Undo” button. If ever you want to start overand create a new painting, just press the “Clear” (trashbin) button.★ Quick Save and ShareFinished with your work? Just save the file. On the other hand, youcan just press the “Share” button and show your work to your lovedones. Your doodle can be shared and sent via MMS, email, and otherchat applications such as Skype.► Currently, the app is still in its early stages, and it isstill undergoing development. The features of the current versionare still limited; however, it is still able to fulfill itspurpose. In case that you want to see something new in it or add anew function, just give us a message.
Sheep Games 1.0
FEATURES:► Very easy and fun to play► Helps enhance memory skills► 12 different photos of sheep per game► Funny sound effects to liven up the game► Eye-catching colors to help set the mood► Leader’s scoreboard for top scorers► Optimized for both tablet and phone► Promises hours of fun for you and your friends!Exercise your brain and enhance your memory with this highlyaddictive game — by matching photos of different lambposes.Click on a random card and reveal a new photo of one of these woolymammals, and try to find its match at the shortest possible time.Race against the clock and beat the old high score, and be the king(or queen) of this sheep game!If you’re looking for free games for your Android phone,then Sheep Games is the perfect game for you! Download thisawesomely fun app and see 12 different poses. Different photos showdifferent angles of lambs, and you cannot help but feel the need tosmile every time a new image is revealed. Images include a lambwith a red garland around its neck and another with a necklace ofdark pink flowers, a pair of these wooly mammals posing for thecamera, a lamb galloping to the right, a huge sheep with a lightbrown fleece that needs shearing, and wooly mammals of all shapes,colors, and sizes (and breeds, of course!).No wonder this game is so addictive — you could literally spendhours just matching the cards with their rightful partners, andtrying to beat your old score. Compete with your friends and seewho can match the cards the fastest, and try to beat each other’sscores in the leaderboards!Click on a random card to produce a dramatic sound effect to buildup suspense. By clicking on the next card, you will hear either oftwo different sounds — a magical tinkling sound to indicate thatyou matched the cards perfectly, or two versions of a funny noiseto show that you matched the wrong pair. Not only will you enjoychecking out different lamb photos, you can actually play aroundwith the audio, too!So what are you waiting for? Check out one of the most fungames for Android and prepare for hours of endless fun as youmix and match lamb photos!REVIEWS:★★★★★ “Highly addictive!” – Sheepaddict101 from China★★★★★ “I didn’t know there are so many sheep breeds out there! Thisgame is not only fun, but it is educational too!” – Pacman andfriends from Ireland★★★★★ “There should be more photos of lambs in higher levels.” –Shepherd’s Boy from New Zealand★★★★★ “Definitely in the list of fun and addictive games availableonline. And it’s free, too!” – Teresa from South Africa
Christmas Games 1
Christmas is that time of the year thatbrings joy and laughter to all and what better way to remember andcelebrate it than through Christmas party games?The aim of the game is simple — flip the cards and find thematching pair of pictures. There are 24 gray Santa cards on thescreen. Users must click each card to see the picture behind it andfind its match. It’s pretty easy to play, but it can be quitechallenging to remember all of the pictures!FAVORITE FEATURES:► Safe for kids► Colorful Christmas-themed pictures► A high score counter► A reset high score button► An easy-to-use on and off sound button► A button to restart the game► A cute splash screen that welcomes usersChristmas Games can be played solo or with friends andfamily. Beat your highest score when you play the game solo.Playing fun Christmas games is a good icebreaker and bondingactivity during Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and other specialoccasions.Girls can bring the game out and bond with friends and relatives bychallenging their best scores with Christmas games for girls. Theplayer with the highest score gets an extra gift from Santa!CHRISTMAS GAMES FOR KIDSThis game is perfect for kids! It can grab their attentionand engage them for hours while parents cook, clean, or do otherchores around the house. The game is challenging enough and oh-soentertaining to keep kids busy for a long time.The game is better than television since kids can learn how tomatch and organize pictures while improving their memories.Children can learn how to organize things through educational gamessuch as Christmas Games.Kids can also play the game in groups; this addictive Christmasgame can help them interact with other kids and develop theirsocial skills.Parents need not worry since the game content is safe. It isalso not as time-consuming as other games, and children still havefun while learning!CHRISTMAS GAMES FOR ADULTSThis fun memory game is not just for kids, but is also for adultsand the young at heart. Adults can kill time playing ChristmasGames during a long, boring commute to work or while waiting inline. It is engaging, but does not require a lot of thinking andbrainpower to play — the perfect way for adults to pass the timeand/or unwind.There are also other benefits to playing this game. Whether you arean adult or kid looking to enjoy this simple game, Christmas Gamescan help improve your concentration, focus, and attention. Thebright colors and sounds help enhance visual and short-term memoryand add to the gaming experience.The game can also help prevent memory-related diseases. Preventingmemory loss and memory-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s isimportant, especially for older adults.Adults can play memory games like Christmas Games to helpexercise their memory and boost their cognitive functions.
Animal Games 1.0
Want to have fun learning about animals from freegames?Animal Games is a wonderfully educational but highlyentertaining memory game for kids that will help them becomemore familiar with different animals of all shapes and sizes. Helpyour kids enhance their memory with animal games for kids.Let them have fun opening and matching pictures of all types ofanimals - from birds and mammals to even insects andreptiles.A very simple memory game starts off with a set of cardsthat are all turned upside down. Tap on the cards to turn them andreveal the pictured animals, then tap on another card to revealanother animal. If you open a matching pair, you earn points! Openmismatched pictures and the cards will turn again, challenging theplayer to remember what’s behind them.Animal Games is a free app that you can download on yourandroid phone or your tablet. Let your kids get entertained forhours with the cute pictures and amusing sounds that come with thegame. The best part is, this free Animal Games is easy toinstall and can be enjoyed in just a matter of seconds.The game starts off with just a few cards laid out. As the gamelevels up, the number of cards increases, and so does thedifficulty. Kids and kids at heart will get addicted trying toreach the highest levels or trying to beat the high scores on thegame. Players can also challenge each other to see who can get thehighest score or who can finish a level in the least amount oftime.This fun Animal Games is also a great way to get the kids toenjoy learning about new things. Let them know that learning can befun and enjoyable through Animal Games for kids. Younger kids suchas those aged two to three years old can get acquainted with thedifferent animals and how they look like. This will help increasetheir vocabulary and their memory skills as well.For those who are after the challenge of the game, hand and eyecoordination is also tested as well as how fast one’s reaction timeis. Kids are sure to be enthusiastic about learning new things andabout showing off what they learn as well.With just the right mix of entertaining, challenging, andeducational, Animal Games is sure to be a permanent app on anyandroid phone or tablet.Download it for free and let the kids have fun or challenge eachother getting those high scores.This Animal Games for girls and for boys is simple to install,easy to understand, and highly addicting to play. Get ready to knowmore animals than the usual cat and dog, and enhance the memory bydownloading this Animal Games for kids.
Memory Games 2.7
It’s a colorful memory game thatwill surely increase memory power and put your photographic memoryto the test. Kids and kids at heart will definitely have a blastmatching fruits, pumpkins, sports items, and food items!How to Play:The game has 4 modes: Fruits, Sports, Halloween, and Food. Eachmode comes with 12 pairs or 24 cards in all. Tap the card to seethe item behind it. If you get one pair right, the cards will faceforward. If there is a mismatch, both cards will flip backwardagain.Make sure to remember the items behind each card and pair the itemsas quickly as you can — the fewer moves you make, the higher yourscore is! It’s that easy and simple!Check out the awesome features and benefits of playing thisgame:► It’s super easy to download and install! Just click “Install” andyou’ll have it on your device in seconds!► The game is compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets(3.0 and up).► Have fun beating each other’s high scores! You can also reset thehigh score to start again on a clean slate.► It has a super simple, easy-to-navigate interface that includes ashort intro on how to play the game and allows you to easily switchfrom one mode to another.► Since the game has 4 modes to choose from, you’ll never get boredof matching and pairing!► Enjoy matching up realistic, colorful, catchy graphics of fruitslike strawberry, pear, berries, mango, banana, etc.; food such asdifferent kinds of pastries, french fries, coffee cups, hamburgers,etc.; sporting equipment of hockey, baseball, tennis, football,skating, etc.; different pumpkins with varying expressions, withsome even wearing witching hats for added pizzazz!► Kids will surely giggle at the silly sounds that blare out withevery tap, correct pairing, and mismatch.► With memory games, you get to exercise your brain and boost yourbrain’s functionality. These games are not just fun; they’re goodfor the mind as well. They will help keep one’s brain sharp andalert for both work and school.► In this fast-paced, multi-sensory world, it’s easy to getdistracted. By regularly playing these games, you will definitelyget to increase your attention span and improve your ability tofocus or concentrate.► Memory games for kids combine the best of both worlds —they’re fun AND educational! It’s a great way for a parent andchild to bond, and a great way to pass the time!
Battery Saver 2.7
Install Battery Saver and enjoy thefollowing:► Up to 75% additional battery life► Choose from 3 battery saver modes to suite your situation. Selecteither ‘sleep’, ‘send messages’, or ‘study’ mode to maximize yourbattery life► Lets you close unnecessary running apps so that you save morebattery life► Adjust screen brightness► Set stand by time of screen to save battery► Display battery status, device health, temperature, current, andvoltage► Allows you to block unwanted applications and widgets► Comes with an easy to use interface► Makes use of a convenient main application menu that lets youselect settings effortlessly► Provides tips on how to save battery life► Available in both English and Spanish languageBattery Saver is an easy to use battery saving app. It isguaranteed to keep your smartphones and tablets running longer sothat you get the best out of your mobile experience. New mobiledevices always work smoothly and it isn’t until a few months laterthat you begin to notice slight declines in performance andproductivity.One of the biggest problems that come with an old smartphone ortablet is a shorter battery life. No matter how careful you areabout charging your device properly or about using only the rightchargers, a battery’s life and performance can only go so far. WithBattery Saver, you can enjoy battery saver features that will haveyour mobile device’s battery functioning as if it were new. Thebest part is, this power saving app is free!This power saving app will give you the assurance that yourmobile device will be up and ready anytime you need it. No need toworry about having to turn your device on and off or about applyingcomplicated settings just to save battery. You can even foregobringing your portable charging devices as this battery savingapp will make sure that you are charged all day through.The best battery saving app keeps your devices running whenyou need them the most. Accept calls, enjoy proper screenresolutions, use your apps and keep connected with everyone whileusing the app. Customize your settings so that you use the bestpower saving mode for any situation you are in. Whether you are ina meeting or class, on a commute, out with friends, or if you areasleep but need your device to be turned on, you won’t have to beconcerned about it going off. You will never need to worry abouthow to save battery on your device as the app will do it for you sothat you are able to use it when it matters.Super convenient and easy to use, this app is the only thing youneed to know on how to save battery life.
Battery Saver 3.5
► How to use the screen wisely.► Care to continue to extend the life of lithium batteries.► Myths and urban legends about Lithium.► What are the best apps for android in the category of Savebattery.► We do not use off.► Tips android.► Find what is consuming more battery► How to save android battery.► Control widgets.► Tips on how to save energy.► Keep updated mobile► How to close android applications spend our smartphone batteryunnecessarily.► How to block applications.Some time before the arrival of smartphones, cell in standbylasted many days, even weeks, and no one cared about saving battery... But when smartphones came to us, and began to offer multimediacontent, and thousands of functions that were unthinkable untilthen, the battery stopped being simply another element.These days, just ask anyone, we can see how one of the things thatmost concerned about is the short duration of the battery. That isa maximum of two days! This is something that can be frustrating ifyou are away from home for a long time and have the ability tocharge the phone.We have to realize that the battery consumes soon as they ask forthe features that are active in the cell to do so, and are far morethan one would normally imagine. But the solution to this problemwe have in this app!With this application you will learn how to save battery, thanksnamely configure the phone. And so we're going to have a smartphonewith a better mobile battery.
Cookie Recipes FREE 1
The app is very easy to use and a delight as well. Enjoytheconvenience of tapping away and browsing through picturesandrecipes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.► Cookie Recipes.► Sugar Cookie Recipe.► Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.► Cookie Recipe.► Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe.► Christmas Cookie Recipes.► Easy Cookie Recipes.► Cookie Dough Recipe.► Oatmeal Cookie Recipe.► Shortbread Cookie Recipe.► Gingerbread Cookie Recipe.► No Bake Cookie Recipe.► Best Cookie Recipes.► Chocolate Cookie Recipe.► Easy Sugar Cookie Recipe.► Cookie Cake Recipe.► Simple Cookie Recipes.► Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe.► Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes.► Healthy Cookie Recipes.► Butter Cookie Recipe.► M&M Cookie Recipe.► Basic Cookie Recipe.► Monster Cookie Recipe.► Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Recipe.► Easy Cookie Recipe.► Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.► Simple Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.► Holiday Cookie Recipes.► Chocolate Cookie Recipes.The best part is that everything is free and can be yours withjusta tap of a button. You can share, read reviews, and even makelistsso that you know which cookie recipe you will be tryingnext.
Shark Games 1.0
Fun shark games capture the attentionand imagination of most people, children and adults alike. They aremagnificent, mysterious, and just simply amazing beings. Get thatfeeling of awe every time you or your kids play Sharks Games!Shark Games for kids is a fun and fast-paced game thatchallenges and improves memory retention and recollection. It’seasy to play but difficult to master, and it is guaranteed to getyou and the kids hooked for hours.GAMEPLAY:The free Shark Games is played like other memory tilesgames. You are presented with 24 cards with 12 pairs of sharkpictures behind. Tapping a card turns it over and reveals thepicture. Open two similar cards in a row to get a score. If you getthe second card wrong, the cards flip back so you have to rememberthe pictures behind your previous choices in case the matchingshark picture shows up.Do your best to match pairs with as few taps as possible to gethigher scores. Each wrong pair decreases your possible score sotime to stretch and flex your brain muscles and tap away!What You Will Like About the Free Shark Games:► Downloading and installing the free games from the GooglePlay Store is a breeze because of the small footprint orapplication size unlike other games that occupy a large chunk ofyour device’s memory.► Got an old android phone? No worries. Sharks Games will work onAndroid versions 3.0 and newer, and on both tablets andsmartphones. Device compatibility should never be a trouble.► Play with family and friends and best each other’s high scores!See who has the most retentive memory!► The interface was designed with kids in mind so navigation isintuitive and smooth. Switching between different modes isfast.► Multiple modes ensure long hours of addictive gameplay. SharksGames will never get boring!► With colorful pictures of different species of sharks in highresolution, the game is truly an eye candy! Just perfect for theshark enthusiasts in all of us!► Each tap, match, and mismatch is made more enjoyable with sillyand cute sounds that make gameplay even more immersive.► Experts say that the brain is like a muscle that needs exercise.Memory games enhance your brain’s functionality, makingSharks Games not only fun but good for your mind as well. Sharpenthat memory regularly and you will find that you are more alert inschool or work.► Shark Games for kids also improves your attention span and focuswhen played regularly.► Playing time should be family time and Sharks Games is one ofthose games that you can play with your family. The best part isthat it’s both educational and fun at the same time.
Soccer Games 1
Fun, addictive, and challenging,SoccerGames is one of the best go-to sports games online to testyourshort-term memory while having a good time.Truly, Soccer Games is a simple and easy-to-understandgamethat has a lot of depth.Android phones need games so their dear owners can pass thetimeleisurely — not getting bored and grumpy while waiting inline.Well, online football games such as Soccer Games can dojustthat!► PLAY SOCCER! GAME FEATURES:★ Flex Your Brain Muscles! A 24-Tile Memory GameTest your brain’s mettle with Soccer Games’ 2 x 12 (a total of24tiles) memory game! Each pair of tiles has an awesome pictureofthe world’s most famous football players — LionelMessi,David Beckham, Didier Groba, ThieryHenry,Christiano Ronaldo, and many more! The fanfavorite teamsare also present in the uniforms — Manchester Unitedis just oneexample.The tiles may contain some of the most famous talents thesoccerworld has ever seen, but the tiles are tiny, the uniformsaresimilar, and the poses are common… and that is where thechallengecomes in! Only the truest soccer fan can solve thegrandpuzzle.★ A Challenging Soccer GameFlipping tiles is no easy task — Soccer Games isaschallenging as it can get. The main goal is to use as few movesaspossible to flip all the tiles upward. This is easier saidthandone, however, and it takes a certain degree of sharpness ofmemoryto keep up with the game.The player with the fewest moves becomes the top scorer! To makethegame more fun, Soccer Games is recommended to be playedwithfriends. Victory is awarded to the winner of ano-holds-barredmatch of memory mayhem!★ Simple and Intuitive OptionsThe game is known for having simple, yet intuitive options. Assuch,it is regarded as one of the best soccer games forkids.Upon entering the game, there is only one option — to play thegame.That is what the game is supposed to be doing anyway, so whynotremove the other unnecessary options?After clicking the big, purple “Play” button, the next screenisshown containing very simple instructions. All you have to doisconsecutively flip two cards with the same image until allthetiles are facing upward. A reset button is also present if agamereset is desired, located on the upper righthand corner ofthescreen.Easy and insightful sound and high score reset options arealsolocated on the upper righthand corner of the screen.★ Innovative DesignThe best graphic designers have made the game’s design. Eachaspectof the game is an artwork in itself that it is hard not toadmire —the background pictures, button colors, and the tile designare allvery beautiful to see in one of Google Playstore’s mostaddictivesoccer games online.★ Where The Fun Starts!Soccer Games is one of the best free soccer gamesavailableon Google Playstore today. From the simple yet intuitivegamearchitecture, the easy-to-understand and use controls, totheultra-challenging goals, Soccer Games offers the most in-depthandunforgettable memory and soccer game experience.
Dessert Recipes FREE 1
Every once in a while, a sweet toothbeckons and we are tempted to indulge ourselves with sugaryconfections. Perhaps it’s the chocolaty goodness of fudgy browniesor chocolate cakes, the tantalizing sweetness of creamy puddingsand pies, or the delectable frosting or icing that can top anythingwe desire. Now, dessert lovers have a new reason tocelebrate with this Dessert Recipes Free App.► Easy Dessert Recipes.► Healthy Dessert Recipes.► Simple Dessert Recipes.► Christmas Dessert Recipes.► Chocolate Dessert Recipes.► Best Dessert Recipes.► Quick Dessert Recipes.► Apple Dessert Recipes.► Gluten Free Dessert Recipes.► Pumpkin Dessert Recipes.► Easter Dessert Recipes.► Vegan Dessert Recipes.► Diabetic Dessert Recipes.► Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes.► Low Carb Dessert Recipes.► Strawberry Dessert Recipes.► Summer Dessert Recipes.► Dessert Recipes For Kids.► Indian Dessert Recipes.► Italian Dessert Recipes.► Easy Dessert Recipes For Kids.► French Dessert Recipes.CLASSIC RECIPESWhether we love to prepare desserts or not, there is a moment inany person’s life when they want to be known as the one who madethose mouth-watering brownies or the one who made those cookiesthat nobody could keep their hands off. Now you can feel confidentabout showing off the baking goddess in you as you learn aboutclassic and well-loved recipes that anyone is sure to enjoy. Theseeasy dessert recipes will have you making puddings and cupcakes,and even whole cakes for special occasions. Impress everyone bybringing sweet treats that you made yourself, and you will findeveryone treating you in a whole new light.EASY TREATSIf you have ever been intimidated about getting your hands dirtywith desserts, this dessert app will make you think again. Quickdessert recipes such as mousses and freezer cakes can be enjoyedeven by the most novice of bakers. Even children will find the easyrecipes a joy to work with. From the wonderful pictures to theeasy-to-follow recipes and guides, anyone can learn to makedesserts with this free app. This app is very user-friendly with alay-out that is easy to read and understand. The best part is youno longer have to worry about finding the page on your cookbooks aseverything is ready through your android devices.SHOWSTOPPERSWhile this app features many easy dessert recipes for beginners,there are also the showstoppers that any baking connoisseur will behappy to indulge in. heck out the more advanced dessert recipesthat are featured on this app. Learn how to make the best dessertrecipes including fancy chocolates and decorative cakes to takeyour sweets into a different level. You might even be surprised tofind a new passion, and even a new career with these delectablerecipes.HEALTHY OPTIONSMany people think that just because its dessert means that it can’tbe good for your health or your waistline. This Dessert RecipesFree app will change all that as it lets you in on healthy dessertrecipes that can be just as good but with less calories and fat.Learn how to turn a bowl of nuts and some cream into a dreamydessert. Satisfy everyone’s cravings with fruits and other healthytreats that will make you pleased without the guilt. Even those onspecial diets will benefit from this app as they can browse throughgluten-free or even dairy-free recipes.Dessert is always a happy place. Find your own sweet place inthe kitchen and satisfy everyone’s cravings by downloading thisDessert Recipes Free app now.
Vegetarian Recipes FREE 2
Vegetarian recipes are not so easytofind. Although there are more vegans and vegetariansappreciatingthis kind of diet, not everyone is open toall-vegetable dishes, andthis is why purely vegetarian recipes canbe a challenge to lookfor.Luckily, this Vegetarian Recipes Free app is available foryourvegetarian needs and desires.► Easy Vegetarian Recipes.► Healthy Vegetarian Recipes.► Indian Vegetarian Recipes.► Vegetarian Dinner Recipes.► Best Vegetarian Recipes.► Vegetarian Pasta Recipes.► Vegetarian Soup Recipes.► Quick Vegetarian Recipes.► Simple Vegetarian Recipes.► Low Carb Vegetarian Recipes.► Vegetarian Indian Recipes.► Sanjeev Kapoor Vegetarian Recipes.► Vegetarian Salad Recipes.► Easy Vegetarian Dinner Recipes.► Vegetarian Recipes.HEALTHY RECIPES FROM AROUND THE WORLDHealthy vegetarian recipes can be delicious as well, evenifthey are made up of vegetarian ingredients only. Featuringhundredsof recipes from all over the world, you will never have toworryabout thinking of dishes without any meat or dairy products.Uselocal or hard-to-find vegetables with these internationalrecipesthat will keep your taste buds excited. From Chinese,French, andThai, from burritos and salsa to vegetable rolls andsalads, theseinternational vegetarian dishes will always give youflavorfuldishes to enjoy.VEGETABLES FOR ALLEating dishes without meat or any animal products can be achallengefor anyone, most especially the kids. With the bestvegetarianrecipes available on this free app, you never have toworry aboutpleasing your picky eaters again. Serve healthy and fundishes bybrowsing through the free app. Colourful dishes orvegetarian dishesthat look like all-time favourites are allavailable for you tochoose from. The app lets you see actualpictures to help you decideon what to cook for your guests or yourfamily.SIMPLE INGREDIENTSCooking vegetarian dishes is a refreshing and delightfulexperience.Not only are the results healthy and delicious, butthey are alsoquick and easy to make. These simple vegetarianrecipes will helpyou make use of ingredients that you already haveat home. Anotheradvantage is the fact that most vegetarianingredients can be had atless the cost of meat-filledalternatives. Save on your budget, yourtime, and your energy bymaking use of this free app now and cookyour way to a happierlife.FULL COURSE MEALSFor those who think that vegetables are only for side dishesorsalads, this app will get them to see that vegetarian dishescanoffer full-course meals. Make all-vegetarian soups andsalads,appetizers, and even hors d’ oeuvres to impress your guests.Followup with vegetable casseroles or hearty vegetable stews foryourmain course. Even dessert can be vegetarian and you willfindyourself making cakes, mousses, and even breads that arehealthyand vegetarian-friendly. Vegetarian ingredients may besimple, butanyone can make delectable dishes with them with the useof thisfree app.STEP-BY-STEP GUIDESSwitching to a vegetarian diet can be daunting. Even justcookingthese vegetarian dishes can be a challenge for anyone whoisn’tused to the lifestyle. With the help of Vegetarian RecipesFree,anyone can feel at ease with the help of simple andstraightforwardinstructions and tips. Reviews from other users areavailable aswell so you know what you can do to adjust therecipes.Vegetarian dishes should be simple, hearty, healthy, and funforthe whole family. Enjoy cooking more and serve nutritiousmealswith Vegetarian Recipes Free.
Breaking Bricks 1.1
Breaking bricks is an exceedingly simpleyet incredibly addictive puzzle where a player has to destroy abunch of bricks of same color by clicking on them. It is abrilliant game filled a whole lot of skillfully designed levels andendless charm.Easy to play yet difficult to master, Breaking Bricks bringsin fresh challenges and unforeseen obstacles inspired by some ofthe classic arcade games. This entrancing game of spatial and skillawareness requires you to destroy all bricks with the help of thewalls and paddle. You have to bounce off a ball from its paddle atthe bottom and hit bricks on the tops of the screen. Hitting at allthe bricks results in completion of levels and proceeding to thenext. You have to try your level best to aim the ball against allthe bricks on screen and knock them all down.The game features two sets of console quality graphics mainlydeadly metal and classic shores. Additionally there is intuitivetouch controls along with realistic physics and more than awhooping 9 levels to complete. Don’t forget to try out the arcadeand endless modes. The latter allows you to play for an indefiniteamount of time and try your luck.Breaking Bricks requires players to strategize and ensure that theydestroy bricks of same color grouped together. Hitting on a groupof bricks of same color will make them disappear whereas the onesaround them collapse and fill in empty spaces. After completing onegrid, players move on to the next and so on until they are out oftime. Though really simple to play, it can be fiendishly difficultto continue racking up scores and clearing levels. So you have toreally put on your thinking hats if you wish to complete yourlevels on time and unravel the next ones.Breaking bricks undoubtedly is totally a boredom killer. You cannever get enough of the opportunities to buy various items andenhance your gaming experience. The controls and artwork themes arejust flawless and beautiful and the modern variations are just somuch better. Figuring out your moves ahead will bring you moresuccess rather than just randomly aiming on the playfield. Try toclear out larger chunks of connected blocks of same color for bigscores.
Fitness Tips 1.1
To be physically fit is a big challenge forallof us. To stay fit, it requires sacrifices of one thing fortheother.First of all, one must be consistent and determined. You do nothaveto hurry the results while working out. Be patient. Makesomescheduling and follow your fitness plan. Make an exerciseroutineat least thrice a week every morning. Do not do things youstillcan’t. Start from the bottom. You can walk/run around theblock for15-30 minutes a day or you can try lifting heavy objectsat yourhouse.You should also set your goals to achieve the body fitness youwish.Visualize the new you in any time in the future. Aim for thehighestbut with the least effort. Do not push yourself to yourlimit.Find a buddy to work out with. Not just anyone aroundtheneighborhood; but someone who is consistent, encouraging,anddetermined to stay fit just like you. Both of you must havethesame goals and he/she should be your “real” buddy who youarecomfortable with.Enjoy what you do. If you are happy and willing to stay fit,youwill be more than successful. Get some inspiration from thethingsaround you. Think of someone or something that you can use asaninspiration. It can be your “crush” who you hope, sooner orlaterwill get attracted to you, too, after seeing your greatchanges.But remember that you do this fitness training for yourselfalone;a reward and a confidence booster for your being.Try working out with music. While enjoying the music, you alsoenjoythe exercise and it helps you perform more workouts. Run orwalkaround the block with your sunglasses (if it’s summer), sunvisor,watch (for time monitoring), and music player. If you are athome,turn on the radio for the groovy ambiance while you areworkingout.Body fitness exercises do not have to be always at the studio.Youcan perform them at home if you have no time to go to the gym.Tryhome exercises such as push-ups, leg workout, cardioworkout(jumping jack), sit ups, and 1 ¼ squat (body weightexercise).There are also new gadgets that you can use to performexercisessuch as Wii, Xbox360 and PlayStation.Body fitness training and work-outs come with the intake oftheright amount of food. You can research or ask your doctor fortheright food and nutrients you need to stay physically fitandhealthy. You don’t have to starve yourself to death justtomaintain your shape. Physically fit body is a healthyandwell-maintained one. Remember that water is the greatest therapyofthem all. Rehydrate yourself with water every time youworkout.Spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, garlic and onion are also goodtoinclude in your diet as they are good for weight loss. Theyhelpburn fats and they provide great protection fromotherdiseases.Body fitness comes with self-discipline. If you want to see agoodoutcome, you have keep yourself from eating food that are notgoodfor your health; or from doing things that will hinder youfromcontinuing the workout. Check and update yourself aboutyourprogress. Remember, be consistent; do not rush things. Enjoywhatyou do even if it takes a longer time. You will still reachyourgoal as long as you are consistent.
Photography Tips 1.1
In today’s age ofdigitalphotography, your phone is your primary tool tocapture thatonce in a lifetime moment that may happen anytime.Wherever you go,you need to be ready to take a perfect picture ofanything amazingthat may unfold before your eyes. Whether it is abeautiful sunset,or a wonderful smile, it needs to be captured in aphoto foreveryone to see.Now, you have the power to make those photos even morestunningright in your fingertips. This application will give youthe powerto become a master in taking pictures in no time. Learntofine-tune the elements of your photo such as brightness,exposure,blur, and every other aspect you need to get a grasp onwith allthe photography tips included in this app. It iswritten ina user-friendly manner that even someone with lesserinclination inthe world of photography will understand.The application is integrated with the best information fromvariousphotography books around the world, all of which aretriedand tested by the experts in the industry. Therefore, youwill beequipped with the skills and knowledge from thesepeople.Be amazed at the simplicity of the techniques employed indoingnewborn photography. This application contains allthenecessary tools for those shots to be infant-friendly. It willtakecare of the amount of light that will be needed for a pictureof anewborn child to be taken without the risk of blinding yoursubjectbecause of too much lighting from your camera’s flash.Want to beautify the picture you have taken but you don’t have alotof photography props on your smartphone? It’s okay,becausethis application contains all kinds of effects andutilities thatwill make even the most unattractive photo look likeit was capturedby someone who is a master in photography.While most people will tell you that you need to haveasophisticated digital camera before you can start doing fineartphotography, you can prove them wrong by showing themthephotos you have taken using this application installed onyoursmartphone. The options that come with the app can be comparedtothose of the most advanced digital cameras available on themarket.These settings will leave them feeling amazed at how yourphone gotthat wonderful image without the help of thoseexpensivespecialized cameras.Experience all of these and more by downloading and usingthisapplication today and make your photos look wonderfullyalive.
Jump Zone 1
Well, at least when it comes to this fresh newgame called Jump Zone, that is.Everyone gets bored once in a while, especially when you’re atthe office and you’re doing too much work that you feel like yourbrain is just going to explode anytime soon. And this isn’t a goodthing because you need to make sure that you feel good from theinside, or else you wouldn’t be able to do your job the rightway.That said, you need something that will refresh your mind and wakeyou up again. And that’s why you need Jump Zone!Jump Zone is this new app that will help you relieve good oldmemories because it’s just so unpretentious. With this game, youhave this little purple character who goes up bars and collectscoins. As you ascend each bar and get the coins, you gain points,and the higher you go, the more your score goes up!Gameplay is simple and interface is easy to navigate. The fact thatit’s so easy to understand makes it quite addicting, too! Imagine,you could just spend time moving up the ranks—literally andfiguratively!Other features of Jump Zone include:► An Amazing Layout. You have everything you need right onyour screen. You won’t have any problems about what to tap tostart—or restart—the game, and the fact that it’s super fast anddoesn’t hang makes it more valuable, too!► A really delightful character. If you’ve been playinggames for a while, you’d know that the way a character looks isessential in letting you appreciate and be loyal to the game. Well,Jump Zone seriously has one bad-ass purple character that you’dsurely love! Think Kirby, Pou or Moy—but way, way better!► Challenging but not frustrating! The problem with mostgames is that they were made to be so challenging that the playersend up frustrated and disappointed because they could not advanceto another round. Well, you won’t experience that with Jump Zone.It has a linear way of advancing to the next round, and while youmay be challenged by having to go brick by brick just to get thosecoins and score some points, you’d still find it to be a lot offun!► Catchy Sounds. And one more thing about this game? Thesounds! They’re just so cool and fun and you won’t get annoyed withthem. But in case you’re the type who really just wants to playquietly, take note that you can do that, too! Simply turn off thesounds and you’re set!So, what are you waiting for?Don’t let yourself be bogged down by work and all those things youhave to do. Download Jump Zone now and have a rockin’ goodtime!
Make Money 1.0
P. T. Barnum, the great American showman ofthe19th century, wrote this short book about making money andkeepingmoney.CHAPTER TITLES:► Don’t mistake your vocation► Select the right location► Avoid debt► Persevere► Whatever you do, do it with all your might► Use the best tools► Don't get above your business► Learn something useful► Let hope predominate, but be not too visionary► Do not scatter your powers► Read the newspapers► Be charitable► Don't blabP. T. Barnum certainly had life experiences that qualify him forthesubject--he started a small newspaper in his twenties, boughtandtransformed a museum into a showplace for curiosities, builtacircus empire that gave performances in America andEurope,promoted a performing tour of a singer, fell into debt inthe 1850sand pulled himself out by lecture tours, was a mayor, andfounded ahospital.THIS IS FOR YOU► If you want to know how to make money online.► If you want to make money fast.► If you are looking for ways to make money.► If you’ve ever wonder “how can I make money?”► If you want to make money from homeEXCERPTS:"Those who really desire to attain an independence, have onlytoset their minds upon it, and adopt the proper means, as they doinregard to any other object which they wish to accomplish, andthething is easily done. But however easy it may be found tomakemoney, I have no doubt many of my hearers will agree it is themostdifficult thing in the world to keep it. ... True economyconsistsin always making the income exceed the out-go.""Unless a man enters upon the vocation intended for him bynature,and best suited to his peculiar genius, he cannot succeed. Iamglad to believe that the majority of persons do find theirrightvocation. Yet we see many who have mistakentheircalling..."What are you waiting for? Download this book now,it’sFREE!
Dog Games 1.0
There are a lot of free dog games onthe Internet today but how about one that shows you the differentbreeds from all over the world?Is there such a thing as the best app for dog lovers all overthe world looking for dog games free on Android’s GooglePlay?Search no more! This is the perfect game for all doglovers who want to see all the different breeds and memorize theirnames and faces by heart just by playing this memory game!Who doesn’t love dogs? Dogs are a big part of our lives andwe just can’t seem to live without them. Now here’s one of the bestfree games that will let you see all the different breeds ofdogs all over the world and let you appreciate our furry friendsmore.Memory games are based on pictures flashed on the screenthat show different icons by pairs. Since dogs are pretty much themost popular pets in the world today, it is only logical thatsomeone would come up with fun dog games.Click on any of the tiles so that it will show you a picture ofa dog and then click on another one to see if it matches up. If itmatches, you can go on to the next pair; if not, you can try again.The trick is to memorize where a particular picture showed up, andif you happen to find a similar picture, just click on the rightone again to match it up.It’s pretty easy to play this dog games for kids and youwon’t have to worry about getting dirty seeing all of theseadorable dogs right in front of you. You won’t have to worry aboutmuddy paws and shedding fur all over your furniture just to seethese cute dogs.Once you’ve downloaded this app, a whole new world of dogs willopen up to you and you now have access to hundreds of dogs rangingfrom the most common ones to the rarest ones in your hands. Dogsranging from boxers to bulldogs to shih tzus and border colliesabound in this free dog app. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get tosee what a Komondor looks like or just how cute a Puli is. Allpictures depicted on the dog games for boys and girls willlet you see just how beautiful and diverse the world of dogsis.This is perfect for all dog lovers around the world no matterwhat age they are.So are you ready to try out one of the best dog games in the worldout there today for free? Download this particular app from amongall the other free dog games for girls and boys out thereand spend countless hours of enjoyment matching the right picturesup!
Nature Wallpaper 1
Download and enjoy the beautiful nature atanytime of the day!FEATURES► 100% Free.► More Than 50 Awesome Nature Wallpapers.► No Internet Required.► Easy To Use.► Loading Images Quickly► UX Design Very Beautiful, Very Simple.► No Cropping Required.► Fit To Your Screen.► Amazing Collection Of Wallpapers Available.► Fun To Watch The Lovely Wallpapers And Are Just Perfect ToSetYour Mood.► New Updated Wallpapers.► Share Wallpapers.► Tablet Support.There are more than 50 images with vivid images, outstandingcolorvibrancy 100% compatible with mobile devices and yourtablet.All images are high resolution HD images and iscompatiblewith Android.Nature Wallpaper application is free a app, collectionmanybeautifull nature imges so you can use it for set homescreenwallpaper.High quality fantasy nature and landscape images for you toenjoy.If you have always had a soft spot in your heart forartisticfantasy scenery, you will love these qualitywallpapers.ADSThere are ads in this app. Application is free, it doesnotpromote paid version of this app, the only way to supportfuturedevelopment is to include ads.Please treat that with understanding.CONTACT INFOIf you experience any bugs or errors in the app, do nothesitateto contact us!Please choose to email us and not rate it or givenegativereviews if you encounter problems with the app.Support email: justkeepaiming@hotmail.comWe are constantly adding new functionalities to the app andyouropinion is critical for us!
Battery Percentage 1.1
Do you ever wonder why your phone’sbatteryis always drained?Do you want to know exactly when you have to charge it—insteadofjust letting it drain to Zero? Well, the answer ishere!MORE THAN JUST AN INDICATORBattery Percentage is a unique and revolutionary app that worksnotjust as a battery indicator that shows you the percentage ofyourbattery but also acts as a notification service that remindsyouexactly what the status of your battery is—and when you havetocharge it.See, the thing is that even though you know the percentage ofyourbattery, you’re still not sure whether you already have tochargeit or not. This is because the phone’s mechanism changesdaily—youuse various apps, and you don’t always use all the appsyou have atonce. So, it would be nice to know how your batter isdoing—andBattery Percentage would surely do that for you!WILL NOT DRAIN YOUR BATTERY!Another great thing about Battery Percentage is that it reallyfitswith your device—it’s a as if it’s a factory device so andyouwouldn’t feel like it’s out of place! It’s really just a smallappthat stays idle until it detects a change in yourbattery’spercentage. That way, you can be sure that it wouldn’tdrain yourphone off power—and you’d be glad to know that you won’thave todeal with annoying pop-ups, too!DOWNLOAD NOW!So, what are you waiting for? Download Battery Percentage nowandsee a change in the way your phone works in no time!
Daily Horoscope 1.0
Don’t you just love reading yourhoroscopedetails daily?You can use it as a form of inspiration towards making yourdayas best as possible. Not only that, reading your horoscope canbe agreat way to enjoy a little bit of astrology while alsoinspiringyou to have the energy to start your morningsright.► Pisces Horoscope.► Aquarius Horoscope.► Capricorn Horoscope.► Sagittarius Horoscope.► Scorpio Horoscope.► Libra Horoscope.► Virgo Horoscope.► Leo Horoscope.► Cancer Horoscope.► Gemini Horoscope.► Aries Horoscope.► Taurus Horoscope.Here are a few reasons why reading your horoscopes dailyisrecommended:Guidance: Horoscopes serve as guidance for manywhoneed to shed some light on some areas of their lives.Handling relationships: You may not seem tonotice,but horoscopes advise you on how to handle yourrelationshipsbetter.Safeguarding of finances: Horoscopes alsoprovideadvice on financial matters. Advices on investments,moneymanagement and financial independence are often embeddedinhoroscopes.Preventive measures: Horoscopes help peopletakepreventive measures that can help them avoid the harmfuleffects ofexpected emergencies and other unfortunate events.Due to everyone’s busy schedule nowadays, not all people havethetime to rummage through a newspaper to look for thehoroscopesection. If you love consulting your daily horoscope butneedsomething you can easily bring with you, then the best way foryouto do so is to download an app that can do just that.FEATURES OF THE APPHere are a few of the features you’ll love with this free appthatdelivers your horoscopes to you daily.Simple, minimalistic interface that displays all12astrological signs in one page – this makes the app easier ontheeye since you do not need to click too many buttons just to gettoyour horoscope.Easy and minimal navigation: Just choose yoursign,and you will immediately gain access to your horoscope forthatday.Unlike other apps that contain multiple features that maybeconfusing, this app doesn’t overwhelm you with too much menus,thusmaking it easier to go around and get to the point (which istoknow what your horoscope for the day is).Displays each sign’s horoscope for the day: Theremaybe apps that display what your horoscopes are for tomorrow andforthe next days of the week, but this takes the thrill out ofreadingyour horoscope. With the Daily Horoscope app, you have theluxuryof reading your horoscope on the day it is intended for.All-in-one horoscope display: If you dislikereadinghoroscopes that are too long and you need to switch windowsjust toview your love horoscope, then you’ll definitely love thisapp. Theapp displays a page-long horoscope that already has yourgeneral,love, and financial predictions summarized for you.Daily updates: Whenever you connect to theInternet,your app becomes automatically updated with the day’shoroscope. Noneed to manually download updates from theInternet.To begin reading your horoscope daily, try downloadingthisno-frills, no-distractions, simple, and minimalistic app toyourphone to start getting your horoscopes daily, and fully enjoyyourday.NOTEThis app does not run in the background, so it does not affectthebattery life of your mobile device. You can download it for freeatthe Google Play Store.PRIVACY PROTECTIONUnlike any app that links to your social media accounts, theDailyHoroscope app does not need your information. The developersbehindthis app respect the rights of users to theirpersonalinformation.
Cat Games For Kids 1.1
Cat Games for Kids is anamazinggame set, consisting of attractive, educational andinterestingpuzzles to be solved.Your baby will be happy to see cute cat pictures. Thisgameis super fun and so easy to use. Due to this game, you andyourkids can spend happy and good time together, playing, laughingandlearning.Cat Games for Kids will also help parents develop in their kidsloveand kindness towards animal, especially cats.WHY PARENTS AND KIDS LOVE THIS APP✔ The app is really too easy to use, even for toddlers, whowillenjoy any moment of playing✔ The app is beautifully designed✔ The app contains pictures of different beautifulcatbreeds✔ The app is a great tool for developing visual memory✔ The app gives you a possibility of beating your previoushighscore and gain a new one✔ The app is just FUN✔The app is for all ages✔ Cat Games✔ Cat Games For Cats✔ Cat And Dog Games✔ Cat Games Online✔ Free Cat Games✔ Dog And Cat Games✔ Cat Games For Girls✔ Peg Cat Games✔ Cat Games For Kids✔ Cat A Cat Games✔ Games Cat✔ Cute Cat Games✔ Cat Games Download✔ Cat Games Free✔ Kitty Cat Games✔ Talking Cat Games✔ Games For Cat✔ Cat Games Free Download✔ Virtual Cat Games✔ Cat Games For Free✔ Cat Games Cat Games✔ Online Cat Games✔ Funny Cat Games✔ Cat Dog Games✔ Cat Care Games✔ Fun Cat Games✔ Pet Cat Games✔ Cat Breeding Games✔ Cat Cat Games✔ Games Tom Cat✔ Cat Games Play✔ All Cat Games✔ My Cat Games✔ Fat Cat Games✔ Baby Cat GamesQUALITYOnce you enter the game, you can start playing it. The game issupereasy to play, even for your little baby.The graphics, the colors and the pictures contain calmnessinthemselves. They will not harm kid’s imagination or the wayofthinking. Your child can play the game anytime and anywherehe/shewishes to.EDUCATIONFirst of all, this kitten game is educational for allkids.Generally, when the kid plays this game and does itfrequently,he/she has great chances of developing visualmemory.Kids will start to think, they will make some efforts torememberwhere the picture of the matching kitty is. The other goodpoint inthe game is that little kids will have a chance to discovernewthings for themselves.This game will fit even too small children. Memorizing thepictureswill be useful for both kids and parents.Mom or dad can show once how to play it and be sure that thebabywill perceive it, as it is really easy just to tap on a card,andthe picture will be revealed.ENTERTAINMENTFor any kind of game, number 1 point for its success is havingfunwhile playing it. Cat Games for Kids can guarantee that notonlykids, but also their parents will have great fun playingit.Parents and their children can even compete to get the higherscore,in this way spending amazing time together. Any time kidfinds thematching kitty, he/she will experience such a joy andhappiness,which is the most valuable thing for every parent.SAFETYCat Games for Kids is not just a funny game, but also a verysafeplace, where kids can have good time.This app provides a safe, child-friendly playing experienceforall ages. Any parent can be tranquil, when his/her child playsthisgame, as there are:• No external links• No social media• No in-app purchase
Chicken Recipes FREE 1.1
Everybody loves chicken! Whetherit’sfried, baked, breaded, filleted, in nuggets form or evenground,this other white meat is always an ingredient for healthyanddelicious comfort food.► Chicken Breast Recipes► Chicken Thigh Recipes► Baked Chicken Recipes► Easy Chicken Recipes► Healthy Chicken Recipes► Baked Chicken Breast Recipes► Grilled Chicken Recipes► Chicken Pasta Recipes► Chicken Crock Pot Recipes► Chicken Drumstick Recipes► Chicken Salad Recipes► Recipes For Chicken► Chicken Wing Recipes► Chicken Casserole Recipes► Crockpot Chicken Recipes► Healthy Chicken Breast Recipes► Chicken Leg Recipes► Easy Chicken Breast Recipes► Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipes► Whole Chicken Recipes► Leftover Chicken Recipes► Boneless Chicken Breast Recipes► Chicken And Rice Recipes► Ground Chicken Recipes► Indian Chicken Recipes► Recipes With Chicken► Quick Chicken Recipes► Crock Pot Chicken Recipes► Chicken Slow Cooker Recipes► Chicken Stew Recipes► Chicken Stir Fry Recipes► Chicken Soup Recipes► Shredded Chicken Recipes► Chicken Cutlet Recipes► Chicken Curry Recipes► Chicken Recipes For Dinner► Chicken Dinner Recipes► Chinese Chicken Recipes► Rotisserie Chicken Recipes► Best Chicken Recipes.HEALTHY RECIPESMany people go for chicken because it is often the healthieroption.Learn how to make chicken breast taste absolutelydeliciouswith the healthy chicken recipes that are sure tokeep your tummytrim and sexy. Chicken thigh sandwiches and wraps,chicken soups andstews, and salads featuring your favouriteingredients will all beat the tip of your fingertips once youdownload this app.COMFORT FOODEven if you are not watching your waistline, chicken recipesaresure to become a favorite of any cook. Choose from an expandedlistof comfort foods featuring whole chicken recipes, chickenthighrecipes, grilled chicken recipes, and a lot more. Barbecuedchickenwith sweet, salty marinade or even a spicy twist,chickencasseroles mixed with mashed potatoes and delectablevegetables, orsimple breaded and fried chicken with homemade gravyrecipes willall become a part of your regular home menu as youbecome a chickenmaster with this free app.Never settle for going out and feeding your children fast-foodjustto satisfy their taste buds. Cook healthier and morefillingcomfort foods right at the comfort of your home.EASY TO COOKThis free app is all about making everything easier for thehomecook. Featuring recipes that make use of local and easytoprocure ingredients, you can enjoy stress-free cookingwithChicken Recipes Free. Choose from recipes that onlytakearound 30 minutes to prepare or be amazed at how much flavourcango into a dish that makes use of only a handful ofingredients.There are many quick and simple chicken recipes tochoose from, andyou are sure to fall in love with more than justone or two ofthem.FEEL LIKE AN EXPERTThe best part about having an app that lets you have accesstofavourite chicken recipes is the fact that you will easilyfeellike a pro. All recipes are tried and tested and are sure tobefool-proof. You do not have to be a culinary expert just to gettherecipes right, and even if you do not get your dish to beasbeautiful as you expected, you can at least be sure that itwilltaste good for you and your guests. Whip out fancy chickenrecipesduring occasions such as whole roasted chicken or trypreparingyour favorite chicken dish from your localrestaurants.The app is very easy to use and a delight as well. Enjoytheconvenience of tapping away and browsing through picturesandrecipes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. The bestpartis that everything is free and can be yours with just a tap ofabutton. You can share, read reviews, and even make lists sothatyou know which chicken recipe you will be trying next.