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Brand360 – Marketing Dashboard 3.9
Justin James
Digital Marketing is not easy. A Typical campaign would involvemanaging logins for Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google SearchConsole, Facebook, Twitter and various third party site like Moz,Ahrefs, SEMRush, Call Tracking etc. What if you can track all thisvia a single dashboard? No logging into 10 different sites? That’swhat we help you do with our Digital Marketing Dashboard. Look atsome of our features – Track Rankings in Google & Yahoo. Wetrack Google Mobile rankings too. Call Tracking Track Web Leads viaour Form App. LiveChat KPIs *(Coming Soon) Check Visibility across30+ Important Local Search Engines, Directories and SocialNetworks. Track Reviews and Mentions across important sitesGenerate more Positive Business Reviews on Google & Yelp. CheckSocial Media performance Schedule Social Media Posts SEO Dashboard– Simple and easy to understand. The SEO project dashboard willgive you a comprehensive overview of what’s happening with youraccount. PPC Dashboard – The PPC dashboard will give you abirds-eye view of what’s happening with your paid account. PendingIssues – These are the active items that require attention.Example, social media login information may be needed, contentapproval, uploading of code or content, providing PIN verificationsetc. Solving these issues help in boosting SEO performance.Conversation – Conversation is a great way to start a discussion.Once you start a conversation, your account manager will beinstantly notified via email with a copy sent to your registeredemail address on the dashboard. All conversations will be sortedaccording the time it was last updated i.e. commented on. ProjectManagement – Shows the deliverables to be performed in the currentmonth with deadline, which gives more transparency to the campaign.You can track down the activities performed on a monthly basis soyou exactly know what is happening, what’s done and what’s pending.Organic Keyword Rankings – Displays the total number of keywordsranking in Google (Desktop and Mobile) and Bing search engine. Alsoshows the number of keywords improved and declined since thebenchmark date i.e. the first day of the campaign so you know howyour campaign is performing. Call Tracking – Call tracking allowsyou to track incoming phone calls thus helping you to fill that gapin your marketing analysis. When enabled, this section shows thenumber of calls tracked in the current month. Google Analytics –Shows overall web traffic performance of your website at a glance.Get snippets of important metrics like total visits, mobile visits,returning visitors and more. The best part is you don’t have tologin separately to check your website’s Google Analytics stats.Google Search Console (previously Webmaster Tools) – This sectionfetches all the critical information from the Google Search Consoledashboard and presents it in an easy to understand manner. IncludesSearch Queries, Impressions, Clicks and more.