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Classic Solitaire 1.0.3
Deluxe Solitaire, android game for mobiles and tablets from KSquare creations is one of the best card games in Android here.Thiscard game is also known as Klondike, patience or windows solitaire.If you love Klondike, patience or windows solitaire we are sure youwill love our game even more.This Android game is crafted to fitall screen size from phone to tablet. The motive of the game isthere are four foundations (light rectangles in the upper right)are built up by suit from Ace to King of the same suit. There areseven piles which can be built down by alternate colors (i.e. Redand Black), and descending in number starting from King to Ace.Thestacks can be moved partially or completely. The undo button canhelp you out with any bad moves. Auto move function checks playablecards and stack them automatically. An empty space can be filledwith King or a pile of cards with king. The game is finished whenyou stack all the 4 suits of the cards in the rectangular box. Andyes you can master the Solitaire (Klondike, Patience or WindowsSolitaire) game with our game.
Ultimate Classic Spades 1.0.2
Enjoy the classic card game with our ULTIMATE CLASSIC SPADES FORFREE..!!!Grab and download the finest casino card game now. Theclassic card game of spades is FREE and OFFLINE with UltimateClassic Spades Game. Ultimate Classic Spades is one of the best 4player trick taking games. Download and prove your skills with theultimate classic spades, the casino game of cards. The UltimateClassic Spades has the following features: - - Absolutely free-Sounds good to play offline, yes you can play with no mobile dataor wifi- Exciting and refreshing graphics- Amazing Game play-Enticing sounds- Prove your skills by topping the Leader board-Challenge the world and achieve all the achievements- One of itskind spades game with 5 game modes- Look back your game statisticsand increase your winningsAnd what’s more download the classiccasino game now and enjoy gaming with ULTIMATE CLASSIC SPADES FORFREE.