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جديد النكت 1.0
جديد النكت موسوعة نكت مغربية جديدة 2015 أجملوأفضل النكت المغربية نكت محترمة نكت زوينة و متجددة باستمرارمميزات التطبيق :- تشكيلة من اجدد وافضل النكت.-نكت مغربية-نكت جزائرية-نكت عربية بالفصحى-نكت مصرية-نكت سعودية-نكت متجددة-نشر النكت على الفيسبوك و مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي-نكت عربيةنكت بدون انترنت-بدون انترنت-nokat maghribia-nokat maghribya-nokat jadida-nokat modhikaو المزيد من المميزات الاخرىNew jokes Encyclopedia ofNew Moroccan jokes in 2015 the most beautiful and best respectedMoroccan jokes jokes jokes Zoe and constantly renewedApplication features:- A selection of the best and latest jokes.-Moroccan jokesAlgerian -nki-nki Arab Balvsahy-Egyptian jokes-nki Saudi Arabia-nki RenewedDissemination of jokes on Facebook and social networkingsitesArab -nkiJokes without Internet-bdon Internet-nokat maghribia-nokat maghribya-nokat jadida-nokat modhikaAnd more other features
naughty zombie 3.0
Naughty Zombie is an adventure game whereyouhave to help the naughty zombie to colect bugs and scorepoints.+ Easy play,easy control+ Touch the screen to make the boy run.+ Collect all Bugs+ Jump and complete all the levels.+ There is good music and relaxing sound effects.NOW PLAY,100% FREE
Fingerprint IQ Test prank 2016 1.0
Fingerprint IQ test it's a prank app thatletyou predict your IQ level just by fingerprint IQ Scanner Prank2016Free is a real prank app, it randomly determined your age. Youcanuse it to play or pull a prank with your friends.This is thebestfree prank app. using this you can easily Fool your neighborsandfriends and your loving one's into thinking your phonecandetermine their IQ just by keeping their fingerprint using yourIQtest Scanner Prank Free.How it works:- This app only simulates your IQ level just by scanningyourfingerprint.- Simply Put your finger on the Center of the FingerprintScannerPanel Provided in the App.- Wait for a while when the Xray laser beam scansyourfingerprint.- When analysis is complete, the detector will show out your IQonthe same screen, .Warning:This is a fake app this only simulates your IQ (The IQ scoreshownis not real). Use with your family and friends and with yourlovingone's for only fun purposes!its efficiency.• Supports all screen resolutions of mobiles and tablets• Very small in size• Very easy and attractive user interfacePlease rate the application if you like it.