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K7 Mobile Security 3.0.207
K7 Mobile Security Make your smart phone smarter and safer!Smartphones bring the virtual world closer to you wherever you go.Unfortunately, they also bring along various viruses, malware andspyware that can threaten your privacy and cause irrevocabledamage, whether at work or at home. K7 Mobile Security ensures thatyour smartphones stay completely safe and your information is fullyprotected. Our proactive threat management solutions will alwayskeep you way ahead - no matter what the latest mobile threat is.Product features such as Antivirus, anti-theft option, SMS / callblocker and SIM alerts help safeguard your devices from digitalfraud, loss of data and harmful viruses. These features are builton innovative and feather-light platforms that guarantee totalprotection without disrupting mobile usage or draining the batterylife. You don’t have to panic if you are separated from your mobiledevice either! Our advanced and intuitive anti-theft system willnot just help you rapidly track it down, but it will also remotelyprotect your private data at the quickest possible time. No morehassles of roaming free in the virtual world when you are on themove. With K7 Mobile Security, your safety is guaranteed. KeyFeatures · Antivirus: Smart software that updates itself againstlatest virus and automatically scans devices - its internal data,external cards and downloaded apps formalware/spyware/adware/Trojans. · On demand / scheduled scanner:Easy options to preconfigure /schedule scanning activities withoutdraining battery power or facing start-up issues · Anti-theftmechanism: Advanced "locate and find Android device" feature withfeatherweight tracking agents that remotely safeguard private datawhile providing unique options such as SIM Change Notification. ·Contact blocker: Simplified options to block specific numbers fromsending private texts / voice and video calling; helps configure ablack list for your contacts · Web filtering: The latest WebProtection to block malicious websites distributing maliciouscodes, and fake (phishing) websites from stealing confidential datafrom your devices · Privacy advisor: Availability of extensivereports to keep you informed on your installed applications and howthey may be using/abusing your personal data(location/messages/calls) This app uses the Device Administratorpermission. This permission allows you to remotely lock your deviceand wipe data from www.k7tracker.com This app uses Accessibilityservices to protect the users from accessing phishing and maliciouswebsites