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KreenK - Music Streaming 4.0
Get access to unlimited African and international music/videos.Discover new music or artists, stay updated With a buzzingcommunity of artists and musicians constantly uploading newmusicKreenK is where you can find the next big artists alongsidechart-topping albums, live sets, and mixes for every occasion.Ourenormous catalog lets you discover amazing hip hop, electronic,rock, classical, jazz, podcasts, audio-books, sports and much, muchmore.KreenK offers a family of products for all listeners andcreators. Join our diverse community, connect with artists youlove, and start discovering new music today.Discover the latestmusic from your favorite artistes Followed Playlists : Browsethrough and enjoy unlimited playlists created by our experiencedmusic editors or simply follow a user to see his/herplaylist.Popular trends: Get to know what everyone is listening toand downloadingSearch Users : Explore other users includingcelebrities to see what they are listening to.Unlimited Download:Play and download your favorite albums anytime, anywhereLyrics :Sing along to your favorite songs with lyrics synchronized to everytrack.Friends Activity : Get Notifications about what your friendsare listening or doing real time on KreenK.Notification : Be thefirst to know of new releases and interact with other usersdirectly.Chatting Feature : Enjoy chatting with your friends whileplaying and surfing on KreenK.Lots more features to explore whenyou dive into KreenK platform after installing.JOIN THECOMMUNITYKreenK Blog: http://kreenk.com/blog Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/kreenk_official Twitter:https://www.twitter.com/kreenk_officialInstagram:http://instagram.com/kreenk_officialG+:https://plus.google.com/+kreenkPROBLEMS? FEEDBACK?The more you tellus, the better KreenK gets.http://kreenkcommunity.comhttp://support.kreenk.com https://twitter.com/kreenk
SnapHub 1.01
SnapHub is simply the best way to capture and share theworld’smoments. Follow your friends and family to see what they’reup to,and discover users from all over the world that are sharingthingsyou love. Express yourself by sharing all the moments ofyourdayWhat to use SnapHub for :• Share photos and videos toyourworld.• Explore other Users Post. • Send and Receivetextmessages.• Send photos and videos, files via chat.•Createunlimited Chat Groups and share your interest.
Photo Buddy - Smart Photo Editor 1.0
An exciting must-have free photo editor app for photographyfanatics and SnapHub users! It's packed with Amazing features likecamera effect, crop, sticker, photo clipping, background, blur,retouch, pattern and so much more! Create and beautify interestingphotos within seconds! Photo-Buddy makes photo editing much easier,and turn users into photo-editing masters in just a snap! We areall-in-one photo editor!
AppLock 1.1
AppLock is a unique tool that can lock apps, photos, videos andother private data with password lock or pattern lock. AppLock is afree app lock and privacy guard to prevent intruders & snoopersfrom peeping at your private data, hide sensitive photos and videosby encrypting your Gallery, keep children or snoopers away frommessing up your settings, deleting important things or makingin-app purchase. Customize app lock settings as you want, moresecure and smart to lock all privacy in one Unique AppLock.☞AppLock can lock all android apps, including:- Social apps: AppLockcan lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Vine, Twitter, Instagram,SnapHub, Snapchat, WeChat and so on. No one can peep at yourprivate chat any more. - System apps: AppLock can lock Contacts,SMS, Gallery, Videos, Email and so on. No one can mess up yoursettings for system apps.- Pay apps: AppLock can lock Android Pay,Samsung Pay, Paypal and so on. No one can use your wallet topurchase any item. - Other apps: AppLock can lock any third-partyapps, including Gmail, Youtube, games and so on. Completely protectyour privacy.☞ AppLock can lock photos and videos.After lockinggallery and video apps, no intruder can peep at your private photosand videos. No worry about privacy leakage.☞ AppLock providesinvisible pattern lock and random keyboard. No one can peep at yourpassword or pattern. Completely safe!-------FAQ------1. How to setmy password at the first time? Open AppLock -> Draw a pattern-> Confirm pattern; orOpen AppLock -> Enter PIN code ->Confirm PIN codeNote: For android 5.0+, allow Applock to use usageaccess permission -> Find AppLock -> Allow usage access2. Howto change my password? Open AppLock -> Settings Reset password-> Enter new password -> Reenter password3. What should I doif I forget the AppLock password?At present, you can reinstallAppLock if you forget the password.Highlights of AppLock: ★LockFrequency: -You can set AppLock to run in Always Lock/5minutes/Until screen off mode. Customize lock frequency, more userfriendly.★Power Saving: -Save phone power by 50% after enable powersaving mode in AppLock.★One-Tap to Enable/Disable AppLock:-Tap thelock icon at the upper right corner on Lock App page, to enable ordisable AppLock.
Cleaner for What-App Pro 1.0
Whats-app Cleaner Pro is the best tool to clean or backupyourWhats-app files! helps save storage space and speed up yourAndroiddevice.Is your Android device running out of storage spaceorlagging? It might be because of all the extra spaces thatyourWhats-app Messenger application is taking up.One of thebiggestproblems of using Whats-app Messenger is how it uses theinternalstorage of Android.Every time you send an image, video oran audiofile. Whats-app creates a copy of it in the mediafolder.After aperiod of time this folder becomes bigger and theAndroid systemstarts hooking.Whats-app Cleaner Pro will clean yourdevice of allspace consuming Whats-app files, such as received andsent images,audio, videos, voice notes, profile pictures and otherdatabasestaking precious space.Our app will allow you to keep yourdevicefresh, fast and clean by either doing a manually selecttheunwanted files, or delete everything with just one tap!Removingorcleaning your shared files, one by one, can be tiresome andtimeconsuming. With Whats-app Cleaner pro all you have to do isjustsimply tap on the clean button, all of the unused or unwantedfileswill be deleted from your internal storage!Features:✔ Simpleandsuper Easy to use!✔ Clean dashboard designed to cleanWhats-appdata all at one place.✔ Manage received and sent Videos,Images,Audios and Voice notes, Databases, Profile Picture ofWhats-appMessenger.✔ Scan and Delete each specific folder content.✔Viewonly Whats-app Messenger content without worryingaboutaccidentally delete your private photos/files.✔ Advanced ScanandClean up option to help improve your device performancedrasticallyjust by deleting junks from your Whats-appNOTE:Whats-app CleanerPro is not approved by, sponsored, affiliated,associated,authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officiallyconnected withWhats-app Inc.The app is free - so if you like itfeel free toshare with your friends, and we would love to hear yourfeedbackand comments ;-)Checkout our brand new social App KreenK -Chattingis now easier👈👈 👈DOWNLOAD NOWforFREE!!!https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.k9.kreenkbeta&hl=en
Zoom AntiVirus - AppLock & Junk Cleaner 2018 2
Zoom Anti Virus for Android is a FREE-to-download antivirussolutionto help keep phones and tablets – that can be even morevulnerablethan your computer – as well as your private informationsecure fromonline dangers. plus new App Lock feature also protectspersonaldata from un-authorized people. Product features►Background check -scans for viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans► Antivirusprotection - acts as a virus cleaner &automatically blocksmalware from phones & tablets► App Lock -lets you secure yourprivate messages, photos and more► Web filter- filters outdangerous links & sites while surfing the WebZoomAnti Virus forAndroid includes:★ Background check Our antivirusfor Android scansdownloaded apps for malware, spyware and otherinfections using abackground check to give you profound virusprotection & keepyour devices secure against digital threats.★Antivirus protectionIfthe background check detects malware, ZoomAnti Virus for Androidacts as a virus cleaner by blocking virusesand dangerous apps,links and files.★ App LockOur App Lock featureprotects privatecommunication & financials with a pattern lockstyle to accessconfidential apps you have selected and hidessensitive data(messages, photos, files and more) on your devicefrom wronghands.*★ Blocking dangerous sites and links during WebsurfingOurpowerful antivirus for Android protects your device fromInternetthreats while you are surfing the Web - by blockingphishing andother dangerous links.* That’s why our virus cleanergrants youprofound virus protection & helps keep yourvulnerable financialdata and privacy secure while making purchasesonline.This app usesthe Device Administrator permission.
KreenK 10.0
Features on the KreenK include:* Connect with friends and familyandmeet new people on KreenK* Set status updates & use KreenKtorelay what’s going on in your world* Share photos, videos,polls,events and your favorite memories.* Upload, share and Playaudiofiles* Video Chat & Audio chat* Watch Live Tv* Listen toLiveRadio* Get latest News* Get notifications when friends like,shareand comment on your posts* Find local social events, and makeplansto meet up with friends* Find friends closer to you with asimpletool* Create pages, Groups and Blogs* Follow your favoriteartists,websites, and companies to get their latest news* Look uplocalbusinesses to see reviews, operation hours, and pictures* Buyandsell items and services* Watch live videos on the go* Transferfundsto your friendsKreenK app does more than help you stayconnectedwith your friends and interests. It's also your personalorganizerfor storing, sharing photos and videos. It's easy toshare photosstraight from your Android camera, and you have fullcontrol overyour Videos and privacy settings. You can choose whento keepindividual photos private or even set up a secret photoalbum tocontrol who sees it.KreenK also helps you keep up with thelatestnews and current events around the world. Subscribe to yourfavoritecelebrities, brands, news sources, artists, or sportsteams tofollow their news-feeds, get the latest happenings nomatter whereyou are!The most important desktop features of KreenKare alsoavailable on the app, such as writing on timelines, likingphotos,Videos, polls, blogs, audio message, video chat and audiochat,browsing for people, and editing your profile, groups andpages.
Call Recorder Pro 1.1
K9 - Group LLC
The best call recorder, automatic call recorder, phonecallrecorderBy using Call recorder Pro , You can automatic recordcalland save any phone call you want, no AdsYou can set which callsarerecorded to white list and which are ignored. Listen totherecording, add notes and share it. Synchronized to the cloudaswell.You can set a conversation is important, save it and itwillbe stored in the important tab. If not, old recordingswillautomatically be deleted when new calls fill up the inbox.A lotoffunctions for call-recording,all you need is in this callrecordingapp Functions:- Record your calls automatically whilecalling.-Organize your call records. You can view all your callswithoptions such as list by time, group by names or group bydates.-You can play back, or save your call to mp3 files on your SDcard.-Automatic call recorder - Record outgoing call - recordincomingcalls- Record all phone conversations.- Play audiorecordedconversations.- Delete recorded conversations.- Blocking ofthecalls listed to the automatic removal.- Send calls to listedtoemail.- Show confirmation dialog for saving the recorded call.Askimmediately after the call and set up in the options.-Favorite-Search- White list- Black list- And much more ...- Setsource (Mic,voice call, a video camera)Auto call recorder is a thebest freecall recorder application with these featuresFeatures:-Recordincoming call- Record Outgoing call- Favorite- Search-Markingrecordings as important- Multi select, delete, send-Displayingcontact name and photo- Excluded numbers- Set password toprotectprivacy- Lots of recording formats- Set source (Mic, Voicecall,camcorder)- Ability start delayed recording- Differentrecordingmodes by number, contact, non-contact or just selectedcontacts-Enable/Disable call recording- Records all your phonecalls- Playrecorded audio- Delete recorded items- Lock recordeditems toprevent from auto-cleaning- Share recorded items-Confirmationdialog: Would you like to keep recorded call that isshown justafter the call (only in Pro version).- White list-Blacklist- Andmany more...Share files:- Dropbox- Google- SMS-Skype,FaceBooks...If app doesn't work for your phone or quality islow:1.Try to change different recording file types: ogg, mp3, ar,mpg insettings.2. Try to change Source: MIC or VOICE CALLinsettingsThank for download call recorder app, we also haveproversion for your choosing to remove adsIf you havesomesuggestions, please contact us hello@kreenk.com
Finance Manager 1.0
Looking for an Finance/expense and budget tool? Stop searching.Finance Manager is simple, intuitive, stable and feature-rich appthat is just designed for you. Everything you need at yourfingertips to manage the expenditures, checkbook and budgets. 100%FREE – full features, no hidden charges or in-app purchases byK9-Group LLC.Finance Manager• Tracking expenses and incomes• SplitTransaction - Record all items in a single transaction withdifferent category and amount• Recurring expense and income•Multiple accounts• Taking a picture of receipt• Schedule Reminders•View all Hostory• Tracking tax• Tracking mileage• Tracking debts•Credit Card• Credit Card and bank SMS message parsing• Write,Print, and Email ChecksBudget and Bill Organizing• Organizing billsby week, month and year as well as by categories• Schedule thepayments and recurring payments• Payment alerts• Daily, weekly,monthly, and yearly budget with progress bar• Daily, weekly,monthly, and yearly summary• Calendar view for expense and income•Calendar budget forecastingCustomization• User can easily customizebackground color, action bar color and button color.• Customizingdate format• Customizing category and subcategory• Payment method,payee/payer, Tags, income category and status can be entered orupdated by user• Multiple currencies support