English Grammar in Telugu 1.3
To speak in a clearer and more effective manner we study grammar. Aperson who has unconscious knowledge of grammar may be sufficientfor simple language use, but the ones who wish to communicate in anartful manner and well, will seek greater depth of understandingand proficiency that the study of grammar provides. Thisapplication is the best way to improve your English Grammar athome, on the move, anywhere! What is included in the app? Active OrPassive Voice Adjectives Adverbs Articles ConjunctionsInterjections Nouns Prepositions Pronouns Parts of Speech TensesVerbs Degrees of Comparison Simple, Compound and Complex SentencesAntonyms Letter Writing and more...... Keywords: Spoken English inTelugu, English Conversations Practice, English in Telugu, Englishto Telugu Dictionary, Spoken English through Telugu,English throughTelugu.
Vaastu Shastram 1.3
Enrich and Enhance your life with this ground-breaking Vasthu Appnow!For centuries, Indians have been constructing their houses andoffices following this ancient Science, creating a perfect harmonybetween the five essential elements of nature - Earth, Water, Fire,Air and Space, with Earth’s magnetic field.We scan energy level ofyour House, Office OR Factory, using Scientific Instrument. Itgiven accurate results. There is NO NEED for DEMOLITION,RECONSTRUCTION for Vastu corrections.Vastu shastra Tips - home,office, career, love, health, finance,Marriage, Wealth , Health andmany more.keywords:TELUGU COMPASS,VASTU SASTRA TELUGU,VASTUSUKTHULU TELUGU, Vaastu Shastra App,Telugu Vaastu,VaastuTips,Compass.
Spoken English in Hindi 1.2
This app contains Spoken English related contents in Hindi. Thisapp is useful for all jobs prepared students. The followingcategories available in this app... - Important Words - WH Words -Parts of Speech - Nouns - Pronouns - Verbs - Adjectives - Adverbs -Prepositions - Conjunctions - Interjections - Tenses - Articles -Active and Passive Voices - Numbers - Days and Months - Time -Profession and Occupation - Parts of Body - Ailments and BodyConditions - Relations - Household Articles - Ornaments and Jewels- Musical Instruments - Cereals and Eatables - Animals - Birds -Flowers, Fruits, and Vegetables - Dress - Tools - Stationary -Worms and Insects - Common Words Keywords: English Grammar inHindi, Learn English in Hindi, English in Hindi, Hindi EnglishTranslation, Spoken English in Hindi, English Course in Hindi.English Dictionary in Hindi, UPPSC Study Material, SSC StudyMaterial, RRB, IBPS, IBPS PO.
Mahabharatam in Telugu 1.2
Mahabharat is an epic narrative about the great Kurukshetra War andthe fates of the Kaurava and the Pandava princes. This app containseighteen Parvas or sections viz., Adi Parva, Sabha Parva, VanaParva, Virata Parva, Udyoga Parva, Bhishma Parva, Drona Parva,Karna Parva, Shalya Parva, Sauptika Parva, Stree Parva, ShantiParva, Anushasana Parva, Asvamedha Parva, Ashramavasika Parva,Mausala Parva, Mahaprasthanika Parva and Swargarohanika Parva andHrivamsa Parvam.
Bhagavad Gita in Telugu 1.2
Bhagavad-gita comes to us in the form of a battlefield dialoguebetween Lord Sri Krishna and the warrior Arjuna. The dialogueoccurs just before the onset of the first military engagement ofthe Kurukshetra War, a great fratricidal war between the Kauravasand the Pandavas to determine India's political destiny. Arjuna,forgetful of his prescribed duty as a Kshatriya (warrior) whoseduty is to fight for a righteous cause in a holy war, decides, forpersonally motivated reasons, not to fight. Krishna, who has agreedto act as the driver of Arjuna's chariot, sees His friend anddevotee in illusion and perplexity and proceeds to enlighten Arjunaregarding his immediate social duty (varna-dharma) as a warriorand, more important, his eternal duty or nature (Sanatana-dharma)as an eternal spiritual entity in relationship with God. Thus therelevance and universality of Krishna's teachings transcend theimmediate historical setting of Arjuna's battlefield dilemma.Krishna speaks for the benefit of all souls who have forgottentheir eternal nature, the ultimate goal of existence, and theireternal relationship with Him. Bhagavad Gita is knowledge of fivebasic truths and the relationship of each truth to the other: Thesefive truths are Krishna, or God, the individual soul, the materialworld, action in this world, and time. The Gita lucidly explainsthe nature of consciousness, the self, and the universe. It is theessence of India's spiritual wisdom. Keywords: Indian History, APHistory, Telangana History, Mahabharatam, Ramayana.
Kalagnanam 1.2
Veera Brahmendra Swamy There are millions of devotees, who pray tohim till date… because they believe that, he is still alive inJeeva Samadhi and protecting the world with the power of vibrationsand his blessings will be there to his devotee always. He WroteKalagnanam in Telugu Language. Which is known as “Brahmam GariKalagnanam”.
Dharma Sandehalu 1.2
Every child has the interest to know about the new things, and onlythe source is the parent or a teacher. Sometimes they will ask verystupid questions and in another movement, they behave likes anintelligent guy. In such way, you feel guilty if you can't reply tothose questions. In the same manner, many people also have theinterest to know all the things happening in the world.Many peoplealso have the interest to know all the things happening in theworld. We tried with an effort, to reveal the secrets behind suchthings, and also Dharma Sandehalu which refers to Indiantraditionality.
Biryani 1.2
Biryani is one of the most loved rice dishes among Indians. Theterm “BIRYANI” is derived from the Persian word “BERIAN”.This apphaving word famous Biryani Recipes and detailed method to Prepareyour Favourite delicious Biryani.Looking to cook some amazingbiryani today? On a special occasion? Confused about what biryaniyou like? How to impress others by making a unique and deliciousbiryani? Well, well, well... time is up! Just download this app andget a long list of the best biryani recipes out there.Biryani is aclassic Indian dish that is often served at weddings andcelebrations. However, it is a common dish to occasionally be madeat home for dinner as well. Biryanis made with brown basmati riceand are a specialty as one need to adjust the spices and condimentswith meats or vegetable to perfection.- Butter Chicken- ChilliChicken- Chicken Afgani- Chicken Korma- Murgh Makhani- SpicyChicken Biryani- Veg Biryani- Mutton Biryani- Dum Biryani- MurghBiryani- Hyderabadi Biryani - Keema Biryani- Awadhi Mutton Biryani- Chicken Reshmi Biryani- Ambur/Vaniyambadi biryani- Sindhibiryani- Bohri biryani- Makhni Paneer Biryani- Calicut ChickenBiryani- Malabar Biryani- Delicious Rice Recipes- Pulao Recipes-Biryani Recipes- Chicken Biryani- Chicken Biryani Recipes- VegBiryani- Indian Recipes- Rice Recipes- Veg Biryani Recipes- MuttonBiryani Recipes- Egg Recipes- Mutton Recipes- Vegetable BiryaniRecipes- Paneer Recipes- Non Veg Biryani Recipes- Veg BiryaniRecipes - Mushroom Biryani Recipes- Cooking Recipes- Delicious BeefBiryani- Murgh Ki Kachchi Biryani- Kalyani Biryani- JalpariBiryani- Egg biryani- Rajma Biryani- Kaju biryani- Panjabi Fishbiryani- Awadhi Dum Biryani- Daal biryani- Rajma Biryani- Soya VegBiryani- Lucknowi biryani- Bombay biryani- Palakkad Rawtherbiryani- Karachi beef biryani- Srilankan Biryani- Tahiri Biryani-Easy Tadka Biryani- Middle East Biryani- South Asian mixed ricedish- Lucknowi Biryani- Kolkata Biryani- Kacchi Biryani- SindhiBiryaniWhether it be desi biryani or a modern one, all tastes ofbiryani recipes are under this app. Don't forget to rate the appand share with your friends.
AP MLA's 1.2
- This app contains all Andhra Pradesh districts with capitals andconstituencies list.- Each constituency contains 2014 electionwinners and looser MLA's information.- This information contains -Profile Picture- Name- Party- Vote's- Education- Gender-Profession- CommunityKeywords: AP, AP History,AP Knowledge.
Computer Shortcut Keys 1.1
This app increases your computer knowledge as easily as free.If Youcan read this Computer shortcut keys app you can avoid using theMouse on the computer.This Computer Shortcut keys application willbe useful for college students, School Students, and Office users.You can use keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse.Thisapplication is more useful to learn more Knowledge about using thesoftware on the keyboard.- Dreamweaver shortcut keys- Applecomputer shortcut keys- Function keys shortcut keys- ChromeShortcut keys- UNIX and Linux shortcut keys- Xcode Os shortcutkeys- Foxpro shortcut keys- Notepad++ shortcut keys- Adobe Flashshortcut keys- PHOTOSHOP MAC shortcut keys- MAC OS shortcut keys-DOS commands shortcut keys- ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR shortcut keys-Photoshop Shortcut keys- Page Maker Shortcut keys- C LanguageShortcut keys- M S Paint Shortcut keys- Internet shortcut keys-Word Pad shortcut keys- Mouse shortcut keys- Notepad shortcut keys-Windows Shortcut keys- Winker Shortcut keys- Ms. Office ShortcutMs-Word, Ms-ExcelMs-PowerPointMS Access, Outlook-Tally Shortcutkeys- Corel Draw shortcut keys- NX Design shortcut keys- Eclipseshortcut keys- Android Studio shortcut keys- Remote Connectionshortcut keys- How to Create a Windows Shortcut Key Steps - UbuntuShortcut Keys- Mozilla Firefox shortcut keys- Internet Explorershortcut keys- AutoCAD shortcut keys- Special Characters shortcutkeys- Camtasia Studio shortcut keys
Numerology in Telugu 1.1
This Numerology app provides you with insightful and all revealingpredictions based on various numerology based parameters - RulingNumber, Birth Path Number, Psychic Number and Personal Year Number.Find out how these numbers govern your luck via the upgradedfeatures of this app. Numerology based relationship compatibilityreport - You may not realize but numbers play an important role inthe equation you have with people around you. At times, you maylike a person initially but things do not go well in the long run.Why? Numbers may have an answer for you. Your psychic number willguide you on this complicated path of managing relationships.Learnmore about your personality, inborn talents, relationships, and theway others see you. Be aware of approaching challenges,opportunities, and significant cycles that will affect youthroughout the year.1.Hebrew Pyramid calculation.2.What yourname.3.Lucky numbers.4.Compound numbers.5.Friendly numbers.6.EnemyNumbers.7.Influencing years.8.Lucky day.9.Lucky color.10.Luckyplanet.11.Lucky gem.12.Lucky metal.13.Positive traits.14.Negativetraits.15.Sensitive health points.
Spoken English in Telugu 1.1
To learn English using Telugu, this app is very useful.This app somany topics both Telugu and English.The Topics list are Parts ofSpeech, Nouns, Pronoun, Verb, AdVerb, Adjective, Conjunction,Preposition, Interjections, Tenses, Articles, Degrees ofComparision, Simple CompoundComplex Sentences Helping Verbs,Sentence(Positive, Native etc) formation, Important words withmeanings and conversations etc...keywords: English in Telugu,Telugu English dictionary, Spoken English 45 days in telugu,Englishto telugu translator app,Learn English through telugu,English totelugu dictionary,English to telugu keyboard, GK in Telugu,DSCstudy material in telugu,Current Affairs,Govt jobs,Policejobs,APPSC,Group 1,Group 2,Group 3,VRO,VRA, PanchayatSecretary,Bank jobs,TSPSC Study Material,IBPS,RRB, GK in Telugu2017,GK Quiz,GK Game.
Bridge Game 1.1
A simple, addictive puzzle game everyone in the world can playBridge Game.The goal of the game is to connect the same colors. Tocomplete the Bridge Game, you must connect all of the colors. Ifthe board of all colors completely connect, Bridge Game issuccess.How to play:- Connect matching stars. - Your connectionpaths are limited, so make sure each star has a clear link. - Ifyour connection is crossed or overlapped, leave your hand on thescreen and it will become invalid. Thanks for your supports andfeedback.
Telugu Calendar 2019 1.5
This app contains Hindu Panchangam Calendar for The year 2019 withTithi, Vara, Nakshatra, Yoga, and Karana. It also shows times toavoid (Rahukalam, Varjyam, Durmuhurtam, Yamagata etc) andauspicious times (Amritakalam, Abhijit muhurtam etc). Features: *2019 Full Year Calendar with Festivals and Rashiphalalu. *Panchangam Daily Sheets with complete details. * A Calendar View toquickly jump to any date for full panchangam details for Years2019. * Yearly Festival Calendar displayed by month for 2019. *Rashiphalalu for all 12 Sun Signs for the full year.
Mana Telugu 1.1
This app shows Telugu Language importance for all.This app containsTelugu language related information - History- Festivals- Maths-Time- Years- Months- Weeks- Stars- Tidhulu- Pakshalu- Ankelu-Rasulu- Questions - Answers- Words- Telugu GrammarKeywords : APHistory, Telangana History
Telugu Vantalu 1.0
The foods are basically blended with flavors, colors, seasoning,nutritional balance, fragrance, taste, crispy and visual appeal.Here you can find the culinary tradition of India.The app presentsa collection of recipes using spices, salt, and aromatics, withmany descriptive recipes, detailed instructions the book isexceptionally clear and user-friendly. Treat your family or guestswith these awesome and mouthwatering food varieties and be a mastercooking in your pocket.Telugu Vantalu Category:-Sweets RecipeVegItems RecipeNon-veg Items RecipeRice Items RecipeTea and CoffeeRecipeMilk food Recipechutneys RecipeSnacks RecipeVeg DishesRecipesNon-Veg Dishes specialBreakfast RecipeVadiyalu RecipeSoopsRecipeFruit Juices preparationStarters RecipesBakery ItemsRecipesPachallu RecipesCakes Items RecipesSalads RecipesSoups andMore...
Idly Game 1.1
- Idly Game is a funny and addictive for all people.- This appcontains different levels.- Need to fill marbles with differentcolors.- After filling of marbles, level will complete.- There areRetry,Quit ,Next Level,Score,Pause,Play and Reset options arethere.- Share and HowToPlay options are there.
Match Game 1.1
Match Game is a funny and easy to match different kind of Animalsand Monsters.Features:- A simple and easy to understand game.- 2different types of matching.- Animal Matching Game.- MonstersMatching Game.- Beginner,Easy,Medium,Hard,Hardest,Master levels areavailable.- Different kind of colors with shapes to match.-Supports all screen sizes.
Ramayanam in Telugu 1.2
Ramayanam Telugu is an ancient Indian epic poem which narrates thestruggle of the divine prince Rama to rescue his wife Sita from thedemon king Ravana. The Ramayana is one of the largest ancient epicsin world literature. Ramayanam in Telugu.Easy to Read Ramayanam inTelugu. This app contains the following parts 1) Bala Kanda 2)Ayodhya Kanda 3) Aranya kanda 4) Kishkindha kanda 5) Sundara Kanda6) Yuddha Kanda 7) Uttara kanda
Tenses In Telugu 1.0
Tense is the important part of English Grammar. This app aims tohelp students in mastering the basic skills of using correctgrammar while grasping all the elements of tenses in both englishlanguage.It is a comprehensive app for school students, completewith detailed examples and clear explanations.This app helps you tolearn the English Tenses very easy and proper way. You can increaseknowledge of Tenses in the Hindi & English Language.If astudent can learn these lessons and can use it properly he/she canlearn English language very quickly.The simplest presentation ofEnglish Tenses, learn it once and remember it for life time.Tensesin any language are the basic and one of the most important topicsin both writing and communication of that language.We cover in thisapp.1.Simple Present Tense2.Present Continuous Tense3.PresentPerfect Tense4.Present Perfect Continuous Tense5.Simple PastTense6.Past Continuous Tense7.Past Perfect Tense8.Past PerfectContinuous Tense9.Simple Future Tense10.Future ContinuousTense11.Future Perfect Tense12.Future Perfect Continuous Tense
Bubble Shooter 1.1
- Bubble Shooter is a perfect brain training game. - Shoot bubblesand pop all the bubbles on the screen by matching 3+ colors to winBubble Shooter. Features: - More than 100 well-designed bubbleshooting levels - A variety of props to help you pass levels easily- Fresh ocean style UI design - Unlimited lives - Play with friends- Smooth gaming experience - Easy to Play, hard to master
Raasi Palalu 2019 1.2
Sometimes people start giving tough time to us with theiractivities and it becomes difficult to handle them. We arepresenting such took that can be used to weak their powers and getvictory over them. Please try only when someone initiates and donot initiate it yourself. We have given details in the app aboutthem. Telugu Rasi Phalalu 2019 - 2020 - Mesha Rasi Phalalu -Vrushaba Rasi Phalalu - Mithuna Rasi Phalalu - Karkataka RasiPhalalu - Simha Rasi Phalalu - Kanya Rasi Phalalu - Tula RasiPhalalu - Vruschika Rasi Phalalu - Dhannus Rasi Phalalu - MakaraRasi Phalalu - Kumba Rasi Phalalu - Meena Rasi Phalalu
2048 Puzzle Game 1.1
The 2048 puzzle is a fun, addictive and a simple number puzzlegame. How to Play: Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles.When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.When 2048 tile is created, the player wins! 8 .. 16 ... 1024 ..2048.FEATURES- Super 2048 puzzle game.- Keep playing for Best-scoreafter collected 2048 tile- Beautiful and simple UI- Supports alldevices including tablets- Completely native implementation
Puzzle 1.0
A puzzle game that is simple but somehow makes you trapped. Playand train your mathematical ability.This puzzle makes yousmarter.Make your own customized slide puzzle with numbers, andphotos.Release stress, relax the brain, indulge yourself and sharenumber and photos fun with friends and family by playing thepuzzle.A slide puzzle is one where the aim is to sort the givenpieces, using a blank slot for movement. A detailed demo of how tosolve the puzzle is provided.
Telugu Keyboard 1.0
Telugu Keyboard is the smart and easy way to type the Telugulanguage on android devices.Telugu Keyboard is useful for chatting,sending messages & emails, and for all texting purposes.TeluguKeyboard app is useful on social communication apps like Facebook,WhatsApp, twitter, blogs, google+, and also for others apps likeemails, SMS messages, remainders & tasks, address organizers,contact books,Telugu Keyboard is useful for shopping apps likeFlipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, homeshop18, Shop Clues, etc.,TeluguKeyboard is a simple, Intelligent, and dynamic tool which a new wayto type the Telugu language at an easy pace.
Health Tips In Telugu 1.2
This App contains various health care tips about weight loss,weight gain, beauty tips, hair loss, Family doctor tips etc. All ofthe main diseases and their causes, sign & symptoms, diagnosistest, prevention tips, complications, and Treatment information.Are you facing health issues? Find health and fitness tips to stayactive and healthy all through your life. In this app you will getprevention tips of some general and major health problem, so youcan take care of your health form major diseases like - - HeartAttack - Low Blood Pressure - High Blood Pressure - Liver - Asthma- Cough - Throat Infection - Headache - Bee Sting - Neck & BackPain etc.
Hindi Keyboard 1.1
Welcome to Hindi Typing Keyboard android application helps forHindi typing in an easier manner to share your messages in Hindi toyour friends through social media applications. Hindi Keyboardallows you to type in the Hindi language. You can compose emails,post on the social network and write someone messages through HindiKeypad. With Hindi Keyboard, you can write all Hindi Alphabets,letters, and words. Hindi keyboard is the easiest keyboard to writein the Hindi language. Hindi keyboard for all of us who love theHindi language. You can use this keyboard to write in Hindi text.No need to copy and paste Hindi text. This app is useful for Nepalpeople and Hindi speaking people across the world. Hindi Keyboardis a great tool and must to use the app for your day with differenttypes of features. Download Hindi Keyboard and type in the Hindilanguage. Share with others. This Hindi font makes a traditionaltouch to your messages.Now English to Hindi translation is verydifficult so that we make a clear way to type your messages inHindi directly. This Hindi typing application provides an easyshortcut to share your messages with the famous social mediaapplications in a single button click. The use of Hindi keyboardcomes when chatting with friends and relatives, Hindi would be moreconvenient to express your thoughts
First Aid In Telugu 1.1
This app provides you with step by step instructions for dealingwith a wide range of situations. First Aid is the process of givinga patient emergency care when injured or ill. This initial caregiven to the victim is essential, before medically trainedpersonnel arrive, or before the victim arrives at a health carecenter. This app contains a list of all the health issues that weface in our daily life. It provides both signs and symptoms ofvarious attacks that people face on their daily basis. With thehelp of this app you will come to know what to do in an emergency,and how to administer first aid for a critically ill or injuredhuman being. The information is all hosted on the app itself,meaning no internet connection is needed, making it fast and easyto access. best of all, it’s free. This app includes the latestfirst aid advice and protocols for dealing with emergencysituations. It is simple to follow with illustrated guides andinstructions.
English Conversations Practice 1.4
English Conversations Practice app contains conversations betweentwo persons. These conversations topics like introducing a friend,buying flowers, taking book from library, checking into the Hotel,Talking to Room Service, How to request someone?, How to saythanks, Common English sentences. Keywords: Spoken English inTelugu, English Grammar in Telugu, English in Telugu, English toTelugu Dictionary, Spoken English through Telugu,English throughTelugu.
English To Telugu Dictionary 1.2
The app has a beautiful user interface and smooth navigationcontrols so you can explore all features easily. This is the mostpreferred app to learn Telugu language and has a large collectionof words within its database. English to Telugu Dictionary is ahandy app featuring 20,000+ English words and their meaning in theTelugu language. The dictionary shows the Telugu meaning in clearTelugu font. Use the search function to navigate to a term, orsimply tap on the English word field to get the Telugu description.Features of the Dictionary: • English To Telugu • No internetconnection required • Auto Suggestion
Ganesha HD Wallpapers 1.2
This is the best collection of Hindu God wallpaper for Androidmobile. keywords: Lord Ganesh HD wallpapers,Lord Shiva HDwallpapers,Lord Laxmidevi HD wallpapers, ganapati wallpapers, godganapati live wallpaper, god ganapathi hd wallpaper, ganapathi godimages, ganesh live wallpaper hd,ganesh wallpaper live,ganeshwallpaper hd.
Telugu Jokes 1.0
All Telugu Jokes are easy to read and understand.This app containsthe following categories.- Jokes,- Podupu Kathalu- Kavithalu-Samethalu- Quotations - DharmaSandehalu- All these categories inTelugu only.- This app is entertainment for all people andchildren.- A must listen for every adult to remember and relivetheir childhood. - It serves as a primary helpmate for thoseparents who wish to spend meaningful time with their children everyday. - It guides and hones the narrative skills of parents and makethem a grand success every evening with their children. - Childhoodis a beautiful painting from the hands of parents. Parents are theones that provide necessary coloring and thought to this great workof art. Telugu...!, in a way, is a workshop for parents, especiallyfor those busy and hardworking fathers, to help to master theirparenting skills in shaping the lives of their young ones intovibrant portraits. Telugu moral stories are a bunch of small easilyunderstandable "Telugu stories" with moral flavors like happiness,friendship, sportiness, helping others, self-respect, study value,money value, human relationships.....keywords: telugu, moral,telugustories,Telugu stories,Telugu moral stories,Neethi kathalu intelugu,Kids Telugu stories,Telugu stories moral,Nithikathalu,Neethi katalu,Kathalu,Kathalu Telugu,Motivationalstories,Kids stories,Telugu stories for kids free,Free moralstories for small kids in Telugu,Moral stories in Telugu,StoriesTelugu ,Stories in Telugu,Kids story,Moral stories,Stories,Telugukids stories,books, burra kathalu, childrens stories, hitopadesam,indian folk tales, indian stories, jataka tales, kathalu, kidsstories, moral stories, neeti kathalu, panchatantra, pitta kathalu,short stories, stories, telugu folk tales,akbar birbal, books,burra kathalu, children story, childrens stories, fish, fishermen,folk tale, hitopadesam, indian folk tale, indian folk tales, indianstories, indian story, jataka tales, kadhalu, kathalu, kidsstories, krishnadevaraaya, moral stories, neeti kathalu,panchatantra, pitta kathalu, pond, short stories, simple stories,stories, story, telugu blog, telugu children stories, telugu folktale, telugu folk tales, telugu kids stories, telugu short stories,telugu stories, telugu story, tenaliramakrishna,telugu,tamasha,funny,game,Podupu Kathalu, Podupu,Kathalu, Telugu,podupu,kathalu..
Unit Converter 1.0
A simple and easy-to-use unit converter to handle anyconversionyou'll ever need.This all unit converter tool will helpyou toconvert all units anytimeand solve homework problems quicklyandeasily.Unit Converter provides quick and accurate unit /metricconversion in an extremely easy to use and intuitive UI.Stoplooking through long confusing lists for that one unit you wishtoconvert; simply type it into the search box to get the unityouneed to perform conversions on. Unit conversions andcalculationsare displayed immediately with inputs being done via aninbuiltcalculator for easier computations of complex problems.Asimple andfriendly unit converter with a clean user interface. Itincludes afavorites list for easy access to commonly usedconversions and aQuick List View for an "at-a-glance" view of allconversions.Thisapp was designed with the goal of supporting thewide range ofdevices from small screen phone devices to largescreen tabletsplus it features worldwide languages and theirconversion system.We aim to add and support more range of units tothe application inthe near future.Available unit conversionsinclude:- Currency (USD,EURO, AUD, INR)- Temperature (Celsius,Fahrenheit, Kelvin, etc)-Length (kilometer, miles, meter, yard,feet, etc)- Mass/Weight(kilogram, pound, ounce, ton, stone, etc)-Speed (km/h, mph, knot,etc)- Area (square kilometer, square mile,hectare, acre, etc)-Cooking Volume (teaspoon, tablespoon, cup,pint, quart, ounce,etc)- Pressure (kilopascal, bar, PSI, etc)-Power (watt, kilowatt,horsepower, etc)- Energy (joule, calorie,BTU, etc)- Time (year,month, day, hour, second, etc)- FuelConsumption (miles per gallon,liters per 100km, etc)- DigitalStorage (bit, byte, megabytes,gigabytes, etc)
AP Tourism 1.0
This App is guiding for Andhra Pradesh tourist locations. Itshowsdetailed information about each and every AP tourist locationslikeSpeciality, Directions, location information.Thisapplicationcovers most of the important information about alltourist placesin AP.Explore Andhra Pradesh like never before withdetailedinformation available on Beaches, Caves, Waterfalls,Lakes,Temples, Garden Park.Key Words: Andhra Pradesh, AP, APTourism, APTravel Guide, Tourism, Travel Guide, Tourist Places.
Telangana Tourism 1.0
This App is guiding for Telangana tourist locations. Itshowsdetailed information about each and every Telanganatouristlocations like Speciality, Directions, location information.Thisapplication covers most of the important information aboutalltourist places in Telangana. Explore Telangana like neverbeforewith detailed information available on Caves, Waterfalls,Lakes,Temples. A tour to Telangana is for all, promising anexperienceworth cherishing. Its pilgrimage centers, majesticdams,mesmerizing hills and lakes, wildlife sanctuaries,imposingmonuments along with modern and technologically advancedcities,all together ensure a memorable traveling experience. Thisappcontains the following information about famoustemples...Balkampet Yellamma Temple, Umamaheshwaram, AlampurJogulambaTemple, Kaleshwaram, Dharmapuri, Mallela Theertham,Kondagattu,Keesaragutta, Bhadrachalam, Chilkur Balaji,Yadagirigutta, Sai Babatemple & Surendrapuri, Edupayala Bhavanitemple, Basara, andJainath are just a few temples worth visiting.Key Words: TelanganaTourism, TS, TS Tourism, Telangana TravelGuide, Tourism, TravelGuide, Tourist Places.
Rythu Nestham 1.2
Investment is the surest way to enhance agriculture productivityand also income to the farmers, besides breaking the vicious cycleof rural indebtedness. Relieving the Farmers from debt burden andnot allowing them to fall into the debt trap again. Rythu, Organic,Farms, Farmers, Agriculture, Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides,Labour, Kisan Vyavasaayam, Annadathaa, Crops.
Free Resume Models 1.0
Purpose of this app is to get a job. Within a minute most employersdecide if to consider applicants for employment, so your resumeformat must be clear, concise, and compelling. A curriculum vitae,commonly known as a CV, is an alternative to writing a resume toapply for a job. This classic curriculum vitae format is designedwith more resume template. Create your resume on Indeed to makeyour skills visible to employers using this resume help app. Createthe best professional resume in seconds with a free resume templateusing this app. With the help of our app, you can find resumetemplates to create professional looking free resumes. Buildresumes instantly by providing below information ☆ Personal,Contact Info ☆ Resume Headline ☆ Profile Photo ☆ Objective ☆Educational qualifications ☆ Work Experience in companies ☆Projects worked upon ☆ Skills ☆ Achievements ☆ Hobbies ☆ Languages☆ Declaration ☆ Signature This app includes the following sampleresumes. ☆ Engineering resume and cover letter ☆ Teachers resume ☆Business analyst & consultant resume ☆ Software engineerexperienced resume ☆ Student Internship resume curriculum vitae(CV) and cover letter ☆ Management resume ☆ Nurse resume (Nursing& Healthcare) ☆ Doctor Resume ☆ Civil Engineering Resume ☆Computer engineering resume ☆ Electrical Engineering resume ☆Accounting & Finance ☆ Executives ☆ Construction ☆ CustomerService, Retail, & Hospitality ☆ Drivers & Transport ☆Housekeeping and Cleaning ☆ Librarian ☆ Marketing & Salesmanresume
Particle WallPaper 1.0
When you touch the screen, this will flow around your fingersandyou can control them to form different shape. This app is madewithawesome particle and fluids effects for people who want torelaxand have fun. After applying Particle Live Wallpaper yourhomepagewallpaper will change with the desired background.
OneLine OneTouch 1.0
There are many ways to train your brain but it takes so a lotoftime and complicated. This is a free app with a simple rule. HowtoPlay: - Connect all the points with just one line. - You canstartwith any point. - At first, it starts off with simple shapes,buteach time your level increases, the number of lines increases,andit gets more and more complicated.