Calendar - Sun & Moon 1.18.0930.01
This application is used to determine the position of sun and moonanywhere in the world, and help you determine the time of sunriseand sunset, twilight, the duration of the day, moon phase and muchmore. With this program you can predict the best time for takingpictures of landscapes, nature, and any other outdoors shooting, aswell as a variety of astronomical observations. Also the programwill be useful to calculate the days and hours of maximum activityof animals and fish, depending on the position of the sun and moonin the sky (the time when the moon is in the upper and lower pointsof its orbit with respect to the observer's position, as well aswhen the moon is midway between the upper and lower points - see.John Alden Knight - "Solunar theory"). Features: * Determination ofthe position of the stars at a given point at the current time(geographical area, height above the horizon) * Timing sunrise andsunset, astronomical noon, as well as day length * Timing ofsunrise and sunset, the moon, and the moment it passes through thehighest point * Calculation of the time slots for the civil,nautical and astronomical twilight * Calculation of the optimaltime for pictures - "gold" or "magic" hour, "blue" hour *Definition of the current location (latitude and longitude), andthe choice of any place on the map, location search * Forecast dataon the sun and moon on the calendar grid on an arbitrary month *Forecast phases of the moon (new moon, full moon, crescent moon,first quarter, etc.), its illumination * During the next full moon,new moon For whom: * Photographers * Travelers and tourists *Fishing, Hunting, Angler, Fisherman * Architects * Gardeners *Campers * Real Estate Buyers * Astronomers
Verkehrszeichen in Österreich 1.0.0
Die Bildtafel der Verkehrszeichen in Österreich zeigt eine Auswahlwichtiger in Österreich verankerter Verkehrszeichen. Sie sind inder Straßenverkehrsordnung (StVO) im Abschnitt „D.Straßenverkehrszeichen“ in den Paragrafen 48 bis 54 geregelt.InÖsterreich gibt es kein (amtliches) Nummernsystem derVerkehrszeichen und damit auch keinen „Verkehrszeichenkatalog“ wiein Deutschland. Im Rechts- und Sprachgebrauch ist es daher nichtüblich, die Straßenverkehrszeichen über eine Zahl zu benennen,vielmehr werden die Zeichen bei ihrem Namen benannt. ImRechtsgebrauch findet fast ausschließlich die amtliche Bezeichnungnach StVO Verwendung, im Sprachgebrauch haben sich vereinzelt auchVerkürzungen oder verkürzend anders lautende Bezeichnungeneingebürgert (zum Beispiel „Nachrangtafel“ anstelle von amtlich„Vorrang geben“; „Stopptafel“ anstelle von„Halt“).Straßenverkehrszeichen in der StVO (IV. ABSCHNITT. Regelungund Sicherung des Verkehrs. D. Straßenverkehrszeichen.)§ 50. DieGefahrenzeichen. § 51. Allgemeines über Vorschriftszeichen. § 52.Die Vorschriftszeichen § 53. Die Hinweiszeichen § 54.Zusatztafeln.The Chalkboard of the road signs in Austria shows aselection of important in Austria anchored traffic signs. You arein the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) in section "D. Road signs"set forth in the paragraphs 48 to 54.In Austria there is no(official) number system of road signs and therefore no "trafficsigns catalog" as in Germany. In legal parlance, and it is notcustomary to name the road signs on a number, but the charactersare named by their names. In legal usage will almost exclusivelythe official name by StVO use, in the parlance also shortening orshortening otherwise designations have sporadically naturalized (eg"Nachrangtafel" instead of officially "give priority"; "stop sign"instead of "Stop").Road signs in the Road Traffic Regulations (IV.SECTION. Control and safety of traffic. D. Road Signs andSignals.)§ 50. The danger signs.§ 51. General information onregulatory signs.§ 52. The regulatory signs§ 53. The navigators§54. Additional panels.
Справочник лекарств, Аптечка 2.0.2
“Таблетки - инструкции и описания” - это справочник полекарственным препаратам и медикаментам, включающий порядка 10тысяч наименований. Здесь для каждого лекарства отражены основныесведения из описания, представленного производителем. Пригодитьсявсем и каждому - теперь вам нет необходимости хранить бумажныеинструкции, или долго выискивать в интернете нужное описание - всеуже содержится в данной энциклопедии. Кроме этого, приложениеработает автономно и не требует доступа к интернету. В приложениеесть возможность составлять собственный список препаратов. Ключевыеособенности: • Быстрый поиск лекарств по русскому и английскомуназваниям, а так же голосовой поиск • Доступные лекарственные формы(таблетки, мазь, крем, капли и т.д.) • Дозировки, показания ипротивопоказания к применению • Особенности применения во времябеременности, лактации, и детском возрасте • Побочные действия• Ссылки на аналогичные препараты с одинаковым действующимвеществом (аналоги или дженерики) • Рецептурные и безрецептурныелекарственные средства Внимание! Информация по лекарственнымпрепаратам представлена исключительно в ознакомительных целях.Перед началом применения любого лекарства Вы должны обратиться кврачу. Автор не несет ответственности за последствия, вызванныеиспользованием размещенной в справочнике информации. Вся информацияо медикаментах собрана из открытых и общедоступных источников."Tablets - the instructions and the description" - is a guide tothe medicines and drugs, including about 10 thousand items. Here,for each drug it reflects the basic information of the descriptiongiven by the manufacturer. Useful to everyone - now you do not needto store paper instructions or a long time to try to discover onthe internet right description - everything is already contained inthe encyclopedia. In addition, the app works offline and does notrequire access to the Internet. The application has the ability tomake your own list of drugs. Key Features: • Quick search for drugson the Russian and English names, as well as voice search • Theavailable dosage forms (tablets, ointment, cream, drops, etc.) •The dosages, indications and contraindications to the use of •Features of the application during pregnancy, lactation, andchildhood • Side effects • Links to similar drugs with the sameactive ingredient (analog or generic) • Prescription andnon-prescription medicines Warning! Information on medicines ispresented for informational purposes only. Before the start of theuse of any medication you should consult a doctor. The author isnot responsible for the consequences caused by the use ofinformation placed in the directory. All information aboutmedications taken from open and public sources.
Encyclopedia of Tie Knots 1.18.1001.01
The application useful to every man - and the one who ties the tie1-2 times a year for the holidays, and one who wears it every day,and women who care about the elegance of their men. Easy step bystep instructions will teach anyone to tie a tie. Photos anddescriptions will help you choose the right knot and understand howto tie a tie. For beginners, we recommend starting with simpleknots. Those who wears a tie every day, but are tired from oneknot, can choose advanced knots. Also our application will help youpick up a tie knot for your shirt collar and tell you which collarsare preferred for your type of face. The basic rules of choosing atie for a man's suit will help you not make a mistake and buy a tieor choose from the available ones. Application features: * Basicrules for choosing and wearing a tie and collars in pictures. * 9types of shirt collars with pictures and descriptions. * Ability tosee the recommended knot ties for each type of collar. * 16different knots for all occasions, step by step instructions. *Photos of the tie knots will help you choose what you want. *Convenient function of automatic turning of stages (no need to bedistracted by flipping during the tying of the node). * Thanks tothe symmetry and complexity icons and the size in the main list,it's easy to select the desired node. * Own list of favourite tieknots.
Earthquakes 2.1.1
The application shows the latest earthquakes from around the worldin a list and on the map. You can filter the data in various ways,for example, by the strength of earthquakes, distance from yourlocation, depth. Map of earthquakes in real time and with theability to select the time range for which you want to viewinformation. The appendix on the map shows the boundaries oftectonic plates on which earthquakes occur, it is possible toassess the dangerous and safe countries and regions of the planet.You can set up earthquake alerts on your mobile phone by selectingthe magnitude and distance from your location. Data on earthquakesare taken from the official USGS program.