Night Mode:Dark Mode Enabler [No Root] 1.7
You don't have to wait android 10 (Android Q) to be available onyour device to use The Dark Mode feature 😎 What is Dark Mode?********************* Dark Mode or Night Mode : allows you to applya filter to the screen, minimizing eye strain and reducing the bluelight emitted by your smartphone screen. Benefits: ********* Theadvantages of Dark Mode are, it enhances visual ergonomics byreducing eye strain, facilitating screens to adjust according tocurrent light conditions and providing comfort of use at night orin dark environments. Why developers are implementing dark mode inthere apps?*************************************************************Nowadays many technology companies are implementing night mode intheir apps :because it's becoming trendy. List of apps that supportDark Mode: ************************************** * Google Keep *Google Fit * Google Pay * Google Photos * Instagram * Google Chrome* Google Play Store * Deezer Music Player * Whatsapp Messenger(Coming Soon) And many many apps will support dark mode in 2020.What this App Do? ******************* This app help you to activateandroid night mode on devices that do not provide the night modeoption in their system settings. But this app will not work on alldevices because some manufacturers disabled this option for theirdevices. What if My Device is not supported?************************************* You will not be able todownload the app You will get "Your device isn't compatible withthis version" warning message. No Root Permission required to usethis app.
Root Store:The Collection of Best Root apps! 1.0
Do you have root access and you are looking to discover thebestroot apps? Then Root Store is the right choice for you. NB:Thisapp will only list useful root apps found on google play store,wewill never share an external link! Discover the best trendingrootapps arranged by categories. We use firebase realtime datebasetosync data so you will have always the last update of apps! Weusefirebase Cloud Messaging to send you push notifications when weaddnew awesome apps! Basically we classified root apps into32Categories. * Root Essentials * Root Checker * Root File Explorer*Busybox installer * Wifi Password Viewer * Backup tool *Sqlite& Preferences Manager Editors * Internal Audio Plugin *BatterySaver * Root Booster * System App Remover * ROM Manager *Flash *BuildProp editors * Quiz * Screen * Device ID Changer *HibernationManager * Lock Screen * Permissions Manager * SWAPMemory *Notifications * Boot Animations * Fonts * Reboot *TerminalEmulator * Super User * Unroot * System App Mover * HostsEditor *Developer Tools * Internet Optimizations But We will addmorecategories if needed.